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Creating Writing Or Free Verse Poetry

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posted on May, 6 2011 @ 09:42 AM
whatsup yall, I was wondering if you had any creative writing or free verse poetry inspirations, also any kind of poem would be cool...I thought this one to be funny.

To become a real leprechaun,
and have a pot of gold.
To be able to enjoy the music,
and not be left out in the cold.

Their life of enjoyment,
can be seen in their face.
To be a living leprechaun,
is something I can embrace.

Their little deeds of mischief,
and the matching of their wit.
And a toast of Irish whiskey,
to make it all seem legit.

I'd love to be a leprechaun,
So life could be a treasure.
I know that I would love this,
beyond any kind of measure.

To be a living leprechaun,
is something of what I dream.
For if I could really become one,
I would be, held in high esteem.

-Bernard Howe


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