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Steve Piecenick: Real-life “Invisible Man” Top gobalist intel Mastermind Best BS agent I’ve he

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 04:51 PM
Steve Piecenick: Real-life “Invisible Man” Top gobalist intel Mastermind Best BS agent I’ve heard

Anyone who is a CFR member and high-level intelligence operative who admires Bush Sr “immensely” and calls him a “hero” is DEFINITLY an insider.

His assignment is clear: to steer the blame for 911 primarily towards the neocons (led by Bush Jr, Cheney and Rumsfield) current Obama administration, certain federal agencies (FEMA) and the military industrial complex… all these are just a few tentacles of the NWO apparatus (Creature) while obscuring the head of the creature (banking families and European Royalty) who operate through the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and all western controlled intelligence agencies.

He doesn’t fear for his life because he’s a CFR member current top-level intelligence operative (Not former… there is no such thing as a former top level intelligence operative… only current or dead). Normally this guy plans government intelligence psyop operations at the highest level but now because the establishment is desperate their top psyop creator (BS Master) is working directly on the ground, in the field to infiltrate and redirect the tip of the grassroots infowarriors (Infowar) as a last resort fallback position because they believe they may no longer be able to contain the 911 conspiracy.

He says he’s a private entrepreneur…. If he was the powers in control would have taken him out through the IRS a long time ago?

He says neocons were not allowed under the Bush Sr administration… total crap!

He wants to partially let the CIA off the hook by saying it’s now 80% run by private mercenaries. More Crap… The CIA has always been a privately run intelligence apparatus used in conjunction with all the other intelligence agencies (MI6, CSIS, ISI, Mossad etc) by the NWO to take down nations from within including the United States and to carry out false flag terrorist attacks around the world and move towards world government.

He’s says Bush Sr “criticized” his own son. What a load of crap. Bush Jr ran nothing and Bush Sr knew that because he also ran nothing… only followed orders.

He’s saying that the psyop operation against the American public began with Bush Jr… more crap.

What surprises me is that the Jones gang knows the history of Bush Sr and they’re not even challenging him in this regard. Do they refuse to challenge him because they feel that partial truth coming out from such a high level “former” insider is worth the risk of deceiving some of their audience, or is it more for ratings????

Bottom line: Steve Piecenick, The real-life “Invisible Man” Top gobalist intel Mastermind and agent who is one of the best BS artists I’ve heard in a long time.

He has this hatred for Admiral Mullen, one of the few to directly oppose Israel and US war hawks regarding military action against Iran while under the command of the war monger Cheney and the neocons?

And later in 2010

And he may have single-handedly prevented war with Iran and WWIII.

Calls General Patraeus a “Great general.” Isn’t he the general who led the attack under the neocons into Baghdad in 2003 and in 2004 and was responsible for training and equipping Iraq’s army and police, and for all his great service to the neocons was promoted by Bush Jr in 2007 to become the commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq? And even though he says he’s against torture, wasn’t all this torture going on over there under his watch?

Interesting that in this thread

There’s little mention strongly addressing the concerns about this guy except here:

Maybe one or two others that I missed

And some deflection to the ole Zionist conspiracy (Those “Jews” again….another tentacle) here:

I’m not surprised because I believe this well managed, state-of-the-art forum is run by intelligence. And I’m thankful to them for providing loner-nobodies of the world like me a voice.

According to this article posted in the mentioned thread he admitted to being part of the murder of an Italian Prime minister:

Shouldn’t he be taken into custody and charged with conspiracy to murder a former head of state? Since when is it legal to murder a Prime Minister?

In his own words regarding his profession of psyop… he’s “really professional.” Infowars…. you’re being psyoped.

This could either be a redirection or reflection of blame for 911 or there’s a rift being created between the privately run intelligence apparatus and certain elements within the military.

Looks like TPTB may have a fall plan and this thread lends support to that psyop

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 05:13 PM
Interesting point of view. The whole Osama operation and Pieczenic's claims are suspicious. He admits to being an insider and reminds me of Leo Zagami in that aspect but his motives are still hard to determine. What is certain is that he is used to "crisis management" situations and psyops and his "coming out" could be a reverse psychology move.

He would be silenced if he was a threat to any power group and from what I can tell he doesn't really provide any hard evidence or expose any specific people with the intention to bring them to justice.

