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The 3 Strengh Levels of Enlightenment

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posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 12:19 AM
i belive there are 3 levels and strenghts of enlightenment

there is three major parts of your self too
1 the conscience
2 the unconscience
3 the soul

and in each level of enlightenment one of the levels becomes aware and enlighten ,

and a level 1 enlightenment only the conscience is enlighten and everything you

think is like in poetry , some call it a state of grace
in a level 2 enlightenment your unconscience becomes aware and conscience in a

way ; it also becomes enlighten but while the conscience
does everything it would do in a level 1 enlightenment ie you think in poetry ,

but this time your unconscience will be thinking one thought which will sound

paradoxal but its true , it will be thinking of everything and nothing , becuase

in all truth everything and nothing are the same thing
ie everything=nothing anbd vice versa , but becuase its thinking of this ,
your conscience in its state of grace will pull any information to answer any

quistion in a equition sorta way but it will put the infomation need for the

answer of any quistion that can be asked in ones mind or outside of the mind it

will fall thoughter into poetry and even ryme alot , it pulls the information out

of the unconscience which is thinking that one thought that holds the info and

your conscience turns into poetry but using a equition like method , the poetry

will also answer the quistion in a very goodway , anyway there is some commucation

with the soul but its still on a unconscience sorta way and its only on a

conscience way when u frist get the experince that pushs u into enlightenment ,

during then alot of info gets downloaded into your unconscience but since its

enlighten and conscience you'll have access to it while u remain enlighten , if u

become unenlighten then u'll have to find other ways of getting it from the

unconscience but it will still be there
anyway the infomation that gets downloaded is almost always about alot of your

cent pastlives and everything u learned in them , most ppl who claim to have had a

enlightening experince has only ever had a level 1
and maybe only 0.00001 percent of the population has had anything above a level 1

enlightenment which i am lucky to be a part of , now a level 3 enlightenment is

when the soul becomes aware and enlighten its self , this is the stage when all 3

connect and the person then escapes time its self they can time travel to any

point on there soul , if they travel before there own life or after there on life

then they travel to the body that the soul inhabbitaed b4 the one that the person

has then or they travel to the body they will get in there next life and so forth

also on a level 3 enlightenment they can walk on water and fly do alot more

powerfull and bizzare stuff also some say even in level 2 enlightenment that

levatation and walking on water is possible with enough will power.
the intresting thing tho is even tho one can do those things when they are

enlighten , they have no need to so its rare that they ever do , after all there

not out to prove it to anyone much less themselfs anyway level 3 enlightenment may

have only happined 3 to 9 times in all of history probley only 3 times , i can think of 2 famous ppl that have had it , jesus and budda , but for all i know there the same person lol , anyway this is my rather fast way of descriping the 3 types of enlightenment , remember 99.999 percent of ppl who claim to have been enlighten or had that experince has only had a level 1 enlightenment and maybe only 0.0001 percent of people have had 2 level enlightenment' , and maybe only at the very most 9 ppl in all history have had a level 3 but atlest 3 ppl in history have had it ,,, well theres my breif discription based on my own experinces of a level 2 enlightenment .........

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 12:48 AM
REally? And how do you know this to be true?
Can you prove it?

How did you learn of this? Did someone tell you? Or did you figure this out on your own? If so...How?

Tell me how you know of this? How did you learn of this? Where did the idea come from?

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 01:24 AM
lets say what i wrote is like a really rough discription of something that in all reailty is achley impossible to write or talk about , u can only really beat around bush , well about 8 years ago alot of different things happined in my life and oddly some how i set up a bunch of condions to litterly accdeintly fall into what i call a level 2 enlightenment , and well theres soo much i could write about it , so i'll save it for another post where i can tell the whole stroy , but basicly it lasted strong for 2 weeks , but i was litterly still enlighten for 2 more months , untill thro certin bad realiztions and other factors i started to come out of it , which in one way was really hard but in another i had a mission i need to fulfill b4 i could return to it , well for months then years i have struggle to explain what i experinced , alot of the realiztions i made when i was enlighten , i dint want to forget them so i forced myself to remember the basic statements on them , but without the expanded mind space they were purly paradoxal to me and others

tho i did learn that a paradox is only a end point of human understanding and the only real paradox is the meaning and word its self , anyway i struggled to understand it , and well what i wrote was a purly rough systemic way of looking at it and the certin levels of it , i do think it is a little different for everyone but as i realize this all my philsophy is based on the truths that do not change from soul to soul , anyway theres another more too it that what i just wrote , but my little statement

All the Answers u Seek are Within

is true , but more then that so is the outside world created from within the soul ,,,,,, and heres another little tidbit that the world really isn't ready for yet , the most powerfull thing in all existance is belife , it is the power that creates everything , god , universe , the ground beneath our feet , enitre religions , perhaps the only thing it dosn't is the things that weild it , the soul and the mind , its only the agreement of belifes that give this world a order

posted on Jul, 31 2004 @ 01:33 AM
When you say soul, I assume you mean your infinite self. So that you can experience anything in an instant. And you can easily break free of certain limitations we are now exposed to by changing the beliefs/reality of now.

I like what you are saying. Do you think you could tell us what experience led you to your realizations? Mine actually started with pot and salvia. Salvia the most strongly, that affected me to the core in a lot of ways.

I am always interested in the last step though and trying to expand your array of realities to infinity and then being able to change this easily. Like you said, the answers are within, but if there are absolute truths, maybe you would know of some helpful hints for reaching the third level.


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