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Understanding the Appeal of Apocalyptic and other Doom’s Day Styled Predictions and Prophecies

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by crimvelvet

They also have a new One World Language on tap to go along with the new One World Religion.

Amazingly they still have failed to perfect the one calorie soda yet!

What are these guys thinking?

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
reply to post by jackflap

It's a difficult subject to broach with people. That of religion. It excites a lot of passions and strong beliefs as we often see in so many threads.

Like left/right politics in many ways it's a team sport. Mine is better that yours, I'm right, your wrong type of thing.

I don't know what's to be done about it, and as you and many members know I think ultimately once the Powers that Be consolidate their holdings into a one world government that they will make these doomsday prophecies come true by manipulating the religions to do exactly what they have always been doing, fighting one another, and blaming it all one another.

That's the bad part about prophecies in general and why since the time of Apollo and the Muses that they have been so powerful, as they often are self fulfilling ones, that people who believe in such a proclaimed fate work both conciously and sub conciously towards.

Some call it proof of destiny, some call it proof of god, some say they have a darn good astrologer, but in the end it's human beings actively working to make these things come true, or not lifting a finger to stop them.

First of all, great thread you started here proto, I'm enjoying your posts. You may not know what's to be done about it but TPTB sure seem to have a plan. First of all you create a false religion spice it up to suit your needs, then u create different versions, with similarities but a lot of contradictions and you seed them in different corners of the world while you yourself hold the "real truth" (IMO I really dont believe all them old sciptures that got plundered were destroyed, and I dont think this is the most advanced human civilization has ever gotten). Then you start deviding and conquering. Knowing that this will be an endless war, you fuel nations of differing beliefs against each other for personal gain and untill you have gained enough power to control practically all of it. You have the Religions destroy each other by playing them out against each other. Ultimately destroying each one of them. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't part of the NWO also a tailor made One World Religion, under one ruling body?. I guess you could say they are playing God and ultimately want to be worshipped as such. Who "they" are? who knows?! But they are following a clear plan. Not only do they manipulate religions as you say but also peoples fears and beliefs and also they seed subliminal messages into an unsuspecting public through mainstream media. not to mention all this "New Age" movement online. If people had been awake to see the game that is being played on us here 20 years ago, could something like 9/11 have been prevented? Possibly. If you had knowledge of the event before it happened would you or could you have done anything about it? Gears have been set in motion to complete their target goal of NWO, as transparent as they and the whole thing has become. Some or most it seems are still unaware of it. Could exposing one of their upcomming events, prevent it from happening? It doesnt seem like they will let anything stop them in their tracks anymore. Seems like they have become pretty desperate. I dunno if exposing it would help. But I have seen some signs, and used common sense, and have tried... I would rather be laughed at and called crazy than see thousands of people dying. But that's just me.
The Mayans pointed out to a change not an appocolypse but a human evolution and a shift in consciousness. Of course that would mess up some people's plans big time if all of humanity were to suddenly awake and smell the monsanto beans and refuse to drink the coffee . So turn it into a doomsday event turn people away from their own personal development. If we werent so bombarded with media we wouldnt even know any of this stuff was goin on unless it was happening to us on a personal level (IMO ignorance is bliss?:roll
. As far as the existense of God or whatever you wish to call it, nodody can deny the devine intelligence that is within everything and the love that holds it all together. For me this is proof enough. I think everybody should use this time to find their own peace and to discover God within themselves and within all things. If you can help some people along the way that's great. Peace

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by realeyesrealiserealLies

Wonderful post. I see you are a new member so let me welcome you to ATS. I have done quite a bit of posting here on the site about the Powers that Be ultimate plans. The All Roads Leads to Rome link in my signature will take you to my most sweeping and definitive narative on the subject.

I agree that a concious shift is occuring in a great many people.

Oddly enough I don't think it would be occuring in as many people as it is, if the Powers that Be were being just a wee bit more generous with the bread, as in the mullah, of bread and circuses.

