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The World I want to See

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 02:12 PM
The Theory of the Universe
and Objective Reality

I was sent this link on my thread that was a tribute to a young man who passed onto the higher realms this Christmas, not without first experiencing an NDE which he shared. It had really touched my heart deeply because my son also roughly that age, had and NDE where his heart failed.

This site I was sent, with regards to my son, was a real gift. Nicolai Levashov is a physicist himself, but I could feel his energy. It stirred the pot in me, ie. the healing he is doing, its almost akin to programming a hologram, and uses energy. Its more akin to using your infinite soul light energy to code and imprint the universes matrix type energy. I imagine Christ Yeshua, Budda and other great teachers did the same.

So, here we have some looks at the branch in science we were meant to take, but alas, the controllers didn't profit from freeing the masses, so they enforced slave science, and have brought this planet to the brink of destruction for their gain.

The link above is a very good look at how Science has been turned into Religion or Credo.

I really think everyone needs to read this, but intend to dovetail some key points on it in the next post, because the truth about the real cosmos and world we're in, does help free us. On basic levels it brings forth clean, alternative free energy systems that would equalize the whole world, and on other levels it reveals what positive health and healing could look like as well. Spiritually it reveals, that we don't need to be enslaved by anyone, we can be free and progress in joy. We start to grow up and walk in beauty, truth, love, positivity. There are many ways to learn, I know my choice.

Its a big article, will take a bit of time to make notes on it. I can't quote it all, but want that info out.

His articles on the history of Russia also were extremely interesting and the smaller moons we had. I wonder how this ancient history dovetails with the Irish/Druid/Red Haired mummies for they also were last cycle so to speak and some of the older knowledge that was destroyed.

Ватикан скрывает правду об Иисусе!!! (English subtitles)

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 02:35 PM

---This first portion discusses the Credo, of Science. How even religion is more logical than what we call Science, for its all based on God creating. The only suppisition or unproven tenure is the existence of Creator God, then the rest makes logical sense to some, I of course would argue that there is too much negativity involved to be logical, too much jealously, wars, and smiting in this whole process. Also the words in Genesis don't mean what we think.

Science makes all sorts of glorious Theories, and presents them as their postulates, their gods. False and erroneous postulates are the platform of Science.

It teaches its students to ignore what they experience, and see with their eyes to ignore REAL DATA even, but stand stoically on the principals or postulates, many false and erroneous ideas, to be true Scientits.

Example, dark matter

In other words, the amount of matter, which is known to modern science, comprises only ten per-cent of the whole mass of matter required to exist in order for celestial bodies to move along those orbits they now traverse...

To find a way out from another imponderable contradiction, a "simple" decision was found: scien-tists "agreed" to label as "dark matter" the ninety percent of matter, which no one can "touch by hand", perceive through their five senses or apprehend by technical devices—and everybody calmed down.

A postulate, just formed out of thin air. Just someones random idea.

He adds, a beautiful solution, but who does it serve?

He asks that alot.

Religion refers to God the Creator to explain everything, while the scientific explanation of every-thing is built on postulates, which are mini-Gods of science. Both cases are logically weak, false systems of concepts that attempt to explain the nature of the Universe. ....

A question then arises: "Which should be defended—theoretical positions or practical results?"

They never treat their theories or postulates as temporary solutions but as credos and when they don't work they simply invent more falsehoods to patch to the old.

Statements of prominent scientists confirm this. They assert that in order to be called a scientist one must have a healthy skepticism and not trust his eyes, ears, data or proof, but firmly stand on the positions of science. It is a striking example of how science transforms into religion...

To be continued with the actual harm Einstein performed on our world, for this was an agenda, done deliberately, by the controllers. For they had to send us down the wrong path, to ensure we were slaves, and they made a huge profit. No matter if the world was brought to the brink of catastrophe. be con't.
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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 03:19 PM

Now, let us look at the "whales" on the backs of which modern natural science is based. We can enumerate several basic postulate-"whales" of modern science:

the postulate of the conservation of matter;
the postulate of the isotropy (uniformity) of the Universe;
the postulate of the velocity of light.

These are the backbones of our very harmful, destruction to the natural world and enslaving, science.

They have been ousted and proved wrong with real data. All 3.

Yet, remember, a true Scientist must pride himself in ignoring data, and only upholding postulates and falsehoods. A true Scientist is a Priest of his Religion.

----Niolai points out that the first whale/postulate regards the conservation of matter, and refers to matter as solid/liqid/gas/plasma but that the actual data received from their more advanced equipment shows that modern concepts of matter itself are eroneous.

ie. is there really any matter to really matter? Or is it energy waves? And also, what about that infinity they've discovered in the so called vacuum of space.
(my points)

That they have observed particles in far greater mass/size than that which formulated these particles.

The Data means that one must reformulate the theory they turned into a god. Its wrong. Something is wrong. But, for some reason nothing phases them.


