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The podcast is dead on this site

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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 04:17 PM
Despite raising a board business & questions about loading podcasts, the best staff on the internet are too busy to respond or even fob me off with a pat answer.

Podcasts were an important way for some to deny ignorance, and there are some epic podcast podcast debates. How sad that this site does not want members to be able to debate or have their voice heard.

If you feel that podcasts should be part of the mix of user generated content that this site is famour for, let management know or just be sheep and be told how you can generate your user content.
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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 07:34 PM
I loved podcasting..

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

So do I BH and I have a couple of podcasts I want to upload. If I can not deny Ignorance with my podcasts on ATS, there are other places that encourage and will podcasts.

It's such a shame that no one in managment on this site cares.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 01:41 PM
Please add to your existing thread HERE.

Always remember, staff can be reached by using the Complaint Form.

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