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Colonial secret papers to be made public

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Gee man,listen to yourself....all upset about some papers/agreements written 200 years ago like something you say on here will change anything at this late are mad about the way the "corporations" treat/treated people thruout the years...they exist to make profit and dont care for anything else....we get it...we are outraged....a pox on all those mean old nasty people....

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 01:23 PM
As a Brit, I personaly support this release of information whole heartedly, and urge, nay implore everyone who has access to the files to read them in full, and accept whatever truths are contained therein.

The Imperial history of my nation, is what I would describe as a sickening , cancerous growth on our national heritage. Some of my countrymen believe that it is a terrible shame we ever let go of the colonies, of our empire. My personal feeling on this subject is that although it could be said ( with utter disregard for truth, honour, or reality) that we improved the world by passing on our way of life to other nations under the imperial yoke, there is mounting evidence that the nations which we held under the iron palm we once gripped power with would have been better off retaining thier wealth of minerals and of art and culture, without our interferance.

Imperial hunters killed off a sickening number of species for sport, our trade ministers presided over the ecconomic rape of over half the world, and we passed the gun on to peoples who had far more honourable methods than we to dispatch thier enemies. At least those we passed the gun to had the decency to get close enough to feel arterial spray, had honour enough to put effort into the death they dealt. Very often, they had better reasons to kill than we did at the time as well. They lived off the land, many of the cultures we exposed to our imperial sickness had monumental talent for architecture, for philosophy, thier motivations though different from ours, were more organic and ancient in thier origins than we could even comprehend.

And we made slaves and corpses of the majority of the people we came across in the early years, rather than recognising thier right to exist thier own way, and in the later years we were just beating the bones of the once beautiful civilisations we encountered, until the remainder we were attempting to keep hold of , became so thin and threadbare that we lost our grip on them entirely.

Personaly I regard the colonial period as a horrific ghost of the Roman invasion of Britain. Rather than remembering with bitterness, with anger , the destruction of our ancient forebares way of life, rather than passing respect for every mans traditions, rather than just our own on to future generations, those who began the Imperial machine instead passed on the worst traits of our heritage, rather than the best , to the rest of the world. We allowed the abused to become the abuser, even after 1557 years, we couldnt keep our damage to ourselves.

Its about time that this information came out, and I hope that anyone who might have been involved, who remains alive at this time, dies knowing that everyone knows what they have done, and what they have allowed to happen.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 01:26 PM
Release the info by all ,means....get all outraged over the villans of 1-300 years ago....butwhere is the outrage over what happened to soem of those villans in vengenace?///Cawnpore ring a bell?...Oh wait...those were women and children...sorry

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 01:50 PM

Originally posted by Homedawg
Release the info by all ,means....get all outraged over the villans of 1-300 years ago....butwhere is the outrage over what happened to soem of those villans in vengenace?///Cawnpore ring a bell?...Oh wait...those were women and children...sorry

I love how foreign invaders always cry that they are subjected to hostility by the people they are invading like it would have happened had they not invaded a another nation to rape resources and steal land, and enslave people.

You might as be yelling, rotten no good slaves, we steal their land, force laws on them, tax them, and make them obey us and this is how they repay us? Barbarians.

The truth is my friend, that such huge profits were made that were passed on generation to generation, the wealth that was raped is in a few people's hands and the trail to where it rests now is in those papers.

Maybe you like a system where tyranny, and taxation are used to place all the vital resources in a few hands that then use them as leverage over the rest of the people of the earth, but a lot of us are sick of it, and your deflections in favor of just mindlessly going along with a system that robs people of dignity and freedom and the bounty of the earth are just that, deflections to that end.

You might want to improve the quality of your debates and thinking here on ATS.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by Homedawg

And they, and all the lives taken in the entire history of this horrific episode as vengance for the actions of Imperial Britain, are a drop in the ocean, a ball of spit in a globe sized sea , when compared to the lives taken and the damage inflicted by the Empire on those it enslaved, and until or unless the numbers even up, I personaly cannot feel anger over a vengeful act.

Its a reason I cannot support war as it is fought nowadays. A few thousand people die in a terror attack in the states, and all of a sudden an entire continent is set on fire, and God alone knows how many innocent civilians killed just to find the culprits. A hundred and a handful die in a terror attack in London, and the Brits join the carnage, adding to the tens of thousands (a conservative approximation) already dead.

Saying, "they did it back!!!! All is well" is quite frankly the WEAKEST defense of a nations actions that I can possibly think of ! Thats like Adolf Hitler saying " Well there was a resistance, and the Brits have given us a pounding with thier bombers... All square I reckon!". The British could have been wiped out to a man in revenge for what the Empire did to the world , and they would still have to kill a few million people to make us all square. Its only the abject poverty we created in almost all the nations we thoroughly buggered, that prevented us from being utterly destroyed in revenge.

The Imperial era of Britain is the darkest and most awful era in the history of this otherwise great nation, and an insult to its ancient past. The Celtic tribes which made this land thier home before the Roman injection of so called "civilisation" had no motivation to march across the globe with fire and steel in thier fists. I see no reason to defend the actions of the Empire, when they were based on the actions of invaders to our shores and murderers of our nations forefathers.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 09:06 AM
TrueBrit -
your comments are wonderful.

Proto -
yours make it clear to me that I'm rather a freshman.

And to both of you, a very sincere "thank you" for adding to my knowledge and depth of understanding. Your contributions, and the time you took to compose and post them, are greatly appreciated.


Now, Homedawg - do you not realize that history is still unfolding, every bloody day?
Do you think it's irrelevant that what STARTED all those hundreds of years ago is PRECISELY what got us descendants into these positions of powerlessness, disenfrachisement, and poverty?

How can you say it's not? Why did you even bother posting about this being "one of those 'who cares' threads"?

Some of us do care, and son, if there were not people studying the past and trying to apply its lessons to the present, the future would be absolutely doomed in the hands of those who are reaping what the imperialists planted that long ago.


Regarding the Romans and Celts - the Celts were actually germanic/black sea tribes originally, who were pushed out of their native soil by their neighbors. The Angles - the indigenous people of the british isles - were not strictly Celts, were they?

The Saxons and Vikings first brought all shades of trouble, and then the Romans came and subjugated them. As I understand it. Any clarifications on this, my friends, would be greatly appreciated.

My point in bringing up Rome at all is that the US/Western empire seems headed in many ways the same direction...but that's not a new (or original) analogy. It's been around for years. Isn't that right?


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