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The Paradox of the Left/Right Political Divide and the Denial of Conspiracies

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by poet1b

I can concur with you to an extent.

However, I also see a lack of work ethics in America, people have no pride in their work.

Seen it firsthand in co-workers too damn lazy to do their jobs in any way whatsoever.

I'm a top-notch trainer at my job and I realize not everyone can work to my standards.

But not even reaching a 1/10 of my expectations in my own co-workers is quite ridiculous.

Complicating this is as well corporations outsourcing their work thanks to N.A.F.T.A.

For cheaper labor who will work harder with better quality products for less money.

And unions of any kind are not the solution either they are as much a part of the problem.

As the greedy corporations making each penny squeak as it's pulled out of their wallets.

With the jaws-of-life.

Pay the employs good pay, treat them well, and let the unions go to Hell.

Corporate loyalty for loyal employees has become a joke anymore.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by Chewingonmushrooms

work place discrimination is a real problem....

Believe me I am very aware of that. As I said to one fellow worker, A sex change would net me a higher salary increase than an advanced degree ever would.

Women are literally NOT HEARD! It was proved in some psych studies. The idea advanced is ignored or attributed to the guy sitting next to her.

I had six years of personal experience that supported that study. I would attend weekly meetings where plant floor problems were brought up. Within the first ten minutes I would offer a solution. It was ignored. A half hour later Carl would repeat my solution verbatim and get "Great solution Carl!" The sweetheart would then point out it was my idea, and why had we just wasted a half our, but the pattern never changed.

What is REALLY unfair is that although minority discrimination is against the law, AGE discrimination is not. Oh there is a law but the law has absolutely no teeth and so many loop holes you could drive a mack truck through it. I took an employment law class and blew flames the entire time we covered the subject.

The last bit of nasty is the importing of foreign labor to fill jobs at a much lower pay rate.

The computer industry which was supposed to be the USA's savior is now filled with foreign workers while qualified Americans cannot find a job. I am talking the last 15 years not just in the last year or two. Most computer departments are now at least 50% foreign!

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Immigrants will work harder because it is the greatest opportunity in their life, because in the countries where they come from, the rich and powerful squash all opportunity. People who have grow up in the U.S., and watched the decline in our wages, see the reality of what is being done, and what a complete screw job it is. It is no surprise that they are less than enthusiastic about supporting the current system.

From my experience, top notched performers find that the political players spend most their time sharpening their knives and waiting for the opportunity to stab those top performers in the back, and then try to take claim for the accomplishment of others.

Sadly, this is the nature of giant institutions.

From what I have seen giant corporations are the most inefficient, abusive institutions that exist.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet

Not sure if it is gender discrimination, I have experienced the same things. Women who succeed in becoming the political insiders play the same game.

They brought all those immigrants, paying them less than half the salaries of the people they replaced, the people who built the industry, and then they stuck the immigrants with outrageous home mortgages on home who will not ever see any real increase in value, and most likely will continue to lose value. It was a big scam. Giant corps bought up the key players with monopoly money and screwed everybody.

A great many of those immigrants see what was done. Yet so speak out against immigration, you must be a racist, when even immigrants would like to see immigration reduced. They don't want what was done to the people they replaced, done to them.

All part of the right left combo punch to the nose.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 03:06 PM
Illegal immigration and cheap labor is a symptom of the process of industrial capitalism (bordering now on fascism/corporatism). Either import cheap labor or outsource. Saving overhead and pressure to maximize profits in a quarterly fashion leads to eco-cide, authoritarian rule, and the suction of wealth from the people into the hands of the few. Cities grow larger and need more resources to sustain it's growth and populations boom through artificial means (green revolution) which is reliant on petroleum based fertilizers. Companies get bigger by consolidation and mergers, trickle in government affairs through lobbying and soak up all available resources for the sake of profit while at the same time trashing the livable environment. People become slave wagers and become entirely dependant on the system that exploits them. And people worry about jobs? At this rate the will be no planet to live on, let alone have a job to retire by.

posted on May, 10 2011 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by poet1b

From my experience, top notched performers find that the political players spend most their time sharpening their knives and waiting for the opportunity to stab those top performers in the back, and then try to take claim for the accomplishment of others.


I have had my ideas stolen, my research stolen, and even had my name removed from my finished report (two years of research) and have another's name attached. The SOB even ended up on TV because of MY research!

