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The World I want to See

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 02:59 PM
Keep meditating and living a righteous life my friends. Those who do will become leaders in the next age of peace. Our "elders" in the great cosmos are here and they are guiding us in ways that we may not understand, but guiding us nonetheless. Though it is still us who have to make the choice of peace and harmony.

~Life, and harmony.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 05:09 PM
We need to live as a family would, caring for one another, and overcoming differences, peacefully, with everyone free and equal.

Yet currently, too many are unable to get past the programming which is intense here. Most people, even if they don't agree on all the conspiracies or go online, still see the corruption. Though people seem to quick to thoughtlessly retaliate and allow horrible things to be done to nations and individuals, ie. no proof of who caused 9/11, but there are now 1 000 000 muslims dead and many of them children, innocents. Just instant need for blood and no brains. That is how courts operate too, they don't even need the guillty one, just some circumstantial evidence and a closed file to appease the need for vengeance. This is something everyone needs to overcome. They allow people to be jailed over nothing, and blame the victim, and make victims out of perpetrators because of their mindsets, even. Yet this is still programming.

Without more Light and Positive intervention, many more are being pulled down by the negatives wish to harm. They have single handedly brought this earth to the point of destruction, and abused all of nature as well. There are not equal sides here. They have the podium and air time, and when anyone speaks up from Love they try to silence them as if they're interfering with free will, and think the tests should be done with only one side running a web of deceipt in all directions, and no Truth in sight.

Again, I request help for this world, and for the people here that need an end to despair and hardship, and more consequence and ruin as some promote, but be graced with understanding and compassion. The essence of Family and Love is Teamwork.

Much Love,

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 12:03 PM
Fukushima is releasing high level radiation, and its going unreported.

Off the charts iodine 131
Cesium 137

We need to unite, come as we are, all religions and metaphysics, together and join in a vision of an upgraded world, galactic world, clean technology, purified water.

I stood out on my porch in the rain yesterday and help thoughts of pure rain, pure skies, pure crops, our bodies renewed and made clean.

I then picture being at Fukushima and bubbling it and cooling it, purifying it, neutralizing it, and felt legion, like a massive portal or something was occurring and infestation.

What would happen if 1 million saw this, and joined our thoughts, minds and prayers.

Can we start to ask for our help too, Family is about Teamwork and Lending A Helping Hand.

Lets do it.

posted on May, 13 2011 @ 09:07 AM
I caught the sun as it was just risen, and one could stare for over ten minutes without harm to the eyes, it was gentle. I prayed a bit, and then stilled my mind and just listened.

Now, I was given more directions for seeing the world transformed. The message yesterday was to avoid the doom threads and to only check in briefly to catch the news. To overturn every negative thought we have. If there is a thread or article that catches our attention, write out the opposite of this, the solution, a world freed from this and post on the wall, in your journal, in you mind. Envision something better. Transform negativity, transmute it.

Today, after the sungazing it was like was like being given an assignment. To meditate and think on, good thoughts, and even to do this in the backyard or nature, connected to the earth grid.

Ie. suddenly the idea of our family traveling anywhere we dreamed, teleporting to Greece, to India, for a workshop, or an ocean adventure. No money, everyone is advanced and equal, and then the South of France, my lifelong dream, for art workshops, and a cottage, and trips into Northern Italy. Picture what you always dreamed of, that brings emotions of joy and upliftedness. Its our emotions that help our frequency raise to a level that opens the gates for these things. Raise our Lovelight and frequency.

Picture everyone doing the same, no privileged, no gatekeepers, no caste systems, all are equally priveleged, informed, sharing abundance.

Whenever one finds our moods elevated, or laugther, joy, this is the perfect time to send forth your visions, and to give them to Higher Ups, Father/Mother, Family, Higher Self, for any corrections needed, to harm no one in the process. For example, a moneyless world and eutopia does not have to be built out of the ashes of this one. There are nearly 7 billion people on earth, envision for the safety and well being of all who are currently here, that this is their world and they benefit from it. Share your visions with others.