The party is over for many people, in many ways, and they are searching to understand why the music has stopped and questioning more than ever the peculiar constructs of our shared world and existence on it, why so few, can horde so much and lord over so many.

Subsequently how all this came to pass, and a growing belief that there should be, could be, and really ought to be so much more to our lives than the endless warring, and cruelty that has been our lot for thousands of years.

Some stand on the cusp of a whole new reality, a reality of tremendous and infinite possibility, but alas many of those people are still hampered by their fears, as well as their desires, and often that fear of great change that has always plagued society.

In many ways either by accident or design, the Powers that Be are helping in reaching so far, so quickly and pulling the familiar rugs of enough diversions and prosperity to enjoy them, in order to as they always, compel the next event through fear, and limiting people's options to go along.

There is though a new option, that chance to evolve and learn of and embrace those things that have been here all along but have been hidden and shrouded and clouded by these false religions and notions of God.

We live in interesting times.

Where it will all end I can't say (no one would believe me anyway).

Great post thanks for sharing.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 12:54 AM
I am about to read the rest of this thread, as I only read the OP so far, apologies for that. I'll check the rest out as I eat my sandwich in a few minutes.

I wanted to post a few simple thoughts before I forget about them as this thread will take 30minutes or longer to get through, hehe.


I like the Carrot and Stick metaphor for this type of system, it really does work out well.

So are you saying that the Conflict and Contradictions between the promises and demands made by the Carrot (spiritual fulfillment) and the demands and actions taken by the Stick (brutality) are creating a form of Cognitive Dissonance within people?

Due to being faced with all types of contradictory facts, they will use the apocalypse as a form of merging the Carrot and Stick into a system that does not Contradict or Conflict with itself?

That is why I called it a form of Cognitive Dissonance. I believe they are working with two entirely incompatible belief systems and the "end of it all" is the only method of reconciling these two incompatible systems?

Now, time to read the rest of the thread.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

In a nut shell, you have summed up a large part of the construct.

Two diametrically opposed positions and sets of belief, being run at the same time, leading to endless conflict within the individual as they struggle to reconcile them, even as they struggle to eek out sustinance to survive in such a peculiar paradox.

Caught between the hammer of religion and the duties to state, each often put forth as the same thing, but each entirely different in ultimately what they task and ask, in essence setting the individual up for falling just short of the bar, and failure at both.

In the end for many this does lead to a sense of self loathing as they can be true completely to neither and fear being denied the only reward both offer ultimately, the notions of absolution.

Leaving one in the end to believe and feel a terrible punishment and retribution is inevitible and even just.

Brilliant system and scam if you are the despot(s) running it, and enjoying the fruit of it, but not so good at all for the individual trying to honestly please and achieve in a system designed to ultimately make them feel like they have fallen short.

Great post, thanks for sharing that.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
reply to post by crimvelvet

Religion is much more a tool of governance and the state, than it is of spirituality.

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars

You forgot to finish the quote "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars", ProTrav. It concludes "...and unto God that which is God's." This quote of Jesus was when the corrupt religious of the day wanted to trap him in saying something which would on the one hand be considered blasphemy or the other hand in sedition of the Roman state.

This is instructive of what we face today. Corrupt religious leaders are aligning with the state to deceive the religious masses into accepting a false religion corrupted by the state wrapping itsself in patriotism. IE: "man, God and country". Bunk!

Dubya Bush claimed to be "a born-again Christian" and as such received high praise of the uninformed "religious" masses. I never called him "brother" because my discernment told me he was a fraud. For this stand, I was ridiculed by some. Unfortunately, this virtue of discernment is in short supply amongst "religious" leaders.

On a broader scale, this deception of the masses of Christians is happening today. The scriptures warn of a "Great Deception" that will deceive "even the very elect" To this end, I would agree with you that such is now taking place in "religious" society. However, I wish to assure you that at least a goodly few believers are aware of what is happening and will not accept the deception of brotherhood the state wishes to promote amongst the ill informed "religious" population. In fact many of us who contend for truth are kindred to those who seek freedom and honor above loyalty to state.