He also worked as a negotiator with many successful hostage situations. My best guess is that he is just a controlled opposition mixing facts with lies to distract people and confuse those who are close to any important truths or information.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by Longdead33
My best guess is that he is just a controlled opposition mixing facts with lies to distract people and confuse those who are close to any important truths or information.

Why is it that so few on this conspiracy theory forum explore this angle? Surely someone who worships Bush Sr, son of Nazi collaborator Prescott, Mr NWO himself

and suspected pedophile

should raise eyebrows.

This love for Bush Sr along with a lot of other inconsistencies should ring alarm bells.

I also find it strange that he goes on the Jones show 3 times in a row and I heard not a single challenge regarding any of his statements.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by soleprobe

What if he's just the face of psyops agents. As in he's the face they see but you never get to see the real agents.

There's more than one NWO. There's been a shift in the NWO or there was, There are two sides to it, one side is aiming for world Peace and one is aiming for power. Both sides believe that a single world government is the best thing for Earth. It'd be easier to control things like African revolutions and piracy. Its difficult though because the bulk of metals and empty land is in Africa. And they are fighting for power and little else. But we can't just declare war or that would most likely end in WW3. Yet it seems that Africa is trying to declare war on the rest of the world. I'm curious if the other side are trying to get Africa to start the war for them. Its just a theory but still.

Interestingly its not the governments in most cases but the people that sponsor the governments; Which is why America is in such disarray in my opinion. I'm worried that South Africa is going to kick things off soon. Which is why I'm trying to get out. Africa is in for a rude awakening but then again with all the metals and access to oil and farms..

If Africa explodes and Russia steps in we'll have WW3. My main concern.

Its hard to release information because of the scepticism. Mainly why there was silence after that release.
I assume there was some sort of revolution or a coo! What if that was a tester to see how the public would respond to real world news.

Most importantly any NWO is bound to the masses and America's past indifference has sickened me. Granted that America took its first step in world Unity with the election of Obama but there is chaos regardless.
If you look through history you'll see that America is non-sustainable. As a country you cannot support your own supply and demand. Not to mention the Dollar bill fix from the opposition side of the NWO.

I'm proud that Obama and Bush Jr. managed to get that publicized. Shows how long they've been pulling the strings.

In the modern age its obvious how much power you all have as individuals. You can see it everyday in music (great thing to invest in as far as stock exchange goes) and the movies tell you as much as they can. You might have seen the prototype AI in "From Paris with Love" you know the bot that drove the car with satellite guidence.

It'd be interesting to watch those movies and consider that the special effects are a hint at what is possible and active in todays technology. They invented the invisibility suit back in 2004 or so. Or at least they released some details on the suit. Its telling, mainly when they release a video to show you that something has been invented. Its only after they secure a contract or when they are looking for a new one.

I'm certain that AI technology is already in effect in the private/government sectors, its the public sector that don't know much about it. I could go on but I'd be getting off topic.

The point is its up to the people to unite beyond a banner. You need more than a banner like Obama, you all need your own banner your own identity to stand by. It is the thing that makes you who you are. If you chose to just live your life and not question the government and their antics you'll be missing out on the war. And it is a war, you are fighting for your freedoms; for your individuality and for the possiblities of the future. You can do almost anything. And if you are a sceptic you can do anything. ;p

The truth is earned! And at a cost, you can be weak yet invisible of self and soul; yet if you are meek there is little hope for you. I beseech you to stand up and fight for yourself as an individual before we are fighting for basic survival and nothing else as so many Africans are. Sadly the people giving the orders are only after their own piece of the pie. It is a nightmare waiting to happen if we don't stand up for what we believe in. Stand together for there are many who believe what you believe.

To any willing to try this, I'd suggest going onto as many forums as you can and researching current world matters to assertain your own opinions. Fnid out, judge for yourselves and gather support.

Once you've done that start a charity with a specific goal in mind. Then I'd suggest getting into the stock market as thats where it all happens. Thats where the NWO makes the world. On online forums you can find people with specific dreams and if you chose to sponsor then and follow through with it (a lot of hard work and requires a large team) you can do anything. Its a trick i learnt a while ago. And it pays to do more than collect money for the poor. And you don't need to live in a mansion but this sort of work does cover rents and such.

You'll need to do a lot of extra research but I think it'll work out. In fact I'm keen to try doing this again from scratch.

let me know what you think and who's side your really on.

posted on May, 12 2011 @ 12:52 PM
I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has thought this.
I have made posts about this very thing
and here
only to be flamed and trolled.
I have my skeptic's eye on this guy verry closely.

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