I really hated the GD politics in the big companies. You had to be an A$$ kisser and a back stabber to get ahead. Forget doing a good job it just makes you a great target.

At least at the small firms the owner knew who the good workers were and treated them well. That is why I would love to see a cap on the size of large corporations. Big invites abuses from my experience and it does nothing for productivity. It just adds several layers of paper pushers and invites the type of office politics that screw a company up. Nothing like turf wars to stifle productivity.

By the by on the "Free Market" subject. You might want to read Mises on Money It sure is different than the crap the politicians are pushing.

Mises free market is not to the corporation or bankers benefit. Actually it is a method for keeping the as honest as possible. You will see the politicians left out THE key point - The GOLD STANDARD! or equivalent.

Compare it to this:

Structural Adjustment Policies are economic policies which countries must follow in order to qualify for new World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans ... Although SAPs are designed for individual countries but have common guiding principles and features which include export-led growth; privatisation and liberalisation; and the efficiency of the free market.

SAPs generally require countries to devalue their currencies against the dollar; lift import and export restrictions....

...SAPs often result in deep cuts in programmes like education, health and social care, and the removal of subsidies designed to control the price of basics such as food and milk....

Devaluation makes their goods cheaper for foreigners to buy and theoretically makes foreign imports more expensive. In principle it should make the country wary of buying expensive foreign equipment. In practice, however, the IMF actually disrupts this by rewarding the country with a large foreign currency loan that encourages it to purchase imports.....

In the mean time the USA and the EU have farm subsidies so crops can be sold to the grain traders at well below production cost. The traders turn around and sell cheaply to the third world countries pushing the native farmers out of business since they can not compete price wise.

THAT is not free market, THAT is a set-up for raping a country. For example 74 percent of the population in the Central African Republic works in the agriculture industry, agriculture represents up to 50-60% of the total economy in some African countries - those that are not oil rich.

I really love how words get twisted so black is white.

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 07:23 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Stars flags bells and whistles!!! Great thread and great response Modern Academia you ripped my thoughts out of my head.... LOL

Today not to agree with TPTB or to question anything, seems to mark one as a possible terrorist and you are right ProtoplasmicTraveler, Americans used to love debating and disagreeing it was the American way especially after a Sunday roast! Mothers used to advise their little sheeples when going to a dinner party not to discuss Religion and politics but it always came down to just that. In high school the debate teams thrived on questioning current events. Being out of the States for so long I wonder if this is still going on!

To Modern Academia it seems you were raised like me always to question authority. That is why we constantly question whichever party seems to be in power at the time. Questioning showed that you were listening and cared! As I see it we join a party because of their ideals which seems to be sold out once that party is in power as if there is an invisible book that reads something like this. "Congrads on winning this election however your ideals have just been overruled... here is how it really is and these are the lines you need to toe...."

Was not social disagreement every Americans right? Henry David Thoreau taught us that. He went to jail as he thought so..... Henry Thoreau and 'Civil Disobedience

I guess now Mr Thoreau would be in FEMA camp or GitMo and branded a Terrorist!

I think ProtoplasmicTraveler question quote below is the best question I have heard in years....... The problem is that today people are no longer questioning enough as it seems to, as Bill Hicks would say interfere with the regular viewing of American Gladiators on every other channel or an equivalent program (sorry been gone from the States 28 years don't know the popular ones and Bill is dead so he cannot keep me informed... Bill would then say, "its okay America go back to Sleep". A lot has change since Bill was in front of the mic and I would love to hear what he would have to say today.... oh wait a minute he would have been branded a terrorist.... hmmmm. Perhaps if allowed to have his comedy sketch anyone paying to see him preach or perform would also be photographed and labeled. Times have changed.

How can you believe that the government would not conspire against the people, when you obviously believe to the point of constant accusation that the other party you are not in, is constantly conspiring against your party and it’s leader?

This will be an interesting year to be witnessing to what is going on in this world of ours but also one of the scariest times IMHO to live in and traitor is a label ready to be hung around a thinkers neck if they become too out spoken. Naomi Wolf warned us of this a few years ago in her book "The End Of America" and recently went to jail for her support of OWS. All she was doing was questioning and standing up at a protest rally. This leads me to my own question which is how would our founding fathers do what they did in history today?

Thank you for this thought provoking thread n Stars n only 1 flag to offer for it....

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