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The Missing Link Is Community Involvement: Groups Anyone? Think Local!

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 03:30 PM
We are facing many issues that require support in larger numbers to overcome. So far, the movement has been to secure personal survival, and that window is fast closing with the poisons released into the environment via BP and Fukushima, in fact, it seems survival is best accomplished by the most oppressive group, the wealthy and well off middle class, who basically keep this system going at the expense of the majority, the poor and working poor.

The only benefit to being awake and aware is to wake up others, which in itself is a difficult and thankless process, learning how to sow seeds that may be met with great suspicion and opposition. But with the right spirit, respect for others, and persistence, and community projects, this can gain quickly.

I've thought of groups to start, and wonder how many others are doing this already, or want to start projects that sow seeds of awareness, and possibly will activate enough self preservation in people that we can actually say Hell No, Not On My Watch to those running the show. The Fukushima issue is big!

I feel awareness of the situation is paramount an a very good toe in to paying attention and realizing that things aren't what they seem, and the mainline media is not our friend, but if we persist in remaining passive and apathetic depopulation will occur, and fascism will follow. There is a consequence, cause and effect, to action, and inaction.

If others are involved in local survival groups, public awareness groups, sky watching, mediation, seed banks, local radio/blogs, it would be nice to share information here, on how to draw an audience, how to ensure a local forum/blog/message board gets picked up by the browsers. What is the best methods of spreading awareness?

Hopefully ideas will flow.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 03:40 PM
So far the list that has come to me is as follows:

1. Fukushima is very important. Very few people locally are paying attention to the rain, and we need to educate the population on Government Lies and Media Silence, and Distractions. They need to raise strident voices. Its almost at the point of refugees gathering what they can and heading east by the thousands/millions and squatting on crown land, erecting yurts and gardens and demanding help.

Water filters, the kind the poor can afford, air filters, food issues, iodide , and every method we know to keep safe needs to be brought to the local community level, and fast.

2. Tshirts with news on the front and back? Newsletters? Posters?

3. Blogs? A nonprofit organization that shows videos community level, seed banks, survival items, generators, etc?

How does one begin to create a community presence. Organize sit ins, phone calls, letters, to representatives?

The window is closing and many of us are not doing the work we came to do?

Another question I would have is how do we advertise or grow initial groups? Meet Up? Local Message Boards? Youtube videos?

I've even thought of the ATS street reporting down, taking it to the public to raise awareness. This would be best be done by a group that could share equipment, many aware people are the have nots and not the haves, they seem to be more concerned with everyone fending for themselves.

For example, has anyone wondered about the homeless with the Fukushima issues. Currently the radiation is building and the reactors are in meltdown according to Tepco, now we all knew this, but its gotten worse, and the next few days are going to see some dangerous levels reaching us, according to a memo.

I have a feeling that the most important groups should be invovling some of the homeless or poor, themselves. That we need to get solutions going and awareness to our communities very quickly.

There is nothing more important right now, and most of everything we see is just distractions to stop us from doing just this.
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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Well, actually that is what i do almost the day since about ten years.
I am a local musican and spread awareness with certain texts and mesages, sometimes just few words between the songs.
In former times we did alot of graffiti and if i would be as young and fit like then i would do it now and spray something like "F*`k NWO" or else...
But for the older, slower ones there are also stencils!
You can make your own very easy and use it to spray directly on a wall or sign or so, but you can also spray/print on stickers or large papers and stick them anywhere you like...
What i think that works great are tshirts!
I make them since a long time due to my musical work, but once i started to make different designs with truth messages and infos.
It gets alwasy very interesting responses! Few days ago a girl in a supermarket gave me ten euros too much back ´cause she was staring at my bilderberg shirt!

Oh yeah! This design i posted down in my sig for free download! Go get it!

But what also is missed in that, is the communal factor you mentioned above!
Means building local groups for different reasons...
Survival and gardening, Permaculture and eco co-ops, alernative currencies, spiritualism, conspiracies, politics etc...
I for one started with a few people a spiritual group few month ago. We did alot of spreading awareness inside the group, and in the direct circles. We did a few streetart projects and also where thinking about positive demonstrations (like the everything is okay guy...)
Also beside...
I have noticed, everywhere with everyone there are not much themes we talk about, besides 2012, Bilderberg, FED, etc... really funny development the last year!

