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UberL33t - 97 X Interview - My Rebuttal

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:08 PM
To begin,

I would first like to repeat, that if one has not read IN FULL how this all transpired from the beginning then the potential of one forming a negative opinion is going to be higher. Being presumptuous, I will assume that everyone commenting is fully aware of the events as they transpired from start to finish. Either way I will pull key points from within threads, emails, and conversations I have had along the way in an attempt to perhaps make the ordeal and how it all transpired as crystal clear as possible.

It is not my goal to try and sway your overall opinion of me, how I performed, or any other view you may have. You own it and I do not care to take it away from you. My goal, is to merely give my version of how I feel it all went down, it is yours to process as you please.

To start this rebuttal off, I want to post the last two emails that I sent that I have yet to make you privy to. The replies to which are included. The "replies" that I have received from this throughout are very relevant to the opinion a handful of you are forming in that they were virtually nonexistent, please keep that in mind.

First email:

RE: 7:30 Am Interview - Will be Global

Reply ▼Boy 97 X
To You, Fisher, Chris (CMG-Tampa), Belusky, Danielle (CMG-Tampa)

Wow. Thanks for all the traffic. I will alert IT so they can prepare.
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 7:28 PM
To: Fisher, Chris (CMG-Tampa); Seth (CMG-Tampa); Belusky, Danielle (CMG-Tampa)
Subject: 7:30 Am Interview - Will be Global

Hello Again,

I posted this thread on in regards to our scheduled interview at 7:30 AM:

I wanted to email you to convey that this interview will have a Global Listener-ship. I posted this thread @ 6:35 pm today. Already there will be 2 listeners in Australia and 1 in Ireland as well as other parts of the US but I foresee this growing throughout the night. Being that ATS has such a wide membership and being that my background is in technology, I wanted to prepare you.

More so, your IT department, for the simple fact that the potential traffic to your website during tomorrow's show will be spiked. I foresee a lot of my fellow members listening in, in that respect, I want to be sure that the website can handle the traffic and to make you aware that your audience is going to more than just the Tampa Bay area listeners. On that note I look forward to the interview


Second Email:

RE: 7:30 Am Interview - Will be Global‏

4:51 AM
Reply ▼Fisher 97 X

I’m looking forward to it as well… Talk to you in a few hours!


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 9:16 PM
To: Seth (CMG-Tampa); Fisher, Chris (CMG-Tampa); Belusky, Danielle (CMG-Tampa)
Subject: RE: 7:30 Am Interview - Will be Global

I have been instructed by the Admin of ATS to make it known that I am in no way a "representative" of the site. I am allowed to however state that I am a member and that my point of view is in general to the content therein. I would like to however throw a shout out somewhere in the interview with a small description of what the site entails. " is a website with a global membership base full of brilliant minds discussing and debating alternative news topics and events"...something along those lines if I may be provided the opportunity.

My overall goal however, without knowing what the format of the interview is going to entail, is to convey to people that conspiracy people are not the stereotypical "nuts" that the MSM makes them out to be. Fisher's skepticism is intriguing, so I have a few points that I want to convey that will perhaps at least open his mind to the possibility that everything is not what it seems. However, I realize each of your positions as the "talent" of the show and will respect that accordingly. Again, I look forward to it.


Those two replies, in addition to the call I made inquiring to confirm whether I was in fact the purpose for all the calls the show received in regards to the original email which contained this specific statement in regards to OBL.

The original thread this all stemmed from is this one:

Calling all ATS Osama Dead huh? What are they breaking the news to hide? Let's start digging please

I'll quote the OP:

This is how they do it we all know this. This is a blatant MSM wool over the eyes type of an announcement. It's time to peruse the interwebz with a fine tooth comb. I have a huge suspicion that there is something that is occurring or about to. Let's turn our vigilance dials up a notch and look out for news that is getting put by the wayside. I suggest you pick your favorite topic on ATS and go digging for news to see if anything stands out.

Collectively we have a better chance of stumbling upon what they may or may not be attempting to cover up than we do individually.

This seems entirely too convenient right now....senses are tingling strong on this one. I wouldn't post this if I didn't feel strongly about it.

Let's hit the ground running ATS and start digging!!

I implore anyone to quote me saying anything of the sort in any communications that I had with the Radio Station at any point during this ordeal in regards to having Super Secret Knowledge of a conspiracy. I would like anyone to make me aware of how THAT thread, or the OP in any way suggests that I had some Super Secret Knowledge to share with the world in regards to any specifics whatsoever. From the get go, this started from what I felt had the potential to be a conspiracy with the announcement of the death of OBL and by the response in that original thread other people seemingly agreed.