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:59 AM

People wish they were someone important and that something significant happened in their lives even if it's something cataclysmic and horrible. This leads to all the loony & failed doomstay predictions that are around.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:02 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I enclosed the word "discernment" in my post

lord give me the wisdom to know the difference between
the things i can change and the things I can't...

It used to be god was the sole agent for man's demise

the bible has been pounding it into the heds of all the sheepie
Noah, sodom and gomorah, samson...the second coming
GvsE, Apocolypse..holocaust....
( no picture of the arc, it never happened in the first place
its all crush kill destroy...
indulgences for all common sins just 9.95
custom indulgences avaliable for a negotiated fee
all indulgences final and non transpherable unless stated in writing and paid in full...

Hell, they say the protestant Germans went along with Hitler because the churches were preaching it was the end of the world.....
Just like the ZIONIST x-ians are ....supporting Israel Blindly
( wow talk about your tax dollars at work...)

the uS has sold RECORD amounts of ammo lately....
I think walmart even upped its firearms dept....

some people make a living at promoting "awarenesses" of different types...
heart attack, cancer..death by snu snu....
you take your vitamins and get hit by a bus....

but hey get aload of that vitamin D...really....then double that if you can
they said its poisonous in vastly lower amounts then you actually need to stay healthy..
then the y MAKE deadly viruses that attack people who don't have enough vitamin D in them...
and the nenws gets out and the sheepie go
"They" Know you can't take it with you,...
so what's the point of having any left when you get old...?
or the brains to appreciate it...alzheimers...... brains need fat for food to function!

also why is illegal to terrorize the peeps by warning them.....?
you can talk giant space avacadoes all you want
but is illegal to warn the peeps of anything real such that it might upset the PTB

still I use my water filter all the time now
I don't eat soy
I started bying silver way back when
I collect certain kinds of usefull "without the grid books and tools"..and use them off the grid.
I buy store and eat dried food now...better quality for the price at times.
I harvest wild as much a I can ( turns out it has much better nutrition, less bad chemicals)

I save money and get a better result by perusing the disaster solutions NOW
there is that inflation or Hyperinflation monster...
imminant finacial collapse of the USD and the front running of trades by the bigs
I did't by a house at the top..or a gas guzzler

and lets face it TV sucks as entertainment
let alone news

I enclosed the word "discernment" in my post

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:25 AM
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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by Aquarius1

I don't think I fear of death to the degree that I can not perform my daily life. The easiest way to avoid the fear of death is to know that you are in fact truly in fear of the death. It is ironic. Because the sting of death is only in the darkness of it. Once opened up to the light, it is gone. But I'm still very curious on what is going to happen in the near future. I guess it is in my DNA.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:42 AM
As I said in some other threads I came from GLP, fear is like a child over there. They nurture and cradle it until it grows up to kill them, sad to say. This place at least has common sense, they had no sense, just fear, fear, fear! And they want doom, most people don't want doom. Once you get into it, it's like an drug addiction once you get in you can't get out. I'm so tired of hearing it so I'm slowing up on going to GLP. Have been there once, I skimmed the pages and left. Nobody likes to be scared 24/7 and if you can break the fear, you can actually live. S & F for you my dearest.

Yes, I am 100% serious.
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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:45 AM
And we wonder why people call us the tinfoil hatters ? Some of us just fear monger, get past that and we'll be able to start our own religion

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 06:39 AM
Obviously you used a lot of time to come with this thread, which again shows that you, like many other skeptics for some reason keep being drawn to this forum and topic.

But then again, why would someone who keeps being drawn to a topic they don't like post such long a thread trying to over-analize that which you yourself can't understand, and don't want to accept as a possibility?