So, what do you do?

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:21 PM
Great Great thread man! S&F I have been wanting to do this for a few weeks now. I started by seeing this morning how many people would be interested in my All Guides to survival MEGA pack 1.0 thread I took scores of information from all places around the net. So far since this morning im pretty sure it has gone world wide now according to my bittorrent.

I was actually thinking of making both private and open Facebook groups on the matter. The 'open' one to let anyone join, and the private one for those on there who appear to be seriously interested. I also started another thread called Community based survival

I have both CD and HAM radios ready to use at a moments notice. I am cultured in politics (to the point they appall me), over the years i have gained many many contacts from around my region both in and out of the political arenas that would be willing to help organize and initiate by what ever means necessary.

I am real glad you started this thread ! and GOOD LUCK on it!

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by JimIrie

I just checked into your thread on the Bildenburg Tshirts and this is so perfect. For some reason Tshirts, even cards, and graphic art/signs/posters, this grabs attention fast, and people are so visual, and they don't have time for a long sell, something needs to hit them in the moment. I bow to you, you are my guru now.

The music is one of the biggest pulls I could see, and in a group, with more, perhaps even fun community competitions or gigs, could be done.

A part of me really wants to run and escape from this situation here, very close to the coast, constant rain, and when an opportunity to do so comes, that's fine, but something also tells me we're here for a reason, so many people, the largest population in my province is in the Fraser Valley. I don't want to run away, work needs to be done.

I'm more an ideas person, and not outgoing in any way, so this thread is needed, to find the ways to bring in others, and what they're doing. What you have done so far is so wonderful.

Graphics art is also something that could promoted, youtube videos, a website with others contributing for downloads and inspiration for anyone to utilize in their local areas.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by Libran1

Thank you, you have done some really quality work and this is a true inspiration. I have family, kind of remote, how are are very skilled this way, and part of what I have seen, for local groups, is gathering the technical abilities of various mechanical engineers, retired tradesmen and workshops, backyard garage style: generators, infared telescopes, ham radios, and tesla coils!

I've bookmarked your thread. Will spend time on this in a short while. This morning was looking over reverse osmosis water filters, but this is out most people's hands, so trying to get solutions to the average person, downloaded some videos on homemade water filters. I remember omni in the past had great articles on water purification systems done with plants, they absorb the toxins, and plastics can be made to form pool beds with plans as well, resins. Hopefully will find some trails on this.

So far, if a local community needs to move, I think of biofuel conversions to vehicles, but it might come down to wagons, bikes, anything that moves. So having the skills to erect yurts, build generators, solve plumbing solutions and hydrponic/aquaponic green housing. The environment could aslo utilize more people in trying to use sine waves (Ham/Telsa Coils/Rebars) to neutralize and protect areas from radiation. This is something Tom Bearden promoted, and recently I've read of ham radios being ulitilized.

These are two of my threads:
Earth's Magnetic Poles Equates Over Unity Free Energy Spin on Axis!
What If "They" Can Already Clean Up Radiation With Frequency?
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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:54 PM
I've thought about a local online and offline magazine, the offline one could be printed from a lazer color printer and bound by hand if necessary. Possibly becoming a local advertiser that promotes only clean ethical grass roots businesses.

One question is about posters or signs. How to post information up that the public could see legally?

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thank you very much for the kind words,
but i am defenitely no guru!
Well, i understand you when you say you´re more of an ideas person.
I am too, but also i grew up with taking action myself or no one will do...KWIM?

I think to provide some arts for spreading the truth is one of the best means we have.
The creativity of one spirit is huge! But the creativity from combined spirits is sometimes unstoppable!
But i must admit that ats is not the best place to find such people.
So often i had to learn the hard way!
My first thread was about an ats worldwide mixtape project.
- was dumbed down to BTS very quick and never seen again...
I asked for an actions forum, but ats wants to stay neutral...

In the moment i work on a sampler for my local city with a lot of artists. We´ll see what comes around...