Much Love,
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 08:34 AM

UFO Armada Arrives Over Canada ? 19 May 2011

So close to me! Yeehaw. Woot Woot!
If you're bad guys according to my understanding, those who harm, use trickery or harvest humans, GO AWAY! Welcome to Love and Light always!
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 09:05 AM
I wish to add a final point. As they know the intentions of our heart, and inner most thoughts, this is according to my understanding, belief and the inentions of my heart and sidesteps any trickery or those who make mockery of cosmic laws, and is placed directly into the hands of my Higher Self, Father/Mother/Yehsua and Family, those who are only Goodness and Love and who never ever harm anyone, those who do not act as catalysts in any way or distort truth. In accordance with my strong belief that those who are managing the slave pens on this planet have violated the school and free will of many, and provided far too many dark squares in their duality tiles of black and white design, that this school be rectified and made balanced with many light squares, love and true choices in the open for people, with true understanding of those choices. Hence I give permission in my name as a citizen of earth, according to the intent of my heart which is that the Perfect Plan of the Family of Pure Love and Goodness, Father/Mother/Yeshua/Love and Light, that are the true Designers and Creators of our cosmos, Prime Creator's Family be done, and in accordance with balance and true love, to intervene here, and create a better school, with love and equal opportunity and true understanding for all, and that diplomatic means be used and emphasized but that the help that is permitted be done as needed. Under the concept that, this school is about to progress, and be transformed, so that nothing interferes with the plan and Perfect Timing of the Prime Creator/Family of Love to transform and progress earth and the students here. I am asking my family group/soul group/those serving Prime Creator/Love and Goodness, in truth and reality, to help us all in our hour of need and help us reach progression and this planet to progress as well.

In other words, I am asking for the help that we can have, that protects us, restores this school to love and a good place for humanity, that still honors the Perfect Plan of our Prime Creator and Love/Goodness, and our need to progress and for our souls and planets to be transformed to Love and Eutopia and Goodness.

Yours Sincerely
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posted on May, 24 2011 @ 09:50 AM
Notwithstanding, this is what my formal requests do not mean:

This is not a metaphorical, by my understanding, contract with negatives of any kind, or trickery. This is not a contract, as I don't bleieve in them. My yes's mean yes, until I change my mind for better and my no's no, for the same. I do not give away my free will, my freedom, my position as the Love of the Creator, either as I am or in training to be, nor does progression ever mean regression which is what anyone not chosing love is entering and all tricksters operate out of. This world and these people need to be through this process of becoming Loving Brothers and Sisters, and bring earth to the eutopian Beyond, outside this holographic school, truly Grown Ups.

And I stand for this. For Love, gentleness, kindness, truth, transparency, no gatekeepers, no tricks, no harm, no harmful schools, no fascism. To those who would try to trick and abuse the freedom, free will of others, and attempt psuedo laws, I am not your opponent, rather, I am your sister, and feel so sorry for your choices, and plead with you to use your time wisely, so that when the door opens for more chances to Progress in Kindness, Love and Compassion, to pass these tests, you will sail through them. I would suggest, spending this time, praying,meditating and holding love as your frequency, and seeking within, any outside forces that are using trickery, this is my wish for you, to come home too!

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 01:49 PM
I would like to add a few thoughts here on some question asked, about proof, and whenever someone does this, when the nature of earth as a testing ground or school, where answers arent forthcoming and the frequency of the students pretty well determine outcomes, such as progression. There are many schools that have progressed to much higher levels than this planet, due the will of the citizens. All things are meant to progress, even schools, so due to a certain level of negativity, and the souls coming in, this world which was never meant to be a hellzone, has graviated towards that direction, and also, this has given access to more negativity, running as leadership and hidden controllers. Again its never meant to be. Awareness and saying no to the current system and corruption is what it takes to bring in change, and to grow, but not to adopt their means, their harm, pain tactics, not through violent means.

