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The Aliens are Djin Thing...

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 03:50 AM
I've never had anyone tell me about this in real life in any of my discussions but I see the theory on here that aliens are evil djin or some kind of daemonic-spawned phenomenon. While I disagree, I'd like to explore this a bit.

I've seen a few things that were ufos to me and I've had one experience that I can't explain and do a good job procrastinating investigation. I consider ``investigation`` to be hypnosis and speaking to the land owner about it. This was in October. I lost no time, had a co-witness, and it was a lights thing, to be brief (if I do some investigating and it turns out good I may make a thread at a later time).

A little later right before I got home (less than a week later) one night, my roommate came in for a smoke at the back as I came in the front and he was excited and had seen something that had been crouching on the fence jump onto the sidewalk to the gate in our yard and stand up and walk out of the yard. It was after 11 pm and dark. Two months later late at night when I wasn't at the best of mind (Friday beforehand was a very long day of work and partying into the morning and afternoon) I was smoking in the same spot and there were 2 of what I could only conclude was what my roommate saw one of sitting on the fence in the same place he saw one staring at me and moving around. There was no light bulb on the outside light at the time, it was dark but I could make other things out and made these things out the best I could. I know it was not cat eyes I was looking at, besides I know of no 2 neighborhood cats (I am a cat person) that would be on our fence when it was this cold and this late. To me they looked like dark monkeys but that's all I could make out. I forgot about my smoke and stared back for a while trying to make out any details but not wanting to go closer. They moved around a bit but just sat on the fence. I opened the door with my hand behind my back while watching them and tried to stare out the window but saw nothing else.

At the time when my roommate saw his thing I had just had my other experience and he wondered to me if I brought something back or if they were looking for me. Doing yard work this spring I asked him if he thinks about seeing the thing very much and he said it crosses his mind every day. My dark monkeys are memorable for me too.

For multiple reasons I don't correlate ufos with demons. I've beheld what appeared to be technological, beautiful, and intelligent in origin. I know that I know nothing about this however I think higher intelligence would send probes or scouts that are technology before they would come, like we do, but the technology would perhaps be much different than ours. I could also see demons doing some kind of similar practice, send lights and orbs and crop circles or whatever else to bedazzle us, but also gather whatever information they need before they come and eat our souls or whatever.

On demons, I tend to believe demons and the devil being a sort of option built into each and every one of our consciousnesses. I think Levay made this point and I kind of tie it to this quote for myself: ‎"As long as you still experience the stars as something above you, you still lack a viewpoint of knowledge." Friedrich Nietzsche. So I think demons are possible but that we create them and they don't dwell in some other realm awaiting to be summoned and to torture us for eternity given the opportunity. I do believe there may be some demon archetypes that we could all share from inside of us (more on this later).

I'm going to tie this into the apocalypse now.

So if I believe demons are in our heads, why can't angels be? Not necessarily angels, but buddhas or whatever else fits the bill here too. The opposite of demonic. And that just like we could somehow trigger demons or darkness with our consciousness, we could somehow trigger angels or whatever "light" thing in a similar manner. And maybe there are some archetypes we could share and maybe this is why things happen of this nature on a larger scale, miracles, mass sightings, milk coming from stone for a 24 hour period all around the world etc... This makes a degree of sense to me.

As we approach the apocalypse, there are a lot of questions and contentions, but I like the idea of universal co-creation. But maybe the "judgement" is what happens when we (re?)gain these universal co-creation mental abilities to affect our reality. However being new to this, our demon and angel potentials might be the first things to go off before we know whats going on and it might take a few days for us to get used to this and learn to adapt.

I`ve been brief and I know it`s a bit silly but something like this is the only way I can see the ``aliens are demons`` camp`s point of view. I`d love to hear some thoughts on this.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 04:08 AM
To me demons and angels are nothing but myth. In reality they have always been aliens. We get much more evidence pointing to aliens existing than angels and demons now a days, so that should be enough for you to make judgement.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by GoatwolfeWolfgoate

I am of the opinion that a non-physical universe is coinciding with our physical domain.

