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Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama: My General Assumptions

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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 06:45 PM
Recently i've been on this forum very often checking up about recent news to go on with Osama bin laden and Obama and the connections between them.

Donald Trump questions Obama's identity to the US, as to whether he was legible to have become president, due to claims he was not born in the country.

Then the less reported, but equally as substantial, killing of Col. Gaddafi's Youngest son Saif al Arab and three other grandsons in a NATO air strike. All in an attempt to kill Gaddafi after all.

With a video also supporting this article

Then the unmissable, and undoubtedly one of the most controversial news stories of the millennia, the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

And it seems as if the government is clutching straws now with the obama story

Osama Bin Laden's daughter has claimed he was captured alive in his Pakistani hideout and then shot by U.S. special forces, it was reported today. Arabic news network Al-Arabiya quoted 'senior Pakistani security officials' who said the 12-year-old saw her father executed and his body dragged to a helicopter. A Pakistani official rejected U.S. accounts of a bloody firefight, saying: 'Not a single bullet was fired from the compound at the U.S. forces and their choppers. Their chopper developed some technical fault and crashed and the wreckage was left on the spot.'
Changing stories: The White House has confirmed Osama bin Laden, right, was not armed when he was killed and that his wife Amal Al-Sadah, was not used as a human shield Pakistani police officers standing guard outside Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad today

The channel also said the surviving Bin Laden relatives, including six children and one of his wives, had been taken to hospital in Rawalpindi. A slew of fresh details have emerged in the last 24 hours, which indicate Bin Laden had a plan to escape alive if he ever came under attack.

Claims include a report that Bin Laden had money and two phone numbers sewn into his clothes at the time of his death. US. officials had claimed bin Laden was armed with an AK47 rifle and was using his wife as a ‘human shield’ when he was shot.

The honest truth is, I'm not buying a bit of it. Taking everything into account it seems the president of the united states is looking for a cover up over the notorious birth certificate scenario and trying to divert all our attention away from what could possibly be one of the biggest presidential complications since Bush and the Iraqi enquiry.

Though here is another video which explains the point of this thread a bit more

Thank you for looking at my first thread, I hope you enjoy =)
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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 07:58 PM
I agree... I think they are using the Bin Laden story to diveret attention from the "Birthers" crying out , which I assume they thought would have stopped ... The terrible poll ratings for Obama, and another reason for people to support the "war on terror" or world policing as I like to call it.

I encourage everyone to listen to Alex Jones and read ATS in times like these

And get information about this world in anyway you can.

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