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Part one. What The President's hand book should say

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 04:21 PM
Excuse this long winded post but it about sums up about 1/2 of my digust of todays political situation and how we live. I really needed to get it off my chest in hopes some day it might make sence to some one =)

How to run your country; a president/prime minister is supposed to work for his county not the other way around, please dont start wars over stupid sh*t , dont look so serious when representing your country its hard to smile infront of enemys but your citizens want friends now.

Please be peaceful to other nations and promote free trade and respect their customs as we should respect ours, but dont throw our way of life down their faces, let them live the way they want to, hell I hate woman beaters but if thats their thing let it be. Its better to have a couple of beaten woman and a few hand less men than the thousands we are sending to the organ grinder to die in a needless war.

So we are at war now because of Oil. Its cool you can still back track out, dont think it will make you look weak but instead it will make you look like a leader, you have chosen to do what George Bush senior should have done 64 years ago and pulled out. Promote peace in the lands we waged a blitzkrieg,

By god lets liberal up this country a little, How is you economy supposed to grow if you have mega rich industries/banks. Yes, yes capitalism is good but lets take them down a peg and remove the middle men in banking. Nationalise ALL utilities that includes all Oil companies, mining companies, electric plants etc. But do not touch the farms, hospitals or transport companies. With nationalised oil companies you can set the price of oil from barrel to pump this will also make the government billions each year to reinvest in free trade and better standard of living instead of the greedy oil companies making billions more each year for the rich.

So you have gotten to the departments of the governments this is fairly easy, slash them all no government bodys apart from a reformed CIA thats goal is only to passivly seek intellagnce from its citizens not pourposly go after it as they have now. Keep the FEMA camps but turn them into open homes for the homeless to help them get there lifes back in order and to keep fema around for what it should be for incase of a real emergency. EPA for the simple reason to keep nature 100% protected and to make sure GM crops are 'outlawed'.

The big Government body is the police force and i have a few rule changers. Before i go into detail as a person from the UK i would love to see all police with out guns and citizens also but as the case in your country and keeping with my beliefs if its your custom to have a 9mm under your jacket its cool, its what works for you.

The police force should want to do the job because its in his nature to want to help others and to be kind and caring, no peaceful rally of citizens should be met with physical force. It takes alot of balls to form a mob/group to complain, take heed of what they are saying or they could be your down fall.

As i have said earlier you should pull out all forces from current wars and work on peaceful neogiations to solve problems. keep the Army up to date with tech by all means but reduce, reduce and finally reduce the number of world wide bases if you really want to have foreign bases then make 4 super hubs but for in case of an emergancy do not think of them as tatical for striking postion but more as tatical for humanitarian or aid.

Protect your boarders and essentially lock them down HARD but keep travel inside states and to other states more freely no more TSA pating down 5 year olds for bombs.

Technology and education should be put at the for front of life but not for the bad. We should look at technology as we do sports. Im sorry for saying this but like hospitals dont screw with the system KEEP tuition fees and keep them capped. This is so education can grow with people willing to pay into the best schools so schools will try to better and better them selves, same principle for medicine/hospitals.

Banks, the middle men of society out to fu*c everyone for a pennie.
Do away with the IMF and FED also the bank of England. I dont care how much we owe, *uck you go die in a fire. Why are we paying rich people the money form our poor and middle class so they can get richer and richer like seriously.

he banks should be run by the Government they will be backed up in gold, all saving and investments will be backed up in gold also. If you want a loan its the government that will give you it at low intrest to help the economy, if you take out a morgage and you cant afford to repay it, no worries we will rent it back out to you for as little as you can afford until you can pay the morgage again (this will stop urban decay!). We can do this because we are not out to try and steal every pennie you earn so my son can jet off to Bangkok for a ladyboy and bag of coke. Bye bye all middle men and investment bankers.

Our deep dark secrets should be opened up to the public, its time to turn a new leaf and the people will be greatful for it. IT time for a change release all UFO documents even if you guys know they are not really real and you have been leading a false flag operation, admit it and people will respect you for it. People respect
people that tell the truth. If you can gin and bare it tell everything the way it is. have you ever herd of a president getting sacked for telling the truth 'Kennedy doesent count his time wasent ready for the revolution'.

If we are in contact with aliens tell the people we are ready for it and to be quite honest we already know just like Osama we have known all along. Let us bring peace through technology instead of war, let industry be our biggest bench mark in society.

Do away with political parties and inact more referendums, the people have a righ to vote and it always says that 1 man 1 vote where as in government 1 man can hold 20,000 votes from his constituancy and not represent over half of his electorite. Bills and Laws should be passed with the majority of votes from independant members.

Sorry TLDR ramblings of a Psychologist


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