I am also of the opinion that interactions occur between the two and that intelligent non-physical life-forms occasionally perform incursions into our realm.

As to whether these incursions are exploratory or something more sinister remains unclear.


posted on May, 5 2011 @ 05:00 AM
Demons,Djin,angels,fairies,elves etc are names that WE give to entities that we have no idea what they really are.We are labeling them by their looks and their actions.
So yes aliens can be labeled by all the above names or any other name that people feel confortable with(pretending to know the nature of those entities).
The truth is we have no idea what they are,why are they here and the way they think.

Remember what it feels hostile to us,it could be a cultural difference between two very different civilazations.

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by GoatwolfeWolfgoate

Stellar and Planetary Aether

My Hypothesis:

The Aether/Ether/Astral plane, or whatever term you want to use for it, is a conduit/vibrational level/ zero point/ plane of existence that is accessible via Stellar and Planetary fields, by beings of either advanced Natural technology, Supernatural grace technology, or Supernal grace technology.
Those who use the more powerful Stellar conduit are doing so by grace of Cosmic authority, and appear within the light spectrums...
Those who are using the less powerful and more dangerous planetary conduits, are doing so under their own, or Bonded authority, and operate, with some freedom, within that dark field of geomagnetic energy...

As for who and what they are, that is varied, but all beings will fall within one of three catagories:
(Keep in mind that we are all forms of conscious awareness foci, and so, are related to each other in this regard...siblings in spirit...)

1. Natural Consciousness: Any being who is aware or becoming aware of all the aspects of incarnation within the physical world.
2. Supernatural Consciousness: All beings who are aware or becoming aware of all aspects of the Physical and Supernatural worlds, and the interactions between them.
3. Supernal Consciousness: All beings who have achieved full understanding of the physical and supernatural realms, and are currently engaged in the creation of worlds and spiritual offspring.

Just as with any other "person(s)", you will get mixed reactions/interactions with these beings.
There is no true "evil", there is only those who's foci are near dissolution from the entropic forces* that produce variation, and bonded agency serving the greater community...

*these entropic forces are technologically and naturally summoned up in the less powerfull bands of dark planetary energy to aid in the ongoing task of "new" creation...
(without a little dab of chaos, nothing "new" is ever made...)

I intuit that it takes Supernatural technology or a force of spiritual "will" to traverse stellar distances.
Unless of course you are an advanced race of terrestrial/extraterrestrial beings who have machines that can tap the zero point/Ether/Astral...whatever it is... of the supernatural realm...
UFO's often operate in a supernatural sort of way, and are tapping the Stellar Ether, and so, quite often shed and appear in forms of light morphing with solids...

Ghosts,shadow people, and Fae creatures are all of the Supernatural (with some verging into Supernal) realm, and are not necessarily able to access Terrestrial/Extraterrestrial Technology for crossing the distances...and must therefore rely on the power of their own **focusing potential to get about...

The Terrestrial and Supernatural realms exsist because of infinite and timeless Supernal Technology powered by Unified Cosmic Authority...God or "Totus Phasmatis Ut Unus."

(**Focusing and/or "Strength of Will", is/are the timeless Supernal technologies who's working parts are consciousness itself...accessible by any consciousness foci...(er...that includes you and me)...the only difference being in level of mastery and cosmic accedence...)

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by Khurzon

I like your hypothesis very much, excellent.


posted on May, 5 2011 @ 08:15 AM
What is it just lately with these post on Aliens being Djin , Devils or fallen Angels .
This has been covered over and over .
Plus more if you search .
ET's are just that.... EXTRA TERRESTRIAL , nothing to do with our foolish superstitions .

posted on May, 5 2011 @ 10:05 AM
Well, if your djins have a lamp, let me rub it

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 12:45 AM
Thanks for the responses. I wonder about aliens a lot but not angels and demons. I actually think they're aliens but I believe it's possible they're on another level/dimension/something. I'd just seen a lot of aliens=demons stuff on here lately and wondered if someone might back it up sufficiently. None of the threads I briefly looked at had any meat to them though I appreciate the idea. It doesn't look like this idea has a big following however.

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