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The origanal Survival gun was a Drilling. AKA Combo guns

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 10:38 AM
Drilling/Combination guns, have a long history in Europe, not so much here in the States though... dating back to the early days of cartridge firearms (1800's), and they are most popular in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These guns are almost exclusively hunting arms. The advantage of having a single firearm that can fire both rifle and shotgun cartridges is that a single gun can be used to hunt a very wide variety of game, from deer to game birds.

the best known Combo gun is the Ithaca M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon and a civilian version Springfield Armory M6 Scout, an all-metal folding combination gun in .22 Hornet over .410 bore.

But when we talk about a true Drilling (the German word means triplet) normally consists of two matching shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel (German: Normaldrilling, common drilling), but may cover a much broader range of shapes and configurations...

Heym Drilling 20 Ga side by side / 308 Win under
Browning Continental Rifle Set 30-06/30-06/20 GA
JP Sauer Model 3000 Drilling 12x12x30-06 / 22 Hornet

the most well known Civie combo gun is the old Savage M24 this one is a .22 mag over a 20 Gage

but the most sought after and coveted Drilling, is the old J.P. Sauer Drilling 12GA/12GA/9.3x74R caliber. Rare WWII Luftwaffe model

Well there you have your intro to Drilling's and combo guns...
I hope the next time your at a gun show and looking for that one special SHTF weapon you take a good hard look at these... Oddities of the firearms world
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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 11:27 AM
i have a rossi matched barrel gun thats 12g 22lr and 50 cal black powder and its really nice and inexpensive so if ur looking for a modern gun thats cost effective check out .

cool post thanks for the info i enjoy reading about old firearms

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