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Insurance company woes for the past 18 years and counting

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 05:27 PM
Hello all and sorry for buggering up the first post real bad and hopefully this will do the trick instead.
I am a bit peeved off at the moment and had to re-group to type this as best I can.
Here is my tale, 18 years ago I became very ill with life threatening complications.
I was working a good job with good insurance for job loss due to illness.
33 years old and just bought our first real house and just got married....(common law for 8 years)
Things were just great and we really had the world by the tail at that time.

I ended up in the cardiac ward here in town for 7 days and it was a interesting 7 days let me tell you, glass walls and no privacy even if you asked for it.

They tried to get a helicopter (med evac) to get me to the nearest city that could hopefully help me.
No such luck so they did the phone and fax thing to get me medicated, I am not rambling as this proves how sick I was.

The next week they got me out of there to a special hospital that does cardiac stuff.
4 days there and some heavy invasive surgery I was back home in my own hospital.

Ok skip ahead in life here and this is where we are now, I am still just as sick as I was 18 years ago and the insurance company will not leave us alone here.

From day one they wanted me to "re-train" and learn new skills......from day one my heart surgeon said to them that they want me dead .

So today this date I just sat down and filled out an insurance form for the 58th time since 1993 and all the information is the same as the last 57 forms.

The first 2 years of my illness was bad and I could not drive so my wife had to book off from work to drive me to a city 55 miles away and drive me back.

No pay for the wife and no allowance for fuel or time off or anything, my Union put me in touch with a man who worked for the same company and we had a good chat on the phone, he basically told me to hold off any retraining because he agreed to it and was very sorry for it in the long run.
What happened to him was as soon as he retrained his funds were cut off and he was too sick for anybody to hire.

I am talking about one of the largest insurance companies in the world here and the most profitable too.

It got to the point where I was going for invasive tests almost every 6 months and this was not for my health but for the insurance companies whims and ego's.

Finally after I called my head office and threatened to go to the press and reveal all of this crap as in unnecessary
tests they knocked it off but did they ever stick the medical forms to me. ( I have to pay $25.00 a form)
I came to think of myself as a human pin cushion to justify jobs in the insurance companies head office.

That is my yap and I am hopping this may help someone or give someone a heads up!

Share your horrors with us right here on this thread.
Regards, Iwinder

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