It is true that there are many predictions and prophecies that don't come true, but then again how many do come true? People like you love to claim it is out of chance, but is it really? Or is there something ingrained within your mind that tells you, you cannot accept the possibility of a destiny already chosen for you which you, and everyone else, can't escape?

The problem that I see with most skeptics, like you protoplasmic, is that you don't like to think that you do not really have any control over your life, and that is what scares most skeptics deep within their psyche. Whether they want to admit it or not.

Then there are also skeptics which exist of certain prophecies BECAUSE of religion. After all there are religions which claim that no one will know the future, or that there will be false prophets, and such skeptics love to shove into one big group everyone who makes predictions; from those who never got a prediction right, to those who got several predictions right, and everyone else in between.

In conclusion, your over-analizing can be used also against your argument, and can be shown that skeptics are first of all control freaks, as well as, or being afraid that predictions can come true, or are very religious and just want to accept some predictions.

The question is, which are you?

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Hail friend, hail Roman, hail truth-teller and spell-breaker.

For far too long have I seen this nonsense on ATS and elsewhere.

People often mistake me for anti-Government which is wholly untrue.

I am anti-corruption within Government just as much as I anti-corruption within conspiracy theory.

If we are to be taken serious, threads based on nothing more than shock value have to stop.

The "Doom and Gloom" threads do nothing for me other than make me laugh.

I see through Government lies so what these people think about making up lies is beyond me.

Nothing irritates me more than people spreading false information for their entertainment.

Back when I joined in 2005 I found out those threads did not mean a damn thing quickly.

This is why I will not propagate this nonsense by making these far-fetched nonsense threads.

Nor will I post in them to bump them to the top.

I stick to facts, research, and cross-referencing while detecting the cons, scams, and nutjobs.

Whether we're addressing Government agencies, Secret Societies, or ATS'ers propagating lies.

The question that I often think about asking some of these people is often on my mind.

Who do you expect to buy this horse crap?

Obviously, it is written for amateurs, expecting to distract them from ever learning.

It is as much buffonery as those who accuse people of being Government Agents without proof.

The people this nonsense works on are those who are far too easily swayed by propaganda.

The last time propaganda fooled me I believe I was in my mid-teens.

Since I was 6 years old I was raised to see through Government, Military, and Law Enforcement lies.

I am grateful my Vietnam era Marine stepfather taught me to see through the lies.

Up until I found ATS I never knew conspiracy theorists congregated in groups talking here.

So, in essence, I guess I'm saying finding my own way, made it hard for people to sway me.

Which is a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because people cannot lie to me without easily being caught.

A curse because I've become desensitized to trusting a single soul.

I trust absolutely no one, not through paranoia, but because I see the lies and smell intent.

Personally, I prefer making threads which inform, but allow others to choose freely.

Agree with me?


Disagree with me?


Just do not lie to me or you're through and I'll finish you.

I am more interested in catching liars and pointing out fraud then propagating lies to entertain myself.

Pusher : Cerulean Blue, Pushing the Lie, and Psychological Operations

I am more interested in talking about the psychology of why the scams work.

What If You Knew Planet Earth Was In Jeopardy of Collapsing...,

And I am more interested in exposing the lies as bold-faced long-term cons.

Is 2012 The Next Y2K Con-Job Sponsored Via Continuity of Government?

In other words I'm too busy having fun exposing fraud of all types because I will not lie.
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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 06:42 AM
When you are being shot at, any change comes as a relief.
Doom and Gloom has ramped up because we all sense that SOMETHING is changing. The proverbial powers are having a difficult time keeping up with it all.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by jimnuggits
When you are being shot at, any change comes as a relief.
Doom and Gloom has ramped up because we all sense that SOMETHING is changing. The proverbial powers are having a difficult time keeping up with it all.

Or are they driving it all.

The most recent doom and gloom and thread was the result of a new member planting a fantastical story with a clever twist.

Not a single shred of documented, photographic, or anything else but the circumstantial story of someone no one here knows.

So what's to stop that individual from working for the Powers that Be?

