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A Gothic Vampire story: please contribute!

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posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by Destinyone

Thank you so much for that fantastic music and thumbs up.
It really means a lot to me to know that somebody enjoyed the story!
I think any kind of discussion relating to the story is relevant to the thread.

The haunting song reminds me especially of Amanda, and evokes something of her heritage, which wasn't greatly addressed in this volume.
It's sad to consider how fate interferes in human lives that could have been uncomplicated and happy, and how we are driven by forces much larger than ourselves. The song reminds me of that too.

posted on Aug, 1 2011 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

I'm so glad it resonated with you. Yes, it does bring Amanda to mind, the reason I chose it. A heady, yet earthly feel.


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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 01:57 PM
I think there are several issues in how the text panned out that are yet to be explained.
Mr. Richards in the 19th century Raj (colonial India) seems to endure the sun, but not silver (in London's secret catacombs).
Is it the same character, or his off-spring?
Will Amanda be turned?
So many questions...
While considering this I must say that it is a work of fiction, and not historical accuracy, but until now it has kept a strong degree of historical settings, perhaps more so than a lot of fiction.
I'm researching a lot on how it could continue, especially considering the language problems of the non-Vampiric characters, since English was hardly a world language in the 15th-17th centuries.
While the vampires are already "gifted" with instant human translation in my metaphorical world (which will relate to an eventual "cure", but that would be a spoiler for now) the human characters will have to be multilingual, and in fact, many people were multilingual during history.
I'm not sure how they did it, but even simple folk could speak several languages, and learnt them very rapidly.
So I see no problem with the Native American woman speaking English to Amanda when he's released from his barrel.

It was so great reading the piece again with the above music, that I'm tempted to add some of my own.
I think the key is that the "vampire" already exists in our hearts, and considering what "soul" (or some would say "genetics") we are born with, we can elevate the spiritual side; or the beast.
As the adage goes: Two wolves fight in the heart of every human being. Which one will you feed?
Which one will you feed tonight on ATS or BTS?
Maybe for vampires this is not so simple, since they love the things they feed on.

Sinead O' Conner and The Chieftains - The Foggy Dew.

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 02:37 PM
Some more atmospheric musical interludes.
Some of these songs may already be attached to movies and clips with other meanings, so my apologies to any fans for re-working them to my vampire novella.

Nightwish - Dead Boy's Poem.

Cradle of Filth - No Time to Cry.

Judas Priest - Under Blood Red Skies (with lyrics).

Then there is a Native American chant, which I was actually listening to during part of the writing.
It is by the USA women's vocal group Ulali, and was played at the end of the film Smoke Signals.
It is a funeral song about "taking the ashes of the father home".
But it gains in strength, and becomes a very affirming chant.
A bit long to load, but it's worth the time.
Although the eventually "magical" chant in my novella is fictional (based on a Cheyenne chant during the Sand Creek massacre - "Nothing lives long, only the sand and the rocks"), this is something that I had in mind.
That sentiment occurs in many sacred songs.

Ulali - Wah Jhi Le Yihm.

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever?

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 05:08 PM
Era- Cathar Rythym.
Mmm ... that gives one some ideas for another story ... or has it been done?
Anyway, I find this song quite historically evocative.

I was thinking about Captain Cortez, and how that character perhaps died pre-maturely.
But then again, the world is filled with morally compromised people like that.
Anyway, for the setting I was reminded of a song by German metal group Running Wild - Conqusitadores.

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 09:18 PM
Excellent interlude! Thank you for the ear, and mind candy.

I have a song in mind should Amanda not be "turned" in your story. It does involve reincarnation, and her seemingly "knowing" deep down inside, her true connection to William. By Clannad. I Will Find You

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posted on Aug, 3 2011 @ 10:22 PM
Just some thoughts of a new setting.
Not sure yet.
Well, the ship cannot simply be turned back.
It must reach the Caribbean, where it might encounter the last great Taino/Carib revolt, and the first African slaves.
Maybe a promised "cure", or a treasure map leads them to Mexico?

Anyway, these are some of the Taino people they might encounter soon.

