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European Union imposes arms embargo on Syria

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 12:19 AM

BRUSSELS – The European Union imposed an arms embargo Monday on Syria, where the government is conducting a violent and sometimes lethal crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.
The EU is banning the shipment to Syria of "arms and equipment that could be used for internal repression," an EU statement said late Monday.

The EU also is prohibiting 13 Syrian "officials and associates of the Syrian regime" from traveling anywhere in the 27-nation union, and is freezing their assets, the statement said. The 13 have been identified as being responsible for the violent repression against the civilian population, it said.

Heres another bit from al-jazeera's Syrian update blog

4:57am The European Union warned President Bashar al-Assad to end violence against protestors or face punitive action Monday as it officially adopted a wide range of sanctions due to take effect on Tuesday.

1:50am UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos says a United Nations aid mission to the southern Syrian city of Deraa has been postponed until later this week because the country failed to provide access.

Im not too up to date on the Syria situation, but dosent Russia supply a good amount of military equipment to Syria? Will they be a bit ticked off when these sanctions come into effect tomorrow?

Anyone think that this will end up like Libya?

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 12:36 AM
Well, I think ticking off Russia will not be very beneficial to America's current financial situation...

Oh the lulz that will be had.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by buni11687

well,it don't really change much,apart from,making it clear there not happy with the situation...and means syria will just get arms from other sources....or be more undercover about it now... arms embargo,doesn't mean,people will be patrolling the borders checking goods in or's just enforcing the non sale of arms,for the public records.

as for russia,i don't think the loss of arms sales to syria,will have much of a impact,for russia to get stressed about,its the presents of the US in the region,that will upset them...

guess were have to see,if there is any military action going to be taken...judging by NATO and the UN..its on the cards..


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