Coming to ATS at a time when conspiracy theorists are under fire and in the news and playing an old and simple trick.

That trick making the information you want to get someone to believe, not so easy to come by that it can be just as easily dismissed.

Rather he posted it in a code that an NSA Supercomputer wouldn't even need a second to crack, but took sharp ATS members without any such tools about a half an hour too.

The trick to getting people to believe false information is by making them work for it, and feel like they have a vested interest themselves.

Who does that most often in this world? Intelligence agents and counter intelligence agents, who guess what work for the Powers that Be.

So I think what a lot of people fail to consider is, is the tail wagging the dog, or is the dog wagging the tail.

In the meantime the community gets divided and often discredited as hundreds often new and very religious members muse out loud filling in the blanks of a bad story line with more unsubstantiated speculation, that often borders on hysterics and absurdities.

Who do you think benefits most from that?

In all reality the Powers that Be do.


posted on May, 9 2011 @ 08:42 AM
Just to clarify this for myself:

I posted a dream I had about the sun, however, I did not state that it was going to happen, and did not intend to post this as a prediction or prophecy. I was merely sharing a dream, as so many others do.

I do not take any issue with prophecy or predictions, because that is what they are, a prediction. I don't take everything I read seriously either. What I find most annoying about prediction threads, are not the ones who post up their predictions, but the ones who come into the thread and troll it to high heaven, and create all kinds of trouble. I don't understand, if you don't like a certain topic, why bother? Just tossing that thought out there.

Lastly, I tend to find it interesting that some people still think "police state" type of predictions are silly. Look around you and you'll see that's not a conspiracy anymore.

Thank you!

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Congrats Proto, very very good post. Very sound reasoning on it. It as to be one of the best posts I have read in along time. I really only have a couple of things to add to it.

1. The Carrot and the stick in regards to religions:
As a good friend of mine once had said, when asked about but what if there is no God? If there is a God, then I will have done his bidding and seen my way to heaven, if there is not a God, I atleast can say I have lived a long and compassionate life that hopefully has made several other peoples lives better than before I came into it.

2. Taxes:
It all depends on how taxes are done. I am not saying not to pay taxes, but when the state taxes everyone on everything there needs to be some limits, and unfortunatly there has been alot of taxes in almost all legeslation the past few years.

3.Drama, Poverty and Bread Circuses:
This is a tad more difficult to put into words but here it goes...
Drama - I still am and have been, at a lost why people enjoy drama so much. It does noting more than cause headaches amd usually striffe amongst everyone involved.
Poverty- I know I am going to get flamed for this next part (grabbing bunker gear and a fire extinguisher...), but here it goes. The system as it stands now does not support people getting work, being self reliant, but rather rewards those who (ok here is the clarification now), the majority - NOT ALL- for not wanting to work or giving up on it. Here is just one case I base this off of. I had friend who got his girlfriend pregnant. She was given free health care, her baby got healthcare, a 3 year old car, full coverage insurance, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, cable with all the channels, the fastest broadband internet availble, a cell phone, food, a 56 inch tv,daycare and schooling. All for FREE! Compare this to working full time driving a 6 year old truck, having to have a roommate to afford a place to live, no cable ( to expensive for one, and pointless imo anyways) and so forth. She at first she wanted to finish her schooling and get to work. However when she found out that they would not help her (or rather give her all these things) she decided she was not going to find work because she was acustomed to living this way (this minded you was a serious point of contention between us). She was not the only person I have heard this from the list goes on and on. I believe that if a person needs a hand to get by, then fine lets help them get on thier feet and move on, however most of these things given are not NEEDED to live, and this is where the state seems to think that people are entiltled to living this way without earning it themselves. When people DO try to make things better for themselves they punish them, by taking all of it away. This is where the familys and community need to help someone and not the state. The state should allow everyone the right to live thier lives in liberty and secure the right to pursue happiness not try give to everyone, especially if they do not wish to attempt it themselves.