So please tell me how, THIS, from the original email to their morning show crew....

I’d like you to check out my view of the topic you had on this morning about Osama’s death on a free Alternative News Website that I have been a member of for awhile.

(emphasis added by me for clarity in this post).

....turned into this?

'UberL33t' tries to tell Fisher and Seth about his Osama conspiracy theory - but he can't seem to find the words.

That looks rather clear to me, "my view of the topic" which was conveyed as the mere conspiracy aspect of the OBL story, NOT details regarding any facts to an alleged conspiracy itself!!! Is that not clear there?

THIS, was never the intent. I do not, nor have I ever claimed to be privy to any facts that would support this claim. If I did, I would effectively label myself as a "Conspiracy Factualist".

So the originating email stemmed the following thread based off the events that transpired on the show and all the calls they received the day after. From that, I was inspired to create this thread titled:

Success at Getting "Our" ATS Voice into the MSM - OBL Conspiracy - (99.6% positive, you decide)

Here is a snippet from the OP that I think also conveys my intent and never once mentions any Super Secret Knowledge in regards to an alleged conspiracy based on the announcement of OBL's death. If so, please point it out.

97 X, a Local Tampa Bay area New Rock Station, on a talk mixed with music show called (The Morning X). They devote a portion of the show to a listener call-in segment where local listeners can "weigh-in" on a variety of different topics and current events going on in the local area as well as the world. This particular morning (May 02, 2011) the show had Listeners weigh-in on the death of Osama bin Laden.

Based on the thread I started the night before, I SOOOOOO wanted to call and "weigh-in" with my view more than any other topic that they have ever had on before (usually the topics are about a lot of Hollywood blah blah). However, my commute to work takes all but 5 minutes so I am only able to catch very little of the show on any given day and more hope I catch it during the time they are playing music anyway. That and it's always busy no matter the topic at hand, but I knew this topic would not thwart me a chance to make it on the show due to it's popularity and the fact that it broke only hours previously, not to mention I had so much to say and inherently knew I would only probably be given so much time if I did happen to make it on.

But, my view and my passion for what makes this site so great were strong on this topic and I wanted to get "our" voice heard somehow....

So I thought to myself "I am not going to stop with just ATS". This was, in my opinion, too blatant of a potential conspiracy and I felt my...more..."OUR" voice needed to be heard in that regard, if only in my local area. So in response to that segment of the Morning Show I sent the following email to the "talent" later that evening due to the inability to actually call in, effectively, this way seemingly allowed me a much louder and robust voice, if only speculatively at this point with a 99.6% assurance, but I'll let you be the judge.

Which is referencing the first email.

From the response the original thread received I felt driven to perhaps include what I felt "our" ATS voice, from within that thread was attempting to elude to which was, there are people out there that do not but the story they are being fed by the Media and more so the government. I used OBL's death as it was breaking news and regardless of the conspiracy version that any one person believes, my goal was to use this story as a reference to why conspiracy theorists have some of the views they do. In attempt to shed some light on the "everything is not always as it seems" argument based on my and other posters view in that thread.

Of which, my mindset was based off of the mockery that they made of the multiple listeners that called into the show that by the end of it were for all intents and purposes labeled as "nuts". Therein lay the gumption to try and provide the "talent" with "my view" of why I feel certain people have these convictions when it comes to being a conspiracy theorist as well as the drive to seek out answers when true facts have allegedly been manipulated and then regurgitated to effectively reveal a story that is, well bullocks.

So let's review shall we?

As far as communication with the "talent", there was the call to find out if the segment the day prior was in fact due to my emails which I never got to ask mind you, but the response solidified that nevertheless. This is a quote from the OP of the thread that I am now writing a rebuttal to:

I have a Radio Interview @ 7:30 AM 05/5/2011 "Our ATS Voice - OBL" on 97 X Tampa, FL Please Listen

I can confirm that the second link, is in fact 100%. I found this out by calling into the show this morning during an off-peak time because I wanted to know if I was the reason for all the fuss (for lack of a better term) and was able to get Danielle (Show Producer) on the line, this is the conversation that ensued:

" this Danielle?" she said "yes" I said "Hi Danielle this is UberL33t" ...there was a slight pause ..she said "OH...ummm hold on" ...she came back to the line after a few seconds and asked "can you do an On-Air interview at 7:30 am tomorrow" which I replied "yes" in so many words. I tried to dig for what the line of questioning would be like but her reply was not very forthcoming ...she said "I don't know, that will be up to Fisher to decide".

