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Meanwhile with N.Korea, Pakistan and India...

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posted on Mar, 26 2003 @ 09:03 AM
The last couple of weeks have seen a marked increase in violence in Kashmir with many bombings and killings, coupled with many people fleeing the region causing the shut down of some flights.

This weekÖ

24 Hindu villagers were killed on Monday in Kashmir; the culprits apparently remain unknown.

Today, six were killed when a bomb hidden in a tanker exploded
in the winter capital Jammu.

Pakistan and Indiaís response of test firing short-range nuclear capable missiles has been less than encouragingÖ

ìPakistan said it had informed India about its launch but that it was taken by surprise by the Indian test-firing.î

North Korea has ëwarnedí Japan over itís planned launch of a spy satellite tomorrow.

ìNorth Korea has told Japan it will "self-destruct" if it proceeds with tomorrow's launch of spy satellites primarily designed to monitor the communist state.
In a move that increased tension in the Korean nuclear crisis, North Korea issued a statement warning Japan to be "clearly mindful of the consequences" of supporting what it said were United States plans to attack the Stalinist regime.î

Whilst at the same time announcing that it is breaking off itís only remaining military contact with the U.S in protest at the ëwar gamesí in the south.

Weíre all pretty much focused on Iraq right now, but there are still plenty of ongoing signs that this could get a lot hairierÖ

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