There are many social and economic systems that need to fixed.

Anyhoo that is just my 2 cents worth..
S&F - Good post.


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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 08:46 AM
I must say, I've enjoyed reading this thread so far, and am intrigued by the comments. At this point it seems to be shifting into shades of gray in the world, and society, and that's being reflected - it's been heating up to these times all my life.

I see the current times as the culmination of many hard-thought-out plans from the world schemers to orchestrate over the growing populations, and the dichotomy it develops in many of us. On one hand you have a highly-legalized, solid infrastructure which imposes itself as our societal backbone. The system is designed to mold and shape us, and bend our modes of life to its will by popularizing the underlying sentiments of culture and blending it with the time-honoured standpoints any student of history will admire in a civilization. On the other hand, is a free-spirited population of increasingly independent thinkers, who know and can prove our system isn't living up to its expectations, and have a vision of an attainable utopia, and can prove that such a utopia could be in place here and now if we had leaders loyal to the cause.

Knowing we have the power and means to transform, by broad sweeps and measures, but feel so limited as to actually effecting the changes we require is a bitter and angry point for us all, I gather, in measuring degrees. It's the hidden element not factored in, all too often : the bridge between the nature of a present or predicted catastrophe and our present reality registers in our minds as the bridge between the catastrophe and our vision of the world we would prefer to see, as we envision it could and should be. That adds an incalculable element to the disaster, when considering peoples perspectives. The added grief factor of many gloomy prophesies, "proffessies" or predictions. Could this be the stick you speak of? The ability to destroy dreams or create them for other people, and the esoteric power to back your aims? Knowing the nature of the pain is the first step towards encountering it.

One person leading a city-designing committee and the prospective resident may breathe the same air, and be of the same race, but their powers to shape the world lay in very different categories.

I think reactions to disasters and catastrophes are many and varied ... while for one person who grounds him or herself in ancient traditions, knows a thing or two about ancient rituals and their representations, is examining of pioneer life and the roots of our modern culture, can easily escape the trap of viewing our consumerist and exponential rise of technology as a healthy direction based on its present footings of seemingly unlimited power and watered-down restrictions (where absolute controls were required to tame, ie. nanotech, GMO's). It can be as simple as saying the inevitable happened, and stupidity won in the end. I don't find our modern drama nearly as compelling as say, the middle ages of Europe, or the fifteenth century when so much of our modern society actually floundered from.

It's also about not wanting to be put in the situation of "fall guy" for the sadist pleasures of someone pulling the ropes, when a catastrophe comes about from negligence, long-standing obstinency towards-, or is engineered to come about at someone's expense - it earns our anger even if while it doesn't affect us as directly. To understand the hidden roots of our current agendas - ours because they insist we are involved, even while they would prefer we don't understand our plight - this is, or at least it is when it means something, a prize to uncover, for our own peace of mind establishing where we stand in the shadows of present disasters - some cloaking us, others choking at our freedoms, still others gathering gloom, energy, and thus a certain entropic power and thrall over those it seeks to consume. How are we to cope against the heightening madnesses takes on a pressing importance.

As bad as some predictions come, I don't think much compares to the problems we already face. In the end, we still do what we can to deal with life's problems as we ever would, and the story stays the same.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 08:48 AM
I think it's good that ATS allows for such posts and threads. For example, I myself may not have much of a belief in greys, but I do not bother with going into that area of ATS and creating stress for others, who enjoy discussing that topic. And just because I don't particularly believe in it, doesn't mean I should whine and ask the moderators to have the entire forum shut down, or something ridiculous like that. Same goes for prediction type threads. If you don't like them, don't bother. But at the same time, don't take that discussion away from those who want it.
ATS is a great place because there are so many forums and so many areas we can talk about things. If we censor one area of discussion, that opens the door for others to be censored as well, and personally I detest the thought of being told I can't talk about something. So please, let's just find a way to respect one another's right to have a voice.

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