A great Taino revolt - Chief Enrique:

But it is collaborative writing.
It's not just my choice.

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posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 03:43 PM
I heard this song again after many years, and for some reason - at least thematically - it reminded me of William and Amanda, and their last embrace.
That mixture of spiritual love and sexual attraction is electric.
Meatloaf - You took the words right out of my mouth.

posted on Oct, 8 2011 @ 07:21 PM
Volume II.

William and Amanda had made themselves at home in the palatial cabins below deck.
Here they remained cloistered, with William sipping on a mixture of blood and fine wines.

Above them the native men had taken on the clothing of the previous crew, who were now mostly shackled in the bowels of the ship.

For days and nights William would hear the natives bickering amongst each other.
Some wanted to go north to their homelands, while others argued that these lands no longer existed, and they should go elsewhere.
Despite the fact that the natives could navigate by the stars, they were so divided between tribes, and even between husbands and wives, that the ship seemed to drift aimlessly across the ocean.

Just as William pondered over how little he cared, and he swirled his cup of bloody wine, the ship was hit by a mighty thud.

William rushed along the wooden corridors, and found himself facing an unusual scene on deck.

As his eyes adjusted to a late afternoon sun, William beheld a specter in crimson with a large pointed hat.
The man walked straight toward William:
"Good afternoon. My name is Captain Edward Bird, and I am commandeering this vessel in the name of His Majesty".
He leaned closer towards William's ear, and whispered: "I know what you are. Let us work together."

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 04:29 AM
In the Captain's quarters Captain Bird lit a curved pipe, and faced William across a long oak table.
Despite Amanda's protests the two men insisted on talking privately.
The Captain had removed his hat, and wore the uniform of the British navy elegantly, as a man still in his prime.
He flicked out his match, and directed his earnest blue eyes and aquiline nose straight at William:

"Rochester, I've been in the navy now for some time, perhaps it has been my only home since childhood.
I have experienced much in the past few years.
I have seen gold - indeed mountains of gold - in the hulls of Spanish ships that I have intercepted during my duties.
I have battled pirates ... and indeed I've seen men turn into pirates.
Perhaps at times I have been a pirate ... or rather, I was a gentleman who was at times driven to piracy at his majesty's pleasure.
Do you understand?"

William sipped his congealed wine and nodded.

"I have seen some terrible things in the Indies. Ghastly things. Cannibalism between the natives. And then, God forbid, the Spanish feeding the natives to their dogs; roasting them alive with sticks shoved down their throats to muffle their screams. In places I have seen the native towns just lay down and die within a week.
But lately I have seen what they call 'merchant ships' from Africa filled with slaves.
We could smell these vessels on the wind long before we sighted them.
We boarded these ships, and what we saw and heard is too hellish for our Christian tongues and ears to speak or hear.
But all that horror is legal, so I had to let them continue with their stain of blood and misery trailing across the ocean.
Now what would one call a man who allows and protects such dealings?
Would you call him a devil or a monster?"

William hesitated for a moment. "I would suppose I should call him a monster. The devil makes monsters of men, but men cannot be devils."

Captain Bird smiled, "Aha Rochester, then we are similar men you and I. You see, I sit before you as a gentleman in the uniform of a monster, and you sit before me as a monster in the finery of a gentleman."
With that the Captain roared with laughter, until his face turned red.
After some coughing he gathered himself, sipped his brandy, and continued:

"But never mind, the truth could also be the other way around in our situation. Allow me to be blunt.
I have siphoned my share of the loot over the years, and I have reason to believe that I have gone beyond the expected measure of theft, and my enemies will soon report myself and members of my crew to the naval authorities.
In short Mr. Rochester, I am defecting before they have the pleasure of seeing me at the end of a hangman's rope."

William sat up and said, "I appreciate your being forthright, but how does this concern myself?"

