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Goldstein, OBL, The Boogey Man, And WW2

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 10:26 AM
So I’ve been thinking about making a thread about this for a while, I’m sure I will be criticized, but hell, I want the opinions of others on this matter. Also it’s one of my first threads so bear with me, I’m no writer.

As we all know Osama is supposedly dead now. I know many here on ATS agree with me that this is all a Hoax, to either divert attention from more important issues in the world, to gain support for the President, or to justify a long “war.”

My opinions on the matter are either OBL never existed, has been dead, or is still alive. I feel that he is just Goldstein. OBL was a figure used to make the American people and their allies’ people to hate him, and hate everything he is about. With such a figure, we could justify a war, and scare people with him, making him like the Boogey Man. I’m sure this tactic has been used many times before. I can remember not too long ago the boogey man wasn’t a person, but Communism. Something to make people “Un-American” if they agree with is, and anyone who believes in the boogey man is the enemy. A Fictional Example I could use is a story from an Anime, were the main character takes over the enemy monarchy, only to make himself the most evil dictator ever, to get the people to hate him, and then kill himself to create peace.

So using this Boogey man Technique anyone could justify anything to common sheepie, either it be for good or evil causes.

I believe 100% that OBL is a boogey man, but just seeing how the MSM claims its true, and 90% of the people I know think it’s all true frightens me.

Why does it frighten me? Because I believe that here in the future, kids will read about this in their history books, it will go down as fact that OBL was a big bad guy who caused the 9/11 attacks and killed thousands of people. Then in 2011 the great Obama found and killed him, and then everyone was happy, hurray.

That easy, false history could be made. Yeah sure I could be wrong, but I look at the Gulf of Tonkin. It brought the USA into a bloody war, and is in history books as the cause, but it’s been proven now it didn’t happen. Yet kids still learn that that’s why the USA went to war (might be different now but I doubt it).

So now I wonder, how do I know what I learned is correct?

I think to Hitler, Hitler was a supposed “evil” man, who wanted to “take over the world” and cause the genocide of many different people. Was this true? I wasn’t there, I wasn’t alive during that time, and most people alive during that time are dying out. How do we know Hitler even existed? What if Hitler was just another boogey man? Did the Holocaust even exist? If it did Hitler have anything to do with it?

Perhaps Hitler was a great leader, and could have saved the world. For all I know, he might have been. TPTB might have saw him as a threat, and what better way to turn down a great leader trying to save the world then make him look like the most evil POS ever. Make the people all around the world hate him. Make the text books say Hitler was evil.

I really don’t know what to believe anymore. How do we know what history is real, and what history is a fabricated lie?

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 12:55 PM
I think pretty much 100% like you. People are gonna come here and bash you and say Hitler was evil and the holocaust was real, etc, etc. But when you have cold, hard facts, that Osama worked for the CIA, and his family had business ties to the CIA and President of the USA - and the media never reports on that? And then there are all these stories that the mainstream media reports that don't add up, and Osama is never wanted by the FBI for 9/11 only embassy bombings? And then he never gets a trial to tell his side of the story? And you look into Nazi Germany and see America as its ally, and partner in the eugenics program, and IBM, and banks, and other Bush family companies supporting it - yet the media doesn't ever touch on that, nor to the public schools, you have to dig it up yourself, to find REAL history? It's no wonder people will start to doubt history they're taught, and start to see the parallels between WW2 and the War on Terror, and Vietnam, and the war against the communists, and look into the John Birch Society, and start seeing conspiracy all over the place. The powers that be create the conspiracy, they are the conspirators, and they are the liars. Can't expose them by name because they aren't our elected officials, those are just the puppets, those are the ones doing what they're told by their advisors.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 08:35 PM
I'm glad other people think in a similar way. Kudos.

Yet it's fearful, how governments and mainstream media could indeed create history. In a similar sense, 1984 is strangely prophetic, but alas, how do we prove them wrong? If these 90% of ignorant spoon fed individuals consistently believed what they are told, then we're in the minority. We're crazy. It's funny but it's sad, because I know for a fact we're being lied to.

In a history book I was glancing through recently, there was a Nazi propaganda photo,, "Zerschmettert den Weltfeind!" "internationale Hochfinanz" - Smash the world enemy, international high finance. Look up international high finance - 'The Rothschilds Family'.

There's loose ends everywhere I look, and constantly I find myself doubting what I read. Nothing, I agree, seems to add up.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by doom27

First off, this is my first response. I'm a long, long time lurker, but finally signed up tonight.
I agree, OBL is just another MSM distraction (9th time killed "offishully?" and at an opportune time.
The "boogieman" argument has been used so often in recent (post WWII) history it's become so commonplace.
'Member how the "militia movement" had so much MSM coverage after OK Citiy?
and I'm sure other members have much more such "memories".
As far as the "amine", i don't know to which film you're referencing. Let us know & I'll check it out.
Now, as far as Hitler goes, - not bashing here - but even most Conspiricy theorsits (historans) in the west -i.e. America & Europe view him as an Evil individual, not a "great leader", as you speculate.
Anyway, thanks for the inspiration to finally add my two cents ( shich is worth about .004 cents in purchasing power since 1913, if you get my drift).

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