-He worked in the patent bureau, so he had access to alot of patent worthy concepts given to him. Apparently borrowing ideas does not harm your reputation any.

The true conceivers of his theory of relativity are named as the physicist/mathematician, Jules Henri Poincare, and Hendrik Antoon Lorentz. They had worked togehter on this this theory for years.

This stems from a belief in a homogenous universe, the universe is the same everywhere.

-Apparently we all think he received his nobel prize for his theory of relativity whereas he didn't, instead the science commuinity knowing he didn't deserve credit, gave him credit for some other work that actually belonged to a Russian scientist named Alexander Grigorievich Stoletove.

I suppose they considered this fraud and theft the lesser of the two evils.

-Now Fraud aside for a moment. Someone wanted Einstein to step forward and wanted this sham of Science to be played on the world.

....last part next.

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 03:21 PM
A group of hidden hands profitted from this abuse of science.

The true alternate branch already existed. This was a fork in the road orchestrated as a crime upon humanity.

-The question become was Einstein innocent, unknowing he was on the wrong trail?

---The elimination of the Ether Worlds, or alternate realms, the planes like many stacks of paper had to quickly occur, and the homogenous nature of the Cosmos be not just proposed but entrenched as a god, to support one of Einsteins first postulates was Michelson-Morley's experiments.

Now Nicolai brings out some interesting points on this so called data. The equipment used was inferior to the equipment that was 3 times more sensitive used in another 22 year experiment.

THat it was conducted in 6 hours, over 4 days. The equipment was called an intererometer and it was only turned 36 times in the Michelson-Morely one.

And here is an even greater joke, remember the true Scientist ignore DATA to stand on postulates, or worship the throne of his god.

Apparently even this really poor attempt to prove Data, did reveal Data of the ether or channels. It was ignored.

Yet Einstein based his theory on this.

While one of the true great physicists in the US,Dayton C. Miller, used far superior equipment, conducted his experiments over 22 years, turned that dial 12 000 times, and apparently, he sent in the data to Einstein!

This Fraud was on many many levels.

---Hubble has since already proved the Universe is not homogenous, and thus light does not travel as depited either. Called the Faraday's effect.

Astro-physicists B. Nodland and J.P. Ralston, who made this discovery, published their report in the "Reviews of Modern Physics" in 1997.

This discovery means that the Universe is anisotropic (non-uniform).

---Relating to the speed of light there already is DATA that Light can travel faster, and microwaves too, than 186 000 miles per second.

But according to the math, if this is true the size of the particles would become infinite and earth would become a black hole.

None of that even occurred.

So why is it that these backbones of our modern Science have not been put out to pasture as erroneous?

---He also brings up the absurdity of our math. Its fine for fantasy realms but, unless it applies to real life and real data, its just a mind game.

---Telsa! He was murdered. Apparently not long after demonstrating his technology. Suddenly he grows ill and dies, and all his journals, notes, information and equipment conviscated by the US.

If any group or individual works this carefully to impose false concepts on a planetary scale about the nature of the Universe, it is a sure sign that they are hiding something of great significance, not only for physicists and philosophers, but for every inhabitant of planet Earth. ...

As a result, human civilization followed the wrong path that ultimately leads to self-destruction. It means only one thing: the correct path of civilization’s development is dangerous for those who were behind Einstein and who still continue to back his theories.

Those, who remain in the shadow, fear only one thing: loss of their power and control over the masses.
They know that once enlightened by knowledge, every single individual, as well as mankind in general, would be able to see and understand what is happening on planet Earth—and this ultimately spells goodbye to their power, influence and wealth.

Thus the wrong turn was forced upon us.

Humanities progression has literally been stolen, the natural advancement we were to embrace.

We need to hold a completely different version and understand, our world is based on lies and illusion.

And frequency. But in order to win they have to capture our minds to hold in their frequency. They're not getting through me. And they shouldn't get through you either.
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posted on Sep, 25 2015 @ 11:45 AM
a reply to: Unity_99

I just discovered the work of Nicolai Levashow yesterday via a post on another forum.

I will be studying his work thoroughly. Wow! I am blown away by what I've read so far.

Unfortunately, he reportedly died on June 11, 2012, and was apparently killed.

Here is the link I got that from:

posted on Sep, 26 2015 @ 01:12 AM

originally posted by: Unity_99The World I want to See

I see a whole lotta ...
But I don't hear the most simple what the world really 'needs', unconditional Love.
Amd all the comic book mentation cannot fake real unconditional Love/Enlightenment!
There is no excuse not to "Be the change that you want to see", right Here! Right Now!
You don't hav3e to wait until alien angels invade Brooklyn...
Right Here! Right Now!
It really is simple!

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction." --Albert Einstein

“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

True, unconditional Love is ALWAYS recognized by It's unconditional Virtues; Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Gratitude, Humility, Charity (charity is never taking more than your share of anything, ever!), Honesty, Happiness, Faith...

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