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Conjecture: Bin Laden Compound Raid

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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 01:07 AM
I thought it might be interesting to put on our thinking caps (or tin foil helmets) and come up with the scenarios that we think may have occurred. ATS in interesting in that it allows for alternative views so let's hear that people think about what may have transpired.

[For the record I'm not drawing any moral judgment but simply trying to cobble together a scenario from the info I have so far]

My theory on what went down (presuming OBL was there):

US stealth helicopters descend on his compound. [A compound not a mansion, this was a guy that gave up being a tacky Saudi millionaire to live in caves and right or wrong or however misguided follow something he believed more important than money and comfort in this life]. They use some sort of EMP pulse to knock out electric/comunications in immediate area, maybe even all electricity at the compound.

One of the helicopters crashes due a mechanical or other failure [this was an experimental craft that was likely cobbled together from the black ops version of a cancelled project. Skunk Works Flying Vehicle?]

The crash causes things to go FUBAR.

The SEALS encounter some half asleep people getting out of bed to see what is going on.Women screaming, kids crying, a confused and messy situation.

They grab the men, shoot first and ask questions later. [Assassination style. Remember they are all jacked up on adrenaline, and the unexpected crash has already thrown the plan into jeopardy. Doesn't matter how well trained they were, this wasn't what was practiced].

There isn't enough room for everyone due to the downed copter so they take who and what they can [presumably who they believe to be Bin Laden, his son, and a woman they mistake for his wife].

They hightail it out of there before the Pakistani military catches on.
[Regardless of how stealthy the new helicopter is a crash landing destroys any chance of stealth.] Before they do they scuttle what they can of the downed copter.

They board the other helicopters and fly out of Pakistani territory.

The White House does its best to cobble together a story from a different scenario than they had expected and scripted.


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