"I have seen vampires before, and since I have heard of the events in New England after your arrival I believe you to be such a creature.
I have followed this ship since then. It was not easy.
Be that as it may for now.
What may be of interest to you and your woman and crew, who, incidentally face capture or starvation with every passing sunlit day, is that I know of an unmapped island.
On its shore lies an abandoned fort - a bit of a castle really.
The island is mostly uninhabited, except for some terrified and insane old maroons in the forests.
I followed a Spanish galleon there once, and we took the fort, and I have made sure it was never charted.
Your crew could help with some renovations, or grow crops at their leisure, and stay as long as they wish.
You - well, you could could help me with security at night."

William looked puzzled.
"Security against whom?"

"Oh who knows, perhaps other vampires who know all the islands, and might seek out some gold and the blood of a gentlemen such as myself. Besides, you know all the languages, which is a significant advantage when trading in these parts."

William remained silent.
Captain Bird lit another pipe and blew out a sweet-smelling plume of smoke.
He leaned forward with a serious frown:

"Rochester, what choice do you have?
I do not engage in blackmail, but you require protection by day as I require it by night.
You can be arrested and handed to the Inquisition at any time.
You do know of the Inquisition?
They are not only the Roman Inquisition, but vampire hunters from across the globe.
You killed the king's spy who was placed in the colony to report any seditious or revolutionary slander against the crown.
They know of you.
How long do you want to float about before you all starve in any case?"

"What is the name of this island of yours?"

"Why, Bird Island of course."

William stood up and raised his glass.
"Then let us sail to Bird Island!"
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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 07:52 PM
Mr. Richards walked out of the nocturnal ocean, his robes wet and torn.
He could see clearly in the darkness, as he made his way across the sandy beach.
He passed some palm trees, and then some mounds and racks of human skulls along the path leading to the cave.
Before him appeared a hiss, a pair of green glowing eyes, and a snarl, showing two fangs and a set of teeth like daggers.
The opponent stared at Richards for a moment, and then it winced and moved ahead with great haste.
The trees were decorated with skulls and bones, until a pathway opened between walls of skulls, some of them further along the path still covered with slivers of flesh and buzzing insects.

Around a bend Richards beheld the torches and fires of the cave.
A tall figure blocked his way just before the clearing.
It stared down at Richards with glowing red eyes, and pupils like the stars.
The figure had a velvet loin-cloth tied around its waist, with green and golden tassels hanging to its knees.
Only the ankles of the figure were a light-brown variation of human skin.
Otherwise it was black - black from the unwashed caked blood of countless human victims, and its hair hung over the defined male shoulders like rags that had been twisted in filthy black dye.

It spoke in a growl: "Richards ... what brings you back here? I told you my wishes!"
Richards bowed gracefully, and diverted his eyes from the figure, and replied, "My Prince, the youngster will not listen or bow."
"Did you befriend him as I instructed?"
"I had no opportunity ... please understand great Prince."
The figure roared like a dozen lions, and snorted, "Richards ... you are beginning to fail me. Your infiltration skills and day-walking will not protect you forever."
Richards fell to his knees and whimpered various apologies.
The figure glowered down at him and then reduced in size, assuming the proportions of a human male.
It spoke in a normal man's monotone voice, "Never mind this time, I feel him, he is close and coming closer."
With that the Prince lifted the kneeling Richards to his feet, and beckoned him towards the cave.
"You look hungry my friend - let us feast."

The cacophony of insects and frogs ceased their nightly sounds, as unearthly screaming was heard from the cave, and the pack of vampires began to empty their two human victims.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 11:13 AM
Amanda sat with two native women below deck as they shared a bottle of wine.
Despite William's and Mr Bird's assurances that all the women would be treated well and respected, many of them chose to stay below deck.
Above them Mr Bird read out a generous offer for his crew.
Those who deserted with him would receive the same amount of gold coins as those who stayed.
Those who who chose the navy would be "set adrift" in their ship the following day.
Next, huge barrels of wine and rum were rolled upon deck, from the plundered stock.
For one night it seemed, all personal infractions were forgotten, and the men from both ships mingled and drank like fish.

