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guide to meditation from a Buddhist monk

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posted on May, 11 2011 @ 02:26 PM

Originally posted by dontreally
reply to post by fedeykin

How can men write the word of God, if men can't understand the truth of God?

The Torah was given by Moses who the Torah says spoke to G-d "face to face" meaning his mind was able to translate and constrict the infinite truth of the creator in the form of the Torah. Infact, the very name מֹשֶׁה (Moses) is Hashem backwards. And that of course is not a coincidence.

my mother jewish

Which you probably know makes you Jewish. Strange that you show such an antipathy to Judaism.

Can you respond to just one question? You keep hearing me talk about Hebrew. Why is it do you think i mention it? The Torah shows that G-d created the world speech "and G-d said...". The world came into beng through speech, and interestingly enough, modern string theory posits a reality of essentially vibrating strings; like the speech of G-d.

The only real reason why i attribute such importance to Judaism is this. Hebrew is something else. You cannot study this language, at Gematria and not be left completely dumbfounded. The words in this language are the very building blocks of reality. Reality is literally represented in microcosm in the Hebrew language (read Sepher Yetzirah). Also, language seems to be the thing that puts man above the animals, as Onkelos (A roman convert to Judaism who wrote the aramaic translation of the Torah) translates "and Adam became a living soul" into Aramaic as "and man became a talking being"....

Speech is creative in nature, and it this capacity which puts us into the realm of the truly divine. We are made in G-ds image and G-d has placed in us abilities similar to his own but in a limited form.

And why did G-d create man? The Ramchal (17th century kabbalist) explains that G-d wanted his glory to be known, but it could not be known without the concept of "2" , and so he created a self conscious being who could freely recognize and desire to exalt his creator. G-d wants man to know Him, and man can only know him by himself possessing a mind of his own. Paradoxically, mans freedom of will is meant to be sacrificed freely in service to the one truth. We are thus 'co-creators' in the unfolding divine drama of human history.

This is why, as great as your books are, they will never bring you to true enlightenment.

Ok...Whatever you say buddy. What is enlightenment to you? I know Tzaddiks (Jewish sages) who are constantly happy and at peace... Is this not "enlightenment"? Isnt this the Buddhist definition - the cessation of sufferring? These men seldom suffer, and there are no people which cope with sufferring the way Jews do and this is a commonly know fact. Look at what they did just 3 years after the holocaust! They founded a state! Now that is DETERMINATION.

You just unfortunately in your ignorance think very lightly about Judaism and theres no reason for you to think that. If you studied kabbalah you would understand that the concept of the 10 sefirot and 4 worlds is a remarkably cogent and clearly divinely inspired system that reflects reality in every way.... And than add the mystery of Hebrew. It doesnt even deserve to be called "mysticism", but a genuine metaphysical science.

No, happiness and peace is not the goal of Buddhism, enlightenment for all living beings is the goal of Buddhism.

I will now also switch my perspective or argumentation to a more earthly view. Jewish mysticism has no scientifically proven benefits, Buddhist practices however have plenty - everything from meditation to physical training involved in Buddhism shows scientifically provable benefits.

Which brings me to another topic: Judaism lacks one of the most important aspects of knowledge that create a good healthy life, and this is physical exercise. Almost all rabbis I know (and I have met quite a few) and most orthodox Jews I have met are fat and completely out of shape. They put a lot of emphasis on the mind and study, but completely ignore the fact that in order for your mind and spirit to be healthy, your body has to be healthy as well.

I am also aware that by Jewish rules and standards I am considered a Jew. But since I was also baptized as a child the catholic church also claims dominance over me. I reject both these religions. I am however friends with many Jews and Catholics and am in very good standing with the Jewish community where I'm from.

I also do not think lightly of Judaism, and have studied many aspects of it. But it would take a lifetime of dedicated study to understand everything, even the Rabbis I have talked to claim that no one should even begin studying the Kabbalah until they are in their 50s and in their words "are married".

