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Is Bin Laden Supposed killing sham next step towards NWO?

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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 02:38 AM

This is my first thread here on ATS.

I like many, have been reading the constantly changing story regarding the raid in which OBL was supposedly killed. It's safe to say the majority of people in the world do not believe what we are being told. Not just the conspiracy theorists, but people who normally do not question the garbage they are fed through the MSM. I have been talking to a lot of friends and work colleagues about lots of issues over the years such as 9-11'inside job etc etc. I would say roughly 8 or 9 out of 10 think I'm mad and don't entertain me with it at all.

So, what I find really interesting is this. Why does everyone believe this conspiracy theory? The answer is easy. Because the official story of how it happened has changed so many times that it is impossible not to think something is not right about the whole thing. Now, I believe most non conspiracy theorist types would have heard the breaking news that morning which stated OBL has been killed in a raid and they would have accepted it just like they accept every other piece of news they here. At that stage, let's face it, it would mainly only be the conspiracy theory types who would smell a rat. But then, they change a bit of the story, then they change another bit and another and another.

To me, this has not been a poorly planned story, it has been deliberately orchestrated this way. I feel that what may be happening is that whoever really runs the show, whether it be the omega agency or whoever, are making this happen to blatantly expose the government as liars who clearly cannot be trusted. The end result being a NWO being introduced due to national governments being corrupt and fighting against other nations and their own people. I imagine quotes such as 'we must now have one government to bring unity to the world reaching for a common goal of peace on earth' etc etc.

Of course thing would have to get a lot worse before this could happen. It couldn't just be implemented on the back of the recent OBL lie. Other lies would have to be exposed. I wonder if 9-11 could be the one that they come out and expose as an inside job. That would be the biggest and most emotive world wide thing that could encite the people to agree to a NWO.

I feel that if this happens they will leave people like obama, w bush etc out to dry as part of the corruption that led to them having to do something. I have no ideas on when they may do this and have no info to back it up other than it is my opinion based on what i am seeing happen.

The OBL story is just TOO obvious a lie to me. Like them or not, the govt are not stupid. They specialise in how to report information to get the greatest impact and to sway opinions etc so I feel that if it is all a lie, surely they wouldn't have mucked up the story so much. They knew this would be huge. If it were me making up the story I would've planned and planned and planned. Thinking of every piece of the story I was about to release very carefully before sending it out.

Let me know what you all think.

posted on May, 7 2011 @ 02:51 AM
OBL was a concept, not a person. Whatever they were doing its done and there is a new phase to move into. I'm gettign sick of hearing about a NWO because well, no man or country is an island. so the ones who will work together have for some time.

I also feel like its people wanting to expose something, but really not much to expose. The rich elite has always controlled the world. Thats news? Not to anyone who thinks about history at all. We got it pretty good right now.

Personally I think the govt got so used to using "cover stories" that they forgot how to be a govt. They assume that media is the only ticket. Its a giant stupid pet that grew to big for its cage and now its just rediculous.

Unfortunately, its all they got.
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As far as OBL being just a cover story, it really wasn't. I hear about the Ghadaffi's family dying at the exact same time I heard about Bin Laden. How was that a cover story? I mean, I could see it now since the family's death hasn't been brought up again, but when it first came out they came out together. Then the cover story idea started. I just don't see how one covered the other during simultaneus release.
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posted on May, 7 2011 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by siren8

Forgive me but I think you've missed my point. I don't think the OBL story was a cover story to cover something up, quite the opposite. I think it was orchestrated by whoever is really in charge in order to expose the government as liars which could potentially lead them to having a vote of no confidence and leading to a NWO.


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