I hope for disclosure like many, have been shown arrests and humanity being taught directly from higher levels and really fixing up the planet to a wonderful equal home.

Its like asking for proof of life after death, for proof of clandestine operations, those kind of proofs cannot exist in the climate/state of affairs of this world as its currently operating, yet many already have the proof they need.

There are some threads on how to have ET contact, for example, and skyfloatings one was very good. I suggest those who are interested look into this.

But I'm going to give very simply suggestions for my own method, that can be done, sungazing, stargazing, before sleep and before or during meditation.

That will be the next post.

posted on Jun, 15 2011 @ 02:02 PM
To begin with, wide open is not the way. Ouiji boards, channeling, any form of summoning, or even demandiing.
There are many tricksters and negatives. And what is Love, what is Helping others, what is Ego or thinking highly of self, elevating self, these are things many are niave about, they can give away their power or give permissions when they really shouldn't be.

Number one, and most important is Faith in Goodness and Love, Family, and prayer, meditation, seeking your way each day to be of service to help, not harm others, to unblock more, grow more aware of poverty, inequality the world, and what not judging or unoconditional love means. If we're not pushing the limiits on our own consciousness, and feeling humble about ourselves, rejecting ego, not accepting a pat on the back, feeling lesser, not greater trying to work on our ability to love, then we're opening doors where they shouldn't be opened.
Because our frequency, our love and state of being, attracts like frequency or worse, in a sense. It will be a match. Raising frequency is importance and humility is a huge part of this, thinking of others not ourselves.

That being said, if someone is looking for individual signs, or proof, thats a personal journey. Under the stars, sungazing, prayers, meditations, before sleep, one can pour out our heart about those in need and ask for help for this world, for children being born as sacrifices, for children starving for children who have been abused and are borderline psychotic, such core damage has been done that they have hardened up to the point of disassociating life, others are just objects to them, they don't value life, for they were never valued and some become very dangerous adults, but they're just abused children. Pray for them, ask for this to stop, for all harm of others to stop, for everyones free will to count, that might does not make right.

Thats what it takes. Thats the kind of spirit it takes, caring, feeling for everyone, not worrying about self at all, or very little.

Now I just wrote this to another and will share it here because it is the kind of request that one might make.

They can ask for a sign direct, ask for a sighting under the stars. Some get it immediately from the accounts of others I've read, some might search for years, their very test may be in how hard they will seek or make the effort to push the walls down in their box. We're all different that way. Yet, every thought is heard, recorded even here.

Before sleep, ask for those who are serving Peace, Love and Goodness, those who can never harm anyone, Family and positive ETs to please give you a sign of more, if and when its time. That you will try to be patient, and don't expect or demand, but would be so grateful for some direction. Report for duty and ask if you can help, or did i come to do something, and say you're sorry for anything in the past that harmed anyonne and would like more help seeing and correcting this, if its possible. Express that you understand that even being able to help a little is a gift, and that you really don't want to ask for something that isn't what is in Family's plans for you, but that you would really like this if its allowed.

Thats the kind of prayer and intention to set before sleep. Being humble and grateful is part of the tests of life.

posted on Jun, 16 2011 @ 04:41 AM
16th June, 2011.

Some more things I want to see in the world I intend:

1. I want to see all negative/manipulative groups neutralized and arrested immediately.

2. I want an end to the stand-off between negative and positive groups. I want any outstanding tensions to be resolved in a treaty that is effective immediately.

3. I want societies dedicated to the betterment of humankind to come to the forefront of world media.

4. I want this summer to mark an historic positive turning point in Earth's history.

5. I want increased co-operation between benevolent societies and groups.

6. I want all weapons created with malevolent or genocidal intent to be immediately and permanently dismantled.

7. I want many miracles and positive events to come into the lives of individuals and groups fighting service-to-others groups.

