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So, the Westboro Baptist Church is Coming...

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by Becoming

Originally posted by DANTALIAN
Am I making any sense?

Yes, this actually does make sense. Especially when you see videos about individuals who protest WBC in an effort to raise awareness and money for gay rights:

Of course people are going to donate money if they are being told not to from protesters across the street. It's reverse psychology at its finest.

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 12:49 AM
Oh this a gem of a thread! I tried to change my ways at one point and realised I had been filled with hate and anger towards such people for really no good reason other than they seemed to be just another minority screaming for attention. I finally let it all go and just didn't care. Figured I don't know them so why bother hating them all even if the ones like Diana my sister chose to become them because of their countless experiences with members of the opposite sex. However, after having now seen how much of this reality is scripted and how many people apparently seemed to know about the things I'm experiencing now in the bitter end, it would seem many knew for a long long time about this family and the people within it and perhaps that's why this family for the most part has never had members in it with many successful relationships.

So anyways as I said I let it go and started my so called awakening as the most amazing things started happened which were probably all part of this scripted life as they must have happened before in this order for the things to still be playing out and blips from many sources or enertainments and such applying to the very moments of my miserable life. If that's the case then perhaps the whole seeing the code thing and what not and figuring it out is not true, however I've also seen things just suddenly change in the blink of an eye as if something is rewritng history and changing the past. It's quite disturbing. Though much of that could just be maniulation of online information like the things on google earth and the shapes of continents and the borders of nations which draw out the story of the people I've come across recently etc. Everything about this reality is a friggin joke and the more and more of it I saw the more I tried to resist and question my ever action but once again doing so just led to the same friggin miserable situation.

I swear to you this reality is either total bs and some kind of simulation or many are just trying to make it appear that way to cause endless confusion. I see well off appearing people smiling at me now which is always a sign that something bad is going to happen and the less than well off appear to be angry at me for whatever. That one yelling out the other day "Thanks for making me god" was quite intersting as I feel totally drained know of whatever that energy stuff was. I even picked up some skittles from the evil gas station tonight and sure enough the code on the back was ###BY WAKO#### etc.

So anyways, back to the gay thing and the evil white women of this country that is canada. When I started being shown this other perspective of reality it was extremely disturbing as I quickly began to see how these fkers don't care if you want to be happy or change you ways. They'll keep stabbing you in the back and using their influence in thier workplaces to flat out lie and block my attempts to flee this beast with the whore on it's back nation. The whore being my ex and mother of my son of course. Though a quick look at the continents and borders would like to suggest that roles is to be filled by china and the cluster of countries that draw out hte shape of a woman carrying something. However look at the perverse names and such of all the countries of the majority of the white mans world and it's clear who the real freaks of the world are. A lot of it is quite amusing but it's still quite sad. So as i said, I tried to get along with these people and still do, but seeing as how something is still fking with my mind and guiding me around it's really difficult to not get angered. Especially when you see the likes of many intentionally trying to provoke and keep pushing you back into hate. All of which btw were either homos, women, those who appeared with things like down syndrome etc. It's like they took joy in smashing to death any good that was in someone once they could see how evil the white people were and the evil game of homosexual nonsense they have mapped out all over the friggin world. Like go here get raped, take it in the 115-> 1 15 / A O -> A-Hole or KE or whatever. Once you see their game mapped out and see how it all oint to disgusting homo etc stuff it's quite freaky and certainly made me want to flee.

I follishly ran to the coast of canada twice! Once to ensure my son was actually there as this freak spirit thing got in my mind and decided to convince me he really wans't there then the second time was during when I figured I'd just flying off the coast to wherever to escape this evil deceptive continent. These people are trule the most freakish evil being ever. The constant blocking and changing of rules and information, prices etc to ensure i'd be trapped here just p[ushed the buttons either further until now today on May15/O MAYO! I finally feel totally drained and back to a normal nobody. The only one memory I have that really saddens me was back last year when everything seemed to really change after the mother demonic anti chris thing suddenly stopped rifling through my garbage reading my scribbled down notes and started walking around with her nose in the air. Then came the waves of wacked out anal sex or feces crap with her assortment of wacked out statues and stuff in the apartment all beingas such thing with flipped or turned and seen from other perspectives. Then the whole clock time manipulating crap. That was really fun watching her constantly reset the clocks etc.