While some women chose to go above deck for their enjoyment, William had forbidden any men to go below deck during the festivities.
The women mostly sat around in groups in various cabins and a huge dining area.
Some were still dressed in beaded deer-skin dresses, or they were still nearly naked, but many covered themselves in the white cotton that lay rolled-up in heaps in the ship's hold. Most women had realized that the Western men did not respond neutrally to the natural female form, to which they were until recently still accustomed.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 11:26 AM
Amanda sat with two women below deck.
She poured a second round of red wine, and again asked their names.
Both women had been chained to Amanda previously, and had not only been freed by her lock-picking skills, but they contributed much to the successful uprising on the ship.

The older lady, who was known in English simply as "Little Mother", lit a tobacco pipe.
She spoke her native tongue and complained; as she gestured from East to West.
Then she looked Amanda in the eyes, and said:
"We didn't make this - we did not make this sickness!"

posted on Nov, 20 2011 @ 12:22 PM
William awoke startled in his bed.
He was in double bed with Amanda, who remained sound asleep beside him.
He saw a door open in the wall opposite the bed before him.
Light from another room flooded the bedroom, and beckoned him.
Had the men disobeyed his wishes and taken their party below deck after all?

William slipped into his robe, and carefully pushed aside the door, and entered another room.

The room was like a hall of bright white lights and mirrors.
The ceiling seemed to shine back his clinical white reflection.
Then he could hear the sound of animals being butchered.
He could hear a loud snarling voice:
"I have given you life eternal, accept my gift, or sacrifice what is most dear to you."
Then he could see Amanda being led into the center of the echoing hall.
She followed a figure in a black cowl, seemingly quite willingly.
She tore open her dress, to reveal the area of her heart.
She looked up and faced William ...
"William ... I love you"...
"Amanda ... no ... NO!!!"

William awoke with a dry breath.
His fingers were around Amanda's throat.
Outside he could hear the waves, and the shouting and laughter of the last few drunken men and women still standing.
Amanda did not scream, and as he weakened his grip and withdrew his fangs, he could hear her repeating a whisper:

"Come back to me William, come back to me my love."

William sobbed, as blood trickled down his cheeks.
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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 02:50 AM
A day later William was awoken by Amanda, who beckoned him on deck.
It was evening, which fell into dusk along a hazy pink horizon, and a cacophony of exotic, twittering birds.

Captain Bird explained that they had been anchored since late morning, but he had decided to wait until William's aversion to sunlight was no longer an issue, and they could all approach their new home with equal dignity.

Amanda introduced William to some of the people who would share their rowing boat to Bird Island's shore; including Little Mother, and two Caribbean Tainos who previously worked in Captain Bird's kitchen.
They were a mother and son, who had lost their people to sickness and Spanish slavery, and they were regarded as instrumental in teaching the rest of the crew about survival on the island. The son was called Ricardo, and the woman Tituba. Both were dressed like servants in smocks, and they never spoke unnecessarily, and they even greeted William only with formal nods.
It was even rumored that Tituba only spoke through her son, who could feel her lips vibrating on his ears, because the conquistadors had burnt her tongue off with a glowing red blade.

As the darkness increased, William was starting to see the world in dazzling color.
The water beneath the boat was so clear, that he could see the shells on the ocean floor, and the flocking schools of fish.

Then, around the bend they could see a fortress, which clung to some foundation between the shore and a steep hill.
The masonry was excellent, and it was hardly the site of disrepair that William had imagined.
It was impressive, with a tower pointing into an illuminating full moon.

"This is my fortress, and my dream - we took it from the Spaniards who traded gold and slaves from the other islands and the mainland, but they're not interested in it anymore since the natives have gone," Captain Bird explained.

"But surely somebody must want this?" William replied.

"Oh yes, groups of vampires like you want it, which is exactly why I needed you. No offense old chap, but it takes a blood-sucker to fight a blood-sucker. However, it was inscribed with sigils and spells from the Vampiric Inquisition, which means that the owner must invite any vampire before it can enter beyond the walls."

William looked puzzled, as he processed all this new information and lore.

As the boat touched the sandy white shore, Captain Bird turned to William, and he loudly and mechanically said:
"I invite you William, to enter Bird's Lair Castle, my fortress and new home".

