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Is there a thread where we can go to ask if there already is a thread

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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 03:01 PM
...or to discuss whether if a thread might be a good ideas? This might apply more to research and some conspiracy forums. Sometimes you just can't find the right place to put something by using search and thread titles.

For example...

Is there a thread dealing specifically dearling with and focused on the date/time issue of the OBL raid? I've seen it mentioned in this thread, but did anyone create one? Thread title...simple question. When did the OBL raid occur?

We've seen it debated, sometimes with evidence and sometimes not, in almost every thread remotely related to the OBL mission. And in every thread, there are misunderstandings based on someone's snapshot in time of when and how they got their information.

If there isn't one, do you think we need one so we can attack this as a big messy pile one fact at a time?. We have to chip away at it bit by bit so that our foundation for debunking the official story is more solid that the story is.

So. Is there a thread like this? Are there benefits? Maybe it's more a research thing? Don't worry about telling me this is a stupid idea. I'm full of those

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