I think the best way to start such groups on a local level is first to ask for friends, meeting up for discussion about spiritual and political subjects. The first meeting will be more like check out what the others know and so..
But very quick it will develop into actions... sure! Just get your a** of the seat and go out!
Sometimes such small things can sum up and be a wave in your local environment!
And there are so many wonderful ideas outthere...

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:04 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
How to post information up that the public could see legally?

Renting ad-signs! But really the streetart scene is so huge! There are many ways how and where you can put up your sign.
Legal or not...
What do you do and what doest the ptb do criminal... I don´t think that equates...

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by JimIrie

I agree finding ways to just put them up, they're destruction of freedoms, the economy, their wars, and their poisoning Gaia is not legal, its contemptible criminal action, there is no words for this. I'm an artist myself, and the ideas need to be brought forth to more, so its time to get a small growing group up.

Staring grassroots and low cost, things that have come are computer printouts/transfers, stencils, stamps and a large homemade silkscreen. Maiwa Handprints should be able to help with some pigments, others might be low cost and handmade as well.

This is a real inspiration, thank you.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:15 PM
I looked and found this, its really interesting.

Home made T-shirt printer.

My first t-shirt printer. It is made from Epson S21 with few changes. Takes 1 day to put it all together. Prints directly on t-shirt, so no waste of ink and prints last longer. Amazing quality! Made from some rubbish witch I found in the garadge... so sorry about crap design. It works perfect. I have replaced original inks with CISS system. Then heat press for 30s and it is done!

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:18 PM
I'm telling you, Give me a foundation for a group or cause on Facebook and i will Spread that all over the world if you want me to... mainly the continental US

I can make the 2 of you mods
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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:37 PM

Originally posted by Libran1
...all over the world ...

...mainly the continental US

Oh you americans... Ha! Good laugh!

2 Unity:
Nice idea with the modified printer!
Will try out...

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by JimIrie

haha i say that because he was talking of local community groups i thought... lol and mainly the reason its mostly the continental US is because thats where most of us will be traveling

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by Libran1

I think this is a good idea, for everyone to form local groups. And US locations would be very appreciated for some imput. If you know how to get issues out, worldwide this is something to think about. I'm trying to find the issues, the most current best, but a few, ie. Fukushima, we need to act on, before the window closes completely, with BP and Fukushima they've moved into end time activities and destroyed the oceans, land, food chain, its huge. And with this, NWO, depopulation, real goals, underground dumbs, and what we can do, ie. shout hell no, stand still and not get distracted or believe the lies in the media. We don't have to take every boat that comes along but should dig in our heels instead. And this needs numbers, local numbers, everyone that can be made aware of whats at stake, its huge. And safety. Survival. Ecovillages. Generators, seeds, food. Its hard to separate issues.

Its taking the biggest most current important issues and then going into more to get awareness.

If you know how, please share. Very interested. I'm not a he, though. lol.
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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:25 PM
I thought of the Fastest way to make cards, and tshirts, posters and even what I call Dream Boards,/vision boards posters, would be a combo of printer and air brushing.

hacking printer epson sx100 DIY Homemade .wmv

Printer Ink Secret, Revealed!

Splatter Printing; A FreeScreen Live Screen Print Technique

Making Airbrushed Shirts : Sealing Airbrush Colors to Shirts

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

I suspect that all this will not be so immediate as it is needed... not very realistic
Would not it be like to work with the same neglected tools of the system? (there is hundred of blogs of this type, ONGs, charity communities, etc) they are palliative imo
I think that it is imperative to protest and to put pressure in the closing of the nuclear power stations wherever they are in this world but this bears almost a revolution!
And as preventing the people from putting in paranoia and fear when we wake up them about the safety problems and health with all this of Fukushima?
at least in my country the first thing that they go to do is going to scream and shut oneself to a church and to apologize to god claiming help.

What i do is to talk with my friends, coworkers, family... trying to educate, to communicate to them about this fact, some of them are thinking "she is nutz" or even "oh, you say i need to buy a ticket for a bunker!" or "i dont need to worry about that... i am worry about these cartel gangs!)
There is much disinfo, lies, nobody believe nothing or the extreme... they believe everything, even the judgment day (this a very religious country) and they are doing nothing just waiting death.