8. If I was to sum it up in a symbol, I would choose Hexagram 13, from the Chinese prophecy book, The I Ching. I want the emanations of that Hexagram to spread all over infinity and eternity.

9. AGAIN, I want all dangerous groups to be neutralized.

10. I want a wave of indescribable loving energy to sweep over the Earth, in men and women's hearts. I want powerful healing technology to be focussed on every single human on Earth. I want any negative factions to turn to the light and accept their fate.

I want to see the above-mentioned world, in points 1-10 of this post, to come into effect immediately, without any delay, in all time-zones and densities, future and past.



HiAliens, Bali.

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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 01:01 PM
Just a few more additions for things that I want. I will try and come back to this great thread a few times a week.

Intention Statement

Date: 9th August 2011

I HiAliens, citizen of Earth, state the following:

1. I want all negative or regressive forces on Earth to be neutralized, arrested or quarantined immediately.

2. I want all hostage situations in all areas and dimensions to be resolved immediately.

3. I want all energies and forces attempting to prevent Earth becoming free to be neutralized as soon as possible.

4. I want all benevolent forces throughout the universe to assist and facilitate and act on this in all timelines.




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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 01:24 PM
The Edenistic view assumes that man has dominion over the animals, as opposed to a true view of equality that perceives all consciousness as one and equal.

The "negative" beings are only so because they are suffering, and it is the ignorance of our mindset that assumes evil is their responsiblity, as opposed to the otherside of the equation of our service-to-self mentality.

I.e. "Eliminate the evil and the good prevails as opposed to eliminate the inequality and good and evil is nullified"

You might not believe this, but even a tree, a bird, or a spider is capable of intelligent conversation when one converses on thier plane of being - likewise, God assumes all life to have equal standing, I am no more deserving than a fly.
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posted on Aug, 8 2011 @ 07:10 PM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Its about growing to be the best you can be, and this is the testing ground, the point where some or many, are putting it on the line so to speak, because they have the opportunity to grow beyond the cosmos, to graduate from it, or to grow, in the very least, moving forward, having gained. Those who give in to the dark side, so to speak, and harm others for gain or by cascading downwards into trauma, and dysfunction (as opposed to those who are not free will based, for not everyone is equal size of light, their soul/star is not the same size, metaphor only though close, and some experience things for other reasons, perhaps to benefit society as a whole in terms of lessons, or gaining understanding, and some are victims who's free will is taken from them, so there are lesser degrees of accountability) are children, less mature, and have more work to do before they can graduate. (additional note, the light within us that we are that can be compared to an ever growing star, in the Beyond, grows with LOVE. The size our light is Love, and Awareness, and Service To Others, Goodness. Here in the testing ground, some shrink, their consciousness/light halves, and can half unto infinity, but I believe there is a perfect plan for everyone and in the right moment ALL WILL PROGRESS!)

Nature itself, has a variety of intelligence, dolphins and whales for example, and different types of intelligence, ie. bees, or dragon flies, not all operate the same way, so our way of assessing is not accurate, of course. No matter the state of intelligence and awareness, animals and nature is in a state of innocence in the sense of not having the same accountability. Some are already behaving with accountability and have displayed altruism.

Reaching into the energy field, and attempting to assist or communicate with nature is one of the good ways to develop telepathy or that gift, to unblock the rusty dna halts we have on our biosuits, through centuries or longer of disuse. We can alter dna in real time, and push ourselves past our limits to grow our antennas so to speak.

I had a dragon fly trapped in the room, and would have spent a long time trying to capture it, and possibly damaged it. I instead, stood at the door and sent images connecting to it, of me there and freedom, the door, and outside. It was in the corner, it flew within a minute to in front of the door on the ceiling, then acted confused for a minute more roughly, and turned around several times. Then it lined up to face me, say 3 minutes later, and flew straight out, just brushing very close to my cheek as if to say, thank you.