I was instructed to call in @ 7:30 am tomorrow 05/05/2011, however i am not sure whether this will be Live, or something they will record, edit, and play back. As it sounds, it is going to be Live as the show is not normally prerecorded and they usually broadcast Live.

If you have followed these threads at all, then you know why they want to interview me. I have expectations for how it's going to go and have prepared for these expectations. The overall gist is that conspiracy theorists are "coo-coo". So I plan to school not only the talent in this event, but the general public as well. Any way it happens to go, I am rather quick on my feet so I will handle it in a tactful manner regardless, rest assured.

Add this communication to the two emails posted in the beginning of this thread, and that was it.
I was FULLY prepared to engage the topic of what I presumed the interview was going to consist of. If you listened, I tried to start off in that direction. Keep this in mind, they dropped the "UberL33t, is on the line to tell us his theory on why he thinks the Osama Bin Laden death is a conspiracy" (pardon me if I didn't directly quote that). Now mind you, I had only awoken 30 minutes prior (not using that as an excuse, but to the genius that replied in the Interview thread and suggested I partake in the use of illegal narcotics is why I felt the need to justify that portion, naming no names of course).

So when I heard Fisher say that, in my head I was like "wait wtf?" that's not why I am being interviewed dude. Seconds after hearing that, I thought, no worries, I have all this positive energy behind me and plenty of people listening that are on my side I will just do my best to adapt and overcome and hope that I don't totally get put through the ringer.

Well we are all now aware of the outcome of the interview.

In Conclusion

First, my sincerest apologies to anyone that felt I misrepresented or otherwise disrespected "their" voice or "ATS's voice" as a collective. This was not the intent I assure you!! From the start, my intent was to merely convey why I and others consider certain things to be a conspiracy. To the ones saying that I wasn't ambushed, I ask you to give that a second thought after this rebuttal.

I admit, I was immensely nervous and as GEL has so graciously mentioned multiple times, attempt it yourself, it's not a cake walk. The psychology behind it of knowing that THAT many people are listening to you, is not an easy feeling to overcome" As I stated in a post in the Interview thread I have been on ATS Live in one of the earlier broadcasts on the topic of EVP's and some recordings I received. I was nervous and stammered there as well. Although I was met with a much more jovial response regardless of the skepticism of some of the listeners. Even when I was on-the-air with folks that are of the same caliber so to speak it was absolutely nerve wracking.

All in all, to me they (the 97 X talent) are the ones who lost here. Whether their attempt was to try and gain specific information out of me in regards to details surrounding the OBL story, or just to make me look like a "nut" it holds no relevance in my mind. I know that I am rational, lucid, and otherwise a normal individual as it is. This "ordeal" won't change that. I am choosing to indeed chalk this up to a learning experience and take the advice of the ones that said "choose your battles". The lack of communication throughout should have been my first clue, but I decided to give this Morning Show, more the "talent" the benefit of the doubt that they were truly interested in what makes a conspiracy theorist tick in so many words.

As far as preparation is concerned, I DID prepare for what I thought the Interview was going to entail. I wrote out each section of my personal views (and what I assumed were others based on the original "let's start digging" thread, hence the "Our ATS voice" portion) and planned to paraphrase if time was an issue. The "bullet points" as some had suggested were in my head as well as in front of me on the screen. I posted this in the Interview thread but would also like to post it as the second post in this thread just in case it was missed. Additionally, understand that this is MY opinion, and only what I feel others opinions MAY be as fellow members who follow and discuss similar topics on this website.

I would also feel remiss if I didn't mention that fact that I am still a bit perplexed at why my ISP suddenly took a dump seconds before the show started thus eliminating me recording it Live as it happened.

To ease those of you who have already labeled me "coo-coo". I have chalked this up to mere coincidence at this point, none the less, the coincidence of it, does in fact make my instincts tingle. Make what you will of that.

On a personal note, I would like to wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you that have supported me throughout this ordeal. I feel truly honored to have so many members, and I would go as far as to say friends, that gave their unwavering support. To the Administration & Staff, I did manage to get a plug in for so if there is one positive to this, it is that, regardless of the end result and the "public's" personal view of me. I can deal with the ridicule for my tough exterior that is fueled by positive thinking allows the negativity to slide right off.

edit on 5/5/2011 by UberL33t because:

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:08 PM

My own depiction of a Conspiracy Theorist. For perspective, look at most people's normal day to day life. People generally try to do everything in their power to keep their life routine and free of turmoil and drama. I am sure there is not one person out there that hasn't told a little white lie in order to effectively keep negativity from entering the routine. People do a multitude of things that some may even consider to be controversial in order to maintain a balanced existence. Now expand that concept to the US Government's responsibility to maintain the same "as stress free of an existence" as possible. All of the above applies.

