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NSA releases documents proving Alien contact

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:49 AM
Found this in my travels, looks like disclosure is getting mighty close.

NSA Document Admits ET Contact

By Kevin W. Smith 04/25/2011

On October 21, 2004, the NSA approved for release to the public a portion of their NSA Journal Vol. XIV No. 1. This is a report of a presentation given to the NSA by Dr. Howard Campaigne regarding the decoding of extraterrestrial messages that had been received “form outer space”. Apparently, these messages had actually been received via the Sputnik satellite, but no one had any idea how to decode them at the time.

Very interesting that the NSA website has gone down after just releasing 42 documents on UFO's and Alien contact.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:54 AM
Direct link to the documents :

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 06:57 AM
Holy ^*&%

If this isn't Sucha Fail or another hoax it's big!!!

Here's a link to the pdf guys

Could this be an unofficial disclosure for those interested in the subject, with a more widespread confirmation coming soon??

LOL Morbidness beat me .2 seconds
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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:01 AM
 all ready posted about ten times this was just a training exursise

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:06 AM
already proven a hoax.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:07 AM
Seems the only part worth reading is the first paragraph. Everything after that is just absolute gibberish and useless data. I'm no genius, but it looks like all that message said was "Hai guyz, we can do maths n stuff too".

Wish it was something more exciting like "Hey Earth, sup? We're just chillin' in space as per usual. Oh hey, we'll be by on such and such a date for a BBQ and beers. Sure to be good times. Well, see you then!".

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:09 AM

Originally posted by Be4sTXMoDe
already proven a hoax.

How exactly is it a hoax? The link takes you right to the NSA website.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by CouncilOfNine

search ATS before starting new threads on OLD news, PLEASE


posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:11 AM
I cant get into the site, even via the address....... from what ive heard they just added some more stuff.

At some time, unspecified in the document, Dr. Howard Campaigne and some other NSA super mathematicians in the crypto department had been given the task of decoding the messages. There were a total of 29 messages to be decoded—quite an undertaking.

It is curious, to say the least, that this document was cleared for release on October 21, 2004. Why was that? Because the NSA did not release it into public information until April 21, 2011. Though cleared for release, the NSA had been stonewalling it along with hundreds of other NSA documents about contact with UFOs and extraterrestrials until they lost the lawsuit brought by Peter Gersten, a lawyer from Arizona.

When they well and truly lost, the judge’s order had to be carried out, and the documents had to be released. Dr. Howard Campaigne's “Extraterrestrial Signals” The document, as I stated, is Dr. Campaigne’s presentation to the NSA on the decoding of those messages.

It was actually published by the NSA in their own internal NSA Journal. Yet, they were also forced to publish a list of search terms from FOIA requests for which they had found no NSA documents. In that list is “Extraterrestrial Signals”. The title of this document, which they published themselves is “Key To Extraterrestrial Messages”.

Quite obviously, they conveniently split hairs here in reporting they had no information about “Extraterrestrial Signals”. They knew for sure they had this document, and that it was about what was being requested in the FOIA request. They knew it, flaunted the technicality of wording, and continued to stonewall.

Who is Dr. Howard Campaigne?

Dr. Campaigne is one of the top cryptologists on the planet with years and years of service to Naval Security Group, Army Security Agency, National Security Agency, and a couple of other such alphabet organizations. Howard H. Campaigne started his crypto career for the government during World War II and has been a key and integral part of our U.S. security and intelligence ever since.

In other words, he is part of a very small, very select group who are considered the cream of the crop in Cryptology. Dr. Campaigne’s presentation to the NSA on decoding the extraterrestrial messages was not a hypothetical exercise. I contacted someone who is formerly associated with the NSA and still has TS clearance, and asked him to view the document.

I asked him to give me his take on it. There was no question about its authenticity since it was published in the NSA Journal, and was released by the NSA on their web site. What I wanted to know was whether this document had any particular impact or importance (other than its startling revelations) for someone familiar with the inner workings of the NSA. It did. My contact told me that he was blown away by the wording of the document. He said that NSA communications are filled with words like “possibly” , “allegedly”, and “thought to be”. He said, “This document has none of the normal NSA disclaimer words in it.

They just come out and say ‘we received messages from outer space’ and this is the way to decode those messages.” I asked, “What does that mean to you?” His reply was instant. “Disclosure, pure and simple. They aren’t making any fanfare about it, but there it is. They have just made open disclosure.”

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by Adyta

It's not a hoax, it was a training excersize document.

To the OP, did you do an ATS search??

Posted 24th Apr

Other related....

Sorry i know at first the news might seem exciting and thanks for finding it but remember to search ATS first. Especially when the news is old

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 07:54 AM
This is most interesting, the syntax is highly unusual, yet not so much as to be totally unintelligable. I find it very informitive that they would use the periodic table as a beacon for us to recognize. It is like it is asking us if we are smart enough to decode, and if so what now? Curious to know if they stopped where we did or if there are other elements on the chart that we may have missed...

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 09:04 AM
There are several active threads about this topic, as posted above, so please keep on discussing it there.

Thread closed.

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