They stepped ashore.
Other boats followed, and people mingled ashore and stretched.

William was still awe-struck, as everybody jumped at the thunder of an explosion.
Behind them the ship had exploded in a ball of flames, and rapidly sank.

William stared in disbelief with the others, as the main mast was swallowed by the waves.

Captain Bird reassuringly grasped William's shoulder.
"Don't worry about that ship, we can't leave it floating about for the navy or the pirates to find.
Besides, you can just walk out of here, if you really want to."

William walked towards Amanda.
They hugged, and for better or worse, they were stuck on Bird Island.
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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 10:22 PM
As the castle came into direct eye-shot, William could see a stream that ran from the mountain, through the castle, and into the sea.
To one side was a huge green clearing of sand and ferns.
Captain Bird pointed at it and announced, "This is where your Indians can sleep and make their fortress, they can bring up our luggage, but only you, your woman, my soldiers and direct servants will be in the castle and the fortified grounds at night".

William was too awestruck to say anything, until they stood before the castle gate.
It was engraved with a giant Hexagram.
The Captain explained that it was one of several sigils against vampires.
The courtyard was impressive, and could have housed at least three regiments.

Then they opened a door cast in iron, and entered a maze of passages.

Some stairways were only wide enough to fit one person at a time, while others were broad.
The soldiers showed the crew where to carry everything, and William and Amanda were allocated a large room in a rotund tower without windows.
Torches and candles were lit, as well as a fire-place, and the building began to take on a gradual look of habitation.

Captain Bird knocked, and invited William and Amanda to his chamber.
This was really three chambers: a reception area with reclining chairs and tables, and shelves of dusty books and scrolls.
To one side was the Captain's private bedroom, and adjacent to that was another quarter, where William could see Ricardo and Tituba tying hammocks to hooks in the wall, and then, they shut the door.

"Look", said Captain Bird, and through a window William could see the moon and the edge of a mountain, narrowing to a tip.
He suddenly realized how high they were perched.
Then Captain Bird turned, as the crew put down two barrels.
"And have a look here, this is all you have left of the drained blood and wine from your battle. How will you replenish it?"

Just then they heard a commotion in the passage outside.
The door flew open and Little Mother rushed inside, falling at Amanda's feet.
Two soldiers followed her, but Amanda signaled them to stop.
"What is this ungodly commotion?" Captain Bird demanded sternly.
A soldier answered: "It's the savages Captain...they refuse to sleep outside the castle".

Everybody rushed down a narrow staircase, until they saw a dozen of Captain Bird's soldiers pointing their rifles at the pleading and angry crew. They were mainly the natives from William's ship, but there were also white and black men from both crews who had taken wives or integrated with the natives. Indeed, it seemed like at least two of Bird's soldiers were with the mob, and pointed their rifles right back.

Captain Bird charged out towards the courtyard and yelled; 'Shoot men - I will have no mutiny here!"

Within a second William stood before Captain Bird, and faced the mob.
His fangs were out, and his eyes were glowing amber.
"What is going on here - I am tired and hungry - explain this!"

Everybody cowered, and lowered their weapons.

Somebody shouted: "We are afraid of vampires. It is night, and we have nowhere safe to sleep".
"They will take us from the sky!", wailed a woman.

William turned, and said: "Fine, you can sleep in the courtyard until your own village is ready".
With that he turned to face a a relieved Amanda, and a furious Captain Bird, who could barely contain himself.
They could hear the heavy castles gates closing.

Once inside the building, Captain Bird began to shout: "What have you done, you idiot!"
Amanda cried out at him, "You would have them all drained to death; you sir are a monster!"
"Rubbish, Rochester, you better control your wench ... a vampire will take one or two just like a shark when they go to spear fish, they will never take a whole breeding population ... you have undermined my authority you damn fool ... DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

William rushed towards Captain Bird and grabbed his throat.
The Captain struggled for breath, as he fumbled a silver pin-shaped object from his pocket.
He jabbed it into William's hand.