Anyone that has ever suspected a person of lying is for all intents and purposes a conspiracy theorist. Most times this is instinct driven, you just know they're lying. But to confirm that you research and question to solidify that instinct most times hoping that you are wrong, some cases you are some you are not.

The death of Osama Bin Laden, was a perfect example of this. In the conspiracy world this is often referred to as a "False Flag" in that an event was created "Wag the Dog" as you said. Why, What, and When it was released was done so in order to keep something hidden from the public as to what the right hand is doing while the left hand killed Osama is anyone's guess at this point and admittedly speculation. None the less, my instincts usually do not steer me wrong, it is the individual that chooses to hide behind the veil versus the individual that chooses to try and remove the veil.

It boils down to complacency, which is the ultimate goal in furthering whatever the main agenda is whether it be to maintain order, or worse, to hide a more sinister agenda. Either way, they have many tools at their disposal, mainly the MSM. However there are other forms and means to deliver disinformation and propaganda. However, apparently they are weak on their game. I am losing count of how many times the story is changing now.

The Internet, and the speed at which information flows is making it difficult for our Government as well as other
Governments in the world to keep their alleged tactics covered up. Just take a look at all the latest protests and uprisings that are occurring in these dictator regimes in the Middle East. By having a collective voice, the ones that choose to speak out based on their instincts as one collective voice are becoming strong and "We the people" of this Planet are not so easily fooled these days. The ones that choose to be fooled, prefer the complacency over the actual truth, it's a comfort zone.

TPTB do not have enough faith in humanity in that we can absolutely handle the truth, about everything. Sure there may be a transitional phase that borders on chaos, but we are a prevailing species capable of the most awesome accomplishments and would eventually evolve to accept whatever the "truth" may actually be. Is the overall agenda that magnificent that we'll all keel over if we're made privy to it.

Or is it that TPTB are well aware that the "show" is built on corruption and if people were made known to the truth, the people would not stand for it and thus remove the corruption on their own accord?

The power of the people is who they really fear which is why they do what they do and why Conspiracy Theorists are ultimately labeled with the stereotypical nonsensical labels they are, most predominately is "nuts". This in turn adds to the illusion of complacency in an effort to maintain order. However, it begs the question, why would "TPTB" go to such lengths to create such elaborate diversionary tactics if the effort was merely to maintain order? Instinctively, this leads me to believe that there indeed a darker and more complex agenda being kept under wraps and all stops will be pulled to protect that agenda as some prevalent episodes in our history could very well account for. What that agenda is, is the ultimate question to this conspiracy theorist.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:13 PM
No offense but I think you need to give this a rest man. I even went to the comments section on their page and, lo and behold, three of the four comments were from you, TWO of them from after your interview. Lick your wounds and live to fight another day.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:13 PM
I'm going to have a nice read, very interested in it. Not sure about beliefs however we'll see. I personally appreciate someone doing someone for someone other than themselves.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by MentalPriapism

Based on the responses to the interview in that thread. I felt a rebuttal was necessary. I've washed my hands of the 97 X guys. This is more for ATS. However, thank you, even though I know there is no way you could have read that that fast.


posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:16 PM
Everything with you is me me me me me. Don't take it personal. It is just my opinion. I have been following this from the beginning, and I now see that I shouldn't have wasted my time. You really like being the center of attention don't you?

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:19 PM
Yeah no I did not read your entire post, you are correct, but I HAVE read all of the letters you have posted and your comments on their site. It just seems to me like at this point maybe saying nothing is better than regurgitating your argument again, but I say this to PROTECT you and not to kick a man when he is down.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by UberL33t

I wouldn't feel too horrible about it. I have had a real FML moment on TV before. Not real cool, but you learn from it. It is a whole hell of a lot harder to explain yourself when you are on the spot.

I think if anything you should try to appeal to them for you to actually come into the booth. You can get materials prepped ( handouts etc. ) and be more prepared, literally and mentally. Like I said, I live in the area and would be happy to help.

If not, hey - at least you tried to do something constructive.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by illuminatitanimulli

Who doesn't? I assure you, it's nothing to do with ego. It's to do with my willingness to voice what "I" feel needs to be voiced. You have every right to not be a part of what "I" am doing or trying to convey. Correct?


posted on May, 5 2011 @ 07:22 PM
Please add to your existing thread.



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