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Trying to understand dreams. 1 has partly came true already.

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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 03:03 PM
I had originally posted my first dream here in another users thread and it partly came true. The old friend I was supposed to warn had their parents house destroyed by a tornado on that date, but like you'll see I'm not claiming I "called it". The full excerpt of that dream will be posted below after my new dream.

The latest dream had me arguing with my ex-girlfriend. We've been split up for about a week. I live in Southwest Indiana. Where the dream was supposed to take place I do not know. What I do know is that in the dream it was an overcast day and we argued at a boat ramp and she left with some of her closest friends. We are all from or currently living in the Wabash Valley seismic zone However, the man driving the boat was older than us (we are late 20s and he was in his 50s or 60s) with a mustache and wearing sunglasses and I've never seen him before. Kind of odd I thought as it was a pretty overcast day for shades and this unknown man looked jolly, but never spoke.

They leave the dock and start to head what I feel was upriver. This was a pretty narrow piece of water. Then for some reason the boat turns around and they pass by the boat ramp/dock going downstream. Exactly as they fade from my view the sky grew slightly darker but the clouds above kind of connected to one cloud than immediately formed a tornado over the water.

Now I run into this convenience store by where this is all taking place and my dad is trying to talk to me. Only this version of my dad is from back before I was born. He was young and resembled how he looked in his late 20s/early 30s in old family photos. This is kind of unsettling in terms of precognitive dreaming. So is my ex and her friends choosing one of two paths of a passage of water and then turning around. From what I understand there are two paths you can take in old ferrymen of Hades stories.

The dream finished with yelling to my dad to get to shelter in the store bathroom and I ran, but he didn't follow. Then I woke up. Any help dissecting this dream would be greatly appreciated. Now below is from my original dream:

Originally posted by AlexKintner
reply to post by Phantomfire707

I posted in your original thread. Now the time frame is entering the window of my dreams. That is what originally alarmed me about your thread. Border(s)...possibly something from BC to Mexico along the Pacific Rim of the West Coast. I can't shake that feeling. Although over the past couple days my dreams seem to be pointing to something more local and I do technically live on the KY/IN border. I'm in Southwestern Indiana right on the edge of the Ohio river. Maybe a 6-7 quake at the New Madrid Fault on top of the guaranteed flooding...The safe bet would be tornado, but nothing personally has pointed to it. So even if there were one near me I wouldn't try to spin the meaning of my dream into "calling it" here.

My initial dream was for 24-26 of this month. Then later one was warning a local friend/news employee the 25th. They didn't take me seriously, so maybe neither should you. Also, can anyone point me to some information on a word called "ranjha"? Not really getting any help from Wiki.

There's also personal numerology that ties it together for me. Hopefully I've just been using ATS and watching too many conspiracy vids before bed.

Just had to get it out since I can't really confide in friends or family about this w/o being branded a kook (maybe I am). This is why I like that some make predictions or share their dreams here. Some of us don't really have anyone else to confidently share these things with and many here respect respect that we don't really want these dreams to come true.
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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 03:29 PM
I should also add that I did not get the feeling I was supposed to warn of the 25th of April. Rather start warning on that date and I always felt in the initial dream that I was following an order to warn and went to her apartment knowing I she would not listen. Kind of like "she won't listen now, but that will change".

Of course I was too afraid to actually warn this person in real life. One other thing that struck me as odd was that when she did not listen I started breaking picture frames in the apartment I was in and the dream was choppy. It just cut from one scene to the next with no real fluidity and the reason I asked about the word Ranjha was that in my first dream that name flashed real quick in the dream before I woke up.


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