With that the vampire shook, as if from an electric shock, and fell to the floor.
Captain Bird steadied himself, and adjusted his collar.
"Don't test me boy, I have men behind you with silver arrows and chains".
He stretched out his hand to help a writhing William to his feet.
"Now, we've had enough excitement, I think we all need a stiff drink".
William took his hand, as the guards let go of Amanda.

For some reason everybody burst out laughing, and they all laughed as they continued up the stairs.
Perhaps it was just a release, and the rest of the night was jolly with no mention of the previous unpleasantness, but it seemed that it would be the last laugh at Bird's Lair Castle.

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 06:23 PM
William slept uncomfortably through the day.
The constant hammering of the crew building their own fortress bothered him.
Amanda's voice carried along the passages, as she directed the hanging of tapestries and paintings.

Between bouts of sleep and frustration, William could eventually hear Captain Bird drilling his men, and shouting orders.

William was weak when he awoke.
He was not sure of the exact time, except that the sun had safely set.
He walked down the passage and some stairs to face a window, with a balcony no bigger than two feet.
He could see the waning moon, and then he smelled a delicious odor.
It beckoned him, just as a barbeque might lure a hungry man.

Despite his attempts at self-control, William spread his wings and flew, shooting over forests and water.

He came to a beach, and sat down, running the sand through his fingers to divert from his hunger.
He could feel every broken shard of shell in the grains.

Then he heard a groan.

William followed the sound and saw a broken figure laying on his stomach.
The figure's back was a swollen mess, where maggots and swarms of insects had made their home.

The figure moved it's head to face William with one eye.
Chains jingled at its every move.
It spoke with a raspy voice; curdled with blood and spit:
"Kill me ... tried to escape with the Caribs ... but they say I'm already dead ... too much weight ... kill me here."
William kneeled beside the frame of sores, skin and bone.

It spat out some sand, and asked:
"Sir, will you take me back to the plantation - please don't take me, will you take this man back to hell?"
William replied: "No".
With that the figure relaxed, and its face rested on the sand.
The man sobbed: "Please tell my mother that I speared the lion that stole the chief's cattle ..."
William extended his fangs, and before he bit, he gently rubbed the man's soft, wooly hair, and said:
"Sleep ... you will feel nothing."

William awoke in his chamber, and made his way into the passage.
Had this all been a dream?
Here he ran into Amanda and Captain Bird, huddled in a deep discussion.

Captain Bird turned, somewhat surprised at William's presence.

"Ah, good evening Rochester", he said, "I see you've fed".
"I trust you've discovered that your 'food' is rather available in these parts.
Now clean your face, we have work to do tonight."
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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 03:37 AM
I could feel the tides of war changing the general outlook of this dismal planet. Even during the 4 centuries that I slumbered, I was never unaware of the energies of humanity. I could sense the world was changing; becoming more industrious. And for some reason, I felt the need to arise once more.

Deep in the heart of Paris's forgotten lairs, I arose from my concrete grave. Feeling rebirthed, renewed. I could sense the dismal conditions of the city above me. The stench of smog that penetrated everything. The sewers and waste that has consumed my old home. I could hear the clambering on the streets above me. A bustling night life city. I sniffed the air and closed my eyes. Oh, how wonderful it was to be up and about again.

It didn't take long for me to find my way onto the streets. I could almost taste my first meal already. A woman, fair and beautiful. I watched her as she exited a local pub. A long red dress, fancy high heel boots and an enormous hat complete with a diamond and silver necklace that perfectly highlighted the lower cut portion of her top garment. Her skin glimmered in the torch light. I could see the pulsing of her heartbeat.

With lightening speed, I found myself in just outside the alleyway in her path. I swiftly introduced myself as she made her way down toward the residential area. Fine night this is. I am Syad, might I inquire the name of such a beauty as yourself? The woman stopped and glared at me. Bloody hell, can't a woman get home anymore without you damned infestations pestering her for coin? I looked down at myself, almost in humiliation. After 400 years of sleep, my clothing had degraded. It was apparent that I looked like a street walker.