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 05:33 PM

Originally posted by XxRagingxPandaxX

I was just about to post this video in this thread and seen you did, great!

I like the whole video, it is a good reminder of the foundation of Buddhist meditation. But I really like the point he makes in the beginning where he reminds us that his videos should not become a form of entertainment or attachment, but rather a guide when we need it to help our practice.

This is a similar lesson that Jiddu Krishnamurti once stated. A man seated in the front row at one of Krishnamurti's speakings raised his hand and asked a question, "What is the truth of reality" he asked. Krishnamurti looked at the man and responded, "Sir, I have seen you at nearly every speaking engagement I have done in America for the past forty years, have you not learned anything? This is not a form of entertainment, I am not an entertainer. I have gone over this question hundreds of times, have you not listened to what was said? Are you more interested in listening to merely please you senses or are you interested in seeing reality for yourself?"

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by fedeykin

Jewish mysticism has no scientifically proven benefits, Buddhist practices however have plenty - everything from meditation to physical training involved in Buddhism shows scientifically provable benefits.

That is absurd. If by "scientific benefits" you mean physical strength and vitality Judaism along with many other religions can provide that. Only difference is Kabbalah doesnt recieve 1/20th the attention that Buddhist meditation does. If this is your basis for disregarding my claims, it is pretty weak.

Also, and you continue to ignore this: Hebrew is regarded as the language of creation. Is that not the epitome of science? Buddhism can make no similar claim. Ive somewhat looked into Sanskrit and it is no more "mystical" than Greek or Arabic. Hebrew stands alone and study of gematria proves that.

They put a lot of emphasis on the mind and study, but completely ignore the fact that in order for your mind and spirit to be healthy, your body has to be healthy as well.

First, dont generalize. Are there overweight orthodox Jews? Yes. Does that mean they dont exercise? No. Most Orthodox Jews dont own cars so walk whenever they need to go somewhere. But in anycase i know many Rabbis who are involved in martial arts, or who jog every morning...This is a basic TENET of Maimonidean healthcare. So if there are Rabbis who are 'overweight' they arent following Maimonides guide to how to live healthily. Its truly amazing what this giant of a sage knew over 800 years ago, and indeed was Saladins personal physician. He taught that one should eat his food slowly and make sure he chews thoroughly; we now know that digestion begins in the mouth. He also taught that one should get 8 hours of sleep a night - what todays doctors recommend. He taught that one should eat lighter foods first, like greens or grains, and than eat the meat they might be eating after, in order to aid digestion. He also recommended that one drink before or after meals, but not during. Modern nutrition agrees with this aswell, as the stomach releases enzymes during digestion of solids but when liquids are mixed in it dilutes the enzymes and compromises proper digestion.

even the Rabbis I have talked to claim that no one should even begin studying the Kabbalah until they are in their 50s and in their words "are married".

Youre probably talking to non-chassidic rabbis. I agree that being married and settled in life aids ones study of Kabbalah, but it is by no means "obligatory". First, many Jews study Kabbalah as soon as they become old enough to appreciate its logic. Though, there are warnings that one should wait till hes married and established before he engages the MEDITATIVE aspect of kabbalah; but that doesnt prevent one from studying the theoretical or delving into the esoteric wisdom of the Torah and Prophets/Writings.

It also doesnt take a "lifetime". Ive been studying kabbalah for only 6 years and i have amassed a great deal of knowldge, but of course i still have so much more to learn.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 07:53 PM
this monk! is good in what he says.
I like the breath meditation best.