As to the ones doing wrong, or their conscience engaged, slowly allowing the dark side to operate through them, its not a question of blame. We're to love unconditionally and forgive everyone as much as our hearts allow, and when blocked in this, to seek to have this grace given to us. But there are responsibilities we have in shining our light and serving and protecting others, which means we can't just walk away and let others destroy this planet or harm others, we have to stop them. There is a difference between forgiveness and being responsible.

Earth hangs in the balance as the testing ground, interactive between light and dark, metaphorically, wherein our actions and awareness, and positivity, individually and collectively form either a hellzone, or a paradise, alligning it with its true form, for earth is a mirror of our home in heaven, shining through the star, from Beyond it.

So we have work to do, those aware, and searching, both individually and collectively.

When we hold peace, love, and search to sell all, even metaphorically, counting it all as nothing, and giving our all to God/Goodness/Family by whatever words we use for the Highest Love and Goodness and Divinity, we are truly doing the work we came to do, and we hold safety or ark over the area we're in, as long as we're seeking to do that work.

There is a responsibility to growing up, it means striving to live and be as those on the next level. They do not allow bad guys to take over their planet, they don't stand helplessly by, but safeguard there systems, and they aren't lazy, its you and me and everyone doing their bit, first of all to educate themselves, educating yourself is a responsibility as well, caring about others, not being selfish, seeing it from their point of view, having the most compassionate, equal, and loving platform in place, that would allow no one to fall through the cracks, nor would it force someone to be a slave to have a home, so seeing and valuing/respecting all people and their intrinsic rights is a big responsibility. Committing time, and effort in every community to ensure only the highest goals and plans with the highest equalizing/sharing human rights that combines social responsibility and freedoms, not like our political system in any way for that is ALL EVIL. Hand over hand responsibilty, work, not laziness. You can't have paradise otherwise. THIS WAS A RESPONSIBILITY. We all wanted to come here, and shine. All of us did, though not all were on the same level.

But it was a responsibility to create a caring society, that would notice those who weren't acting nicely, who had difficulties, and model, or teach, instruct and help, the lower grades, and sometimes, when they were dangerous to others, protect society from them, not punitively, but for safety, with a real emphasis on healing them.
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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

In terms of the dragonfly - it could have been enjoying itself buzzing around in your room, and you felt uncomfortable with its presence, and as soon as you felt uncomfortable, it felt uncomfortable as well, and when you saw those images in your mind, it was the dragon fly that was projecting them into your mind, telling you that it will leave.
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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 02:47 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

No, it was stuck in the corner near the door, and I felt really sorry for it. They live 7 or 8 years on average, a long life for an insect, almost like a cat. They must really enjoy their lives. Being trapped in a house without food, water, or freedom, and risking my younger boys finding it, would not be pleasant. I'm quite psi. I sent it help, and it responded far more quickly than capturing it in a container. It flew from the corner to lined up with me on the ceiling, but turned around a few times, then faced me, for short time, then flew straight. And I knew it was thanking me.

Another little miracle that happened was with a spider, and I don't like them, can't go near them. My older son takes them outside. But my ex was terrified of them, childhood memories, so he killed them all on sight. I was flushing it down the toilet, and it was full go, no way of stopping it, nearly finished in fact, but I had this stab of conscience, and thought, why do this, why harm? This was years ago, and was not awake at the time. Nonetheless, the minute I sent forth that strong thought, the toilet ceased in full flush. Never has that ever happened before or since. I scooped the little guy up, and put him to dry on the top of the closet shelf out of sight of my ex, because it was winter outside.

