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2001 OBL death is a cover-up for 2011 OBL death!

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 01:38 PM
I can't believe you are all buying the "official" word that OBL has been dead since 2001. I have a conspiracy that Obama sent orders in to kill OBL because, contrary to popular belief, OBL was still alive.

I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. I've got this guy called Obama (around here, he's called Barry, for some reason) and he has inside information about a 2011 operation where they sent in these "Seal" guys (sounds nuts, I know) who stormed his castle and killed him. I've got several sources of evidence but I can't quite give you proof. Fortunately, nobody here really requires proof, as long as it's a crazy theory not supported by the MSM.

Also... about the 2001 official story of OBL death, where are those pictures? I think I actually, for once, might have more proof backing up my pet conspiracy (that Obama killed OBL) than the official story (2001 OBL death).

Please don't call me a loony just because my only inside sources are the president, military officials, locals, etc. I know that the other theories have very prestigious sources like independent radio talk show hosts that sell these awesome pyramid schemes. Please, take the leap with me and consider my theory.

ps - I also have this crazy conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Hawaii. I even have a leaked BC!
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