If this need speed the best thing will be to use a social network (yes i know, I hate them too lol) because they are the most fast way of call to the local action.
where to begin?
Hope to get ideas from this thread too, i am thinking as you... i don want fear mongering but also i dont want to be passive just seeing and waiting how this world is collapsing and reaching us in every corner. (i guess love is not enough, its need a little aid)

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posted on May, 8 2011 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by zaper

I've always noticed in the communications I've had with other experiencers and those who are waking up, that they're often in the most dangerous areas, from an earth change perspective.

There is a reason for this, we're to wake people up more. It can't be fear based and it can't be invasive. It has to be a presence, like a survival group with eductional videos and seed banks, and positive activies, that is really there to bring many of the poor, or natives (natives are much more awake and my friend has told me they've been saving seeds for years), onboard, because the poorer folk see more, they understand the corrupt system. Its not the same thngs as handing out pamplets on the corner, cause if you just do that, you could do more harm and cause more fear. This isn't about fear.

In fact, envisioning the world we need. Being aware of what is around us and what we don't want, protests or lining up at our representatives offices is important, it shows free will and a lack of apathy.

But even more so, a world wide meditation/prayer presence that saw them disclosing, stepping down, progressing and freeing this world, equalizing it, that saw the world we want to see. vision boards, eco farms everywhere, beamships in our backyard, 180 year cosmic educations. OK I digress, this what I know is possible, with the advances they already have including in dna and longevity, that we could actually reach what they call a level 1 civilization from a level 0.

So envisioning. Putting up posters, collages, of our dreams. Of a free and equal moneyless world run locally and by citizens, with much public input. And with highest understanding of love and service to others and opportunities to participate for everyone but no forcing, and no withholding resources

We don't just need to protest what is, we need to envision. To hold visions of paradise/eutopia/progression whatever word we chose, eden.

Local groups should always have been in place. What democracy or government system isn't hijacked? Why are not local counsels in place where all people discuss the issues and expose the corruptions, expose their dirty little secrets and conspiracies, that learn to flex their muscles and problem solve?

How would people, often kept in boxes, get to know each other unless they start to meet up and speak. And these groups must give voices to all, and not tow some accepted homoginzed line that the media promotes as reality but dig in deep like Jesse Ventura.

But involvement, particiapation, having a voice, speaking up, should be a fun thing too. Childminding, so a break for mom and dad, face painting, MUSIC fests, meditation groups, teenagers building infared telescopes out of donated and recycled things in tradesmens backyard and garages and having some wonderful meditation skywatching groups.

Right now I'm on wait mode, as I feel the radiation is mounting and things will change in the next week or few weeks, it may be too late here. But if its not, then this is needed.

With all these ideas, if the time is limited, the most important is the metaphysics.

That would be, more and more praying/meditating and envisioning the world we want, and the future progression we see, and not focus on the world we don't in front of us, but as a friend just wrote in an email this morning, bend reality to the positive visions.
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posted on May, 15 2011 @ 12:25 PM
I feel that WW3, with Israel/Iran, and then China and the US/and partners, will be upcoming, and there is a real plan to Depopulate, especially the ones who have higher IQs due to improvements in living and some degree of Freedom, and then I have heard in 2013 the UK , most likely under the Rothchild's, and Royal Family, expect to RULE THE WORLD.

Free energy will be introduced, some watered down device that costs money, without upping our information, and some kind of solar that is only about 17% efficient and a complete rip off.

My focus right now is on Free Energy and Food Production, and we will be finding ways to get people able to survive.

And I've received a message inside, while seeking directly for what to do. I think working locally, for Counsels who discuss things and expect City Hall to make some changes, and who have workshops in the community for eneregy devices, for gardening and self suffieciency within a frame work of collective power, its all about being an island to yourself, it is the shared projects and the medical and the equalizing that the Bloodlines are trying to dismantle or stamp out. Because we're meant to be cooperative, and be able to do great equalizing and humane things, at the same time, capable of producing food and energy, so we can survive disasters. Its a combination we're meant to do.

For those who live in peace, who desire and equal wonderful world, and especially if you work in community to raise the level of awareness of why Peace is the passing grade and form peace counsels, we are creating ARKS. ARK = Acts of Random Kindness and we can stand and create pockets of Protection, Advancement and Freedom and encourage, becon all to join with us.

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