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posted on Aug, 10 2011 @ 06:06 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

They live in another plane, what we see in 3D is not where their awareness resides.

posted on Sep, 5 2011 @ 01:25 PM
I am now calling upon the Benevolents and the real Federation of Light as in conjunction with Michael, and the Family, not the false michael or the false federation. I am here, and have remembered that it is over and the shcool is being freed and free will restored. Earth will be elevated and the people will remember and recover, all of them will recover and lost time in heavy programming will be given back unto them.

I am now asking for this to occur as quickly as can be done, using the proper diplomacy channels and the proper mechanisms put in place since the beginning of "time" as we know it, and since before "time" as we know it, as this is now required for the learning stage to begin, and for true happiness to be restored to the school.

Thank you so much, dear Family, for hearing me and for answering my prayers and giving me some memories.

I ask that All Goodness/Love/Light respond, and that the perfect plan be carried out.

Please show up.

Yours most sincerely,
Unity_99, slash aka M'K'

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:20 PM
What keeps coming really strongly is that we must hold positive images for a wonderful world of equality and freedom, and if possible, step into action.

While I see the benefit of speaking up clearly, writing in and even phoning in, all our NO's to any of their illegal fascist rules and laws, and then making it very clear the only kind of world you will ever endorse and they will never be elected again, perhaps even imprisoned if they continue. I see speaking up, standing by others and not allowing them to target your neighbor.

But basically, this world is so tightly woven in their control that the energy wasted, not to mention, harm that people would go through, is best directed at working under the table, grass roots, equalizing. Councils, joining up, selling big expensive homes and creating eco farms, donating land and yurts for the homeless, just doing what we can do. We have far more abilities to do things together than we give ourselves credit for. If we start to see its all a trap, we can help the victims of this trap, ourselves.

However, not letting them hjack our consciousness and hold these negative, fearful collapses of our world they want us to hold. Or NWO thoughts.

We've got to over that. We're the wayseers here, we can see whats going on, we can see them. We have to hold a good vision and ensure They Can't Collapse The Wave, instead humanity progresses.

Also ask, pray, seek, stargaze and expect the cosmic arrest team to take them to places of counciling, they've lost their way and need some work. There are high level,skilled counselors that can work with them, for any that keep holding back on preventing humanity from getting ahead and being equal.

I pray and hope that many in the so called managerial positions will actually see the light and join with the people.
However, they will not get by me, and they should not get by you, to collapse this wave. We have to hold the light and good visions of what an ideal paradise would look like. Don't let them get by you, and they can't collapse anything then, the frequency won't yield.
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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:31 PM
They need our cooperation, our permissions, to give up, to hold in doom, to collapse this wave, to blame ourselves for their brutal abuses of this school.

We need to all see ourselves as systems analysts. This school is not one I'd ever send a child of mine into willingly. There are far better ways to learn than continual abuses and break downs then karma and hellzones, then back to another test like this

Simply put, Not On My Watch. The school failed in serving the needs of the children. The children are primary the school is nothing.

Forgive everyone, forgive yourself everything, and seek to improve in your love and abilities to help another or put a smile on someones face.

And look at the school.

Don't allow them to collapse this wave. Hold the frequency. Obe One, showed us that if they succeed in cutting down the Light, it only Grows Bigger, and joins with the Bigger Team of Goodness. So, that means, we have nothing to fear except fear itself.

Hold the visions of eutopia and goodness.

They have to get through us, hijack our minds, to collapse this wave.

They are not getting through me. All I see, over and over, are visions of the cosmic arrest team taking them to the counceling they so desperately need, and healing, teaching the students, removing the smudges on our visions, so we can really envision a good world together.

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:40 PM
Some have promoted the concept of a perfect world. That we aren't meant to be happy here, or learn in joy, but that this world really challenges us and changes us, we can't change it.


Well, it has to do with the eyes you see with. The frequency of your soul, how high that dial is.

It has to do with the concept, and its a very low frequency one, that learning should be tough, that pain is valuable. That doesnt come from above. That is Saturn. No one with love in their heart would ever think such thoughts.

They're not getting by me.
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