Give you a tip.
keep away from “New Kadampa Tradition Buddhism“
it only seems that it is Buddhism.
they are a cult and take your money.
they Only use teachings from there Buddha
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
who is a Buddha?
they only take there teachings from him.
and sell it in lots of books. lots and lots.
so they have rewritten the teachings of Buddha?
they have hurt people I know.
I spend a year helping them and doing a lot of work for them.
I found Buddhist monks who tech for free
and never make you pay for any thing.
That is true Buddhists.

posted on May, 11 2011 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by LifeIsEnergy

Just want to say thanks for that brilliant post, especially this part:

1. You have no independent self, that is an illusion. Your mind (beliefs, opinions, emotions...) is like water, it is shaped by its surrounding environment. Sure you have an instinctual drive that underlies the mind, but that too was created and shaped by your surrounding environment. We, as in the mind and body, are mere reflections of our surroundings, thus we are not independent of them. You and me may appear (to the unenlightened mind) to have different characteristics but we both share the same qualities of the mind and body, maybe on different levels or at different times due to environmental circumstances. We both share the feelings of anger, joy, envy, love, hatred, serenity... We both share the desire's of sex, survival, freedom, happiness...

I've never seen this concept presented in such a logical fashion.

And thanks for the vids OP, I'll be getting through them.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 05:50 AM
Love the videos! Just wondering if OP is familiar with Lobasng Rampa books & your opinion of them.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 06:25 AM
double post sorry

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posted on May, 16 2011 @ 06:47 AM
Meditation was an art BEFORE Buddha or even the TORAH was first written.

It was practised by Humans in early Shamanism.

To try and bring the DUALISTIC and usually MONOTHEISTIC and my god is right yours is wrong, my meditation is right yours is wrong from either side proves one thing no matter what has been stated to experiences to the contrary......

You have never had a full meditative experience.....

Should expand the goal of all meditation can be deined as 2 things

1. Concentration on an object or feeling prayer to exclsuioon of all else

2. To become the "Observer" as such of yourself which then leads to the experience eventually the observed and observer are one.

Mediatation leads to NON DUALISM if done properly.

You become one with the object of meditation such as an icon, cross tree of life, lotus, mantra, sacred talmud etc etc visualisation, or through the other method realise the illusion of "this and That" me and the observed when watching your mind in a passive but alert focused way with no object of concentration... the veil drops and there is no seperate observer and observed, further on then oneness with all is eventaully found.

DUALISM if used as an posit or argument for a system of meditation and spiritual practise being preferable or better than another path in its very nature is like fire saying it knows the nature of water.

The Spoon can never know the taste of soup as such.

Moses may have become enlightened maybe from some of the records and signs about him.

Jesus certainly seems to have done so.

Buddha as well.

I have met and been very moved when younger by an representative of one of the nations of American Indians a real "Shaman/Medicine Man" I saw him heal actually truley, he was very very very clairvoyant and pyschic he certainly seemed enlightened maybe he was, he walked the walk certainly and many strange things happened around him.

I have met many Rinpoches had audiences with some of them, had teachings from others etc etc plkease people when looking at Buddhism dont get into the NIHILISM claims by some until you research and understand (intellectually) "emptiness"

I can say as an long term practitioner that the guidance for mediation here on the OP's videos is correct.

But is it the only way? nope just as some like indian food some italian etc each person has differant tastes and some paths are more suited for each of us.

Take the teachings teaching that comes from a place of NONDUALISM that does not say its the only way from a teacher who does NOT knock other paths!

To back up my prmise I personally find Buddhism the best practice and source for meditation advise as there is a lot of experience and records teachings on it, it is very refined and part of that path it suits me but true meditation in the sense I am talking about from other paths can be found below:

Jewish Meditation

GENUINE Jewish Meditation Practitioners

Christian Meditation

Hindu meditation but has links for all types

Find what you feel comfortable with like, be wary of teachers make sure they walk the walk and are non dual and non political within their community you will then be on your journey home, same destination differant paths some maps are better or detailed than others.

Kind Regards


posted on May, 16 2011 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by dontreally
reply to post by XxRagingxPandaxX
G-d exists. And his word is the Torah.

Exclusively? I've heard some dudes say the Bible is god´s word, and some other yet that speaks the same of the Quran. How is what you say any different?

posted on Jun, 29 2011 @ 04:26 PM

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