I smiled and laughed off the comment and said My apologies, my lady. What I meant to say was this... I bent down and ripped off her legs. She began screaming just before she passed out in agony. But, I was faster than her throat, fortunately. I drew my fangs and went for her neck. The artery pulsed wildly, squirting all the life juice directly into my mouth. I drank and drank until she laid still and pale. I could feel the life pulsating through my body once more. My eyes had a blueish, neon glow to them.

This was the beginning of a new era, and I could feel it.
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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 02:53 AM

After finishing the woman off, I dropped her cold and still body to the ground and looked around. No one saw me. I could feel the life pulsing through my body once again. I felt stronger than I had in many centuries. The voices were starting to return to me as my strength grew. The voices of thousands of peoples minds. I had grown so used to silence that it was almost overwhelming at first.

After walking 10 or more blocks, I decided what my first task was in this new world. I must find more of my kind. Vampire or not, I am only one. And I know better than any human would ever know; just what kind of things are out there. The creatures of the night stalked everywhere and it was only a matter of time before I was outmatched by something else unworldly.

My journey would begin in the heart of the western world. In England, where all manner of fowl creatures both supernatural and human would converge. I felt the urge to spread my tattered plumage once more and fly the night sky.

After a few hours of flight, I started to see light off in the distance. It was a town. I could sense that daylight was coming soon and decided it was best to land and hide for the duration of the day. Upon landing, I quickly figured out where I was. The port city of Dover. There were advertisements everywhere about traveling to the "New World". Curious, I took one of the papers and found a nice outcropping to hide for the day.

"Start your new life today, in a new world" is what the piece of paper said at the bottom. There was a picture of a gigantic ship in the middle of the paper and some smaller designs around it. It was a very intriguing idea. From my perspective, 400 years didn't change the English way of life much and I was tired of this run down farm land.

After some heavy thought, I decided to travel to this "New World". But, not before the sun sets. With that thought completed, I closed my eyes and waited for twilight.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 02:24 AM
William kissed Amanda, and took his place amongst the other men assembled by Captain Bird.

It was a motley "regiment", ranging from Captain Bird's formation to men in rags, and native warriors painted with soot. Two of Bird's officers inspected the men, casting most of them aside. Many were malnourished or injured.

To William's surprise, two almost naked, painted native figures took their place beside him in the first row.
As the torches were lit he saw clearly that it was Ricardo and Tituba.
One of Bird's soldiers whispered into William's ear: "They're the best archers in the New World".

Bird paraded silently before his "army", until the proceedings came to an uneasy silence.

With that Bird spoke loudly:
"Soldiers, many of you fear vampires!
There are many stories about vampires.
One is that they cannot be killed.
Poppycock I say.
Spears and arrows can kill a vampire - many of you know that.
Spill enough blood from a vampire's vital organs, or sever his head, and he is truly dead."

William listened in silence, as some of the men grunted their approval.

"One vampire has the strength of several strong men, however we don't have that army for direct combat.
What we have is silver.
We have silver weaponry, and silver-tipped arrows."

The men cheered, as Bird continued:
"How do want to live men? Do you want to be free, or always fear the terrors of the night? Everyone knows the chill in the air when vampires are close! Many of you felt it recently, when I invited you to sleep inside my fort, fearing for your safety, and that of your women and unborn children!"

William was stunned at the blatant lie, as the men began to cheer loudly, with cries of death to all vampires in several languages.

"Now listen soldiers and brave warriors ... do not be rash in your righteous hatred ...
My men with the red coats have done this before.
Only they should be in the battle.
Otherwise you should shoot arrows, or confuse their eyes with your torches.
Do not charge the cave with my red-coats.
The red coats are my soldiers, and will face the initial blood-sucker defenses.
These vampires are pups and young, but they have two powerful vampires in their pack - at least one of whom I require for information.
These man-leeches only get tough when they get old - just like a nagging wife!"

With that all the men laughed and headed to the boats.
William noticed that Ricardo and Tituba did not laugh at all, and for a moment it seemed as if Ricardo was reciting some kind of prayer.

As William neared the boats, Captain Bird threw him a red coat.
"Wear that Rochester, I'm sure nobody wants to shoot a silver arrowhead through your chest tonight."

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