I don't know what happened but from what I've seen my sister ran off and decided to try and take my place at whatever while this valley of gutter trash filth sat around provoking and trying to suggest I was going to be some capricorn sacrifice etc. I mean even the wicked bitch ex elissa was going off like other trying to get me to think they were god. One person after anoher during this amazing experience was going off with endless drivel and signs in my face to trigger my imagination. Whatever the case I know now why god was strict against them in it's so called rules. The bottom line is they are VOID of love and care and filled with hate themselves. They take great pleasure in destroying the souls and lives of others while walking around laughing etc. it's truly sickening to watch them all do it and sad that so many stupid rules had to be in place to make travel to places expensive all the crap like having certain countries allowing this or that with dirt cheap tickets was just sad. Making it blantantly ovbious of being guided to where someone wanted you to go was all I needed to turn the other way. I kind of wish now though i had taken advantage and just left as my time is pretty much and I'm void of that LOVING FEELIN! Whoa that loving feeling. I've lost that loving feeling now it's gone gone gone.

I'll gladly put up my walls of rejection and never again make the mistake of caring about humanity or anyone. Even if a soul mate came my way at this point I'd tell HER to F-Off as it would be 99% certain it was just BS from the demonic white filth of north+south America. There is no love here! And I hope some hopped up druggy pig woman spirit got control of reality because of me and I hope it thrashes all your souls and keeps making fools of you with your stupid ridiculous names etc. So many of the people in the spot light of this reality have the most sick messed up names when you read them right it;s just blatant that something really messed up perverse is messing with reality and people. Thrashing them for not living up to their expectations etc.

I'm done trying to be kind to such people. It's ain't worth trying to change and be happy. They just want people to so they can destroy their souls and ruin their lives. Canada is the demonic filth whore beast country and should be turned into a radioactive pit. Theirs NOTHING good or loving here. Just a bunch of lying slime putting on a gong show of hugs and kisses during this judgement time or whatever. I've never see so many suddenly start to try and pretend to be caring decent people in one time in my life.

And to you diana whom I know is reading this... You chose to be gay because of those old men that reality probably scripted you into being with. If it's you who is to seriously be taking my place then I hope the world it's knew former prostitute (hans) amongst other dirty little things. Mind you I ain't no saint and sunk into the pit of filth along side this fk wad family of slime thanks to constanlty being rejected when I'd try to get back up. But whatever. Pushed aside, get weird, the collective then reject even more for obvious reasons etc and the process repeats until life is just unwanted by the victim. I can't believe how much of my life is scripted like this and how much my own so called family had worked together for so long to make this nightmare happen. The whole 3:42 utc tangshan, cyr\llic XI 9/11 IX CHel mayan crap etc. The three eye russian space alien blah blah Orion stuff. I mean why put that fking # in my head? Just to # me up and freak me out? Like I get possesed by some alien thing posing as god and thrashing my life? Did that thing get in me and use me to do something which led to it becoming god? Fk this whole thing with the stars and such and all of you working togheter to time stuff with star alignments etc to freak me out. All this gay stuff with pisces upside down and aquarius taking it etc... I mean wtf!

I know got this mega hole in my foot like the so called river of judgment issuing from his foot or whatever. Wtf is wrong with you all? where you hoping i'd run out and declare myself god so some other inthe background could jump out and smack me down for whatever reason? Some loser like my mother who filthed and fluked her way into this changing reality. I mean ever the grandchildren are sticking up for now which makes m want to vomit. Like Josh changing his views on her flirting type bevaviour towards him. I mean WTF! I saw it with my own 2 eyes and unless that stupid crap about shifting through realities was true then something horrible has happened to this world. Whatever the case, back to the homo tpe stuff....

THEY ARE BROKEN AND EVIL! Bottom line! Even if you try to change your ways and accept them they'll still keep stabbing you in the back and making your experience a nightmare. Screw the west coast! It's infested with liars and scum of the earth! DON'T trust them and don't take their advice. They're there to mess you up and ruin your life. You'll see it for youself once day around British Columbia when you see how much effort has been put into some kind of wacked out game. I feel like something was supposed to keep coming my way but these scum and whatever this spirit was kept working togher to ensure I'd have NOTHING and have to beg these faggots and losers for assistance. FK you trashers to hell and back! I got enough to leave and will do so. I'll never beg one you degenerate slime for help and never trust another white person again. Off to china I go and to hell with white man. May the middles east and china join forces and wipe this continent clear of life as there is NOTHING good here but a bunch of poser losers pretending to be good decent people while paying thier children to murder each other.

So there's some anger for you! You ruined my soul and experience with your evil little game and bs about getting raped etc by some sick perverted beast spirit so go to hell canada and north america. This side of the world is a riggin perverse abomination and you all deserve the worst. PEACE to what little TRUE good and decent people may be outehre and DEATH TO THE AMERICAS!

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 12:51 AM
and I ain't going to SH! anymore. I dont care about your stupid game and I ain';t going to fade away into nothing for your stupid game. BURN DEMONS!

posted on May, 16 2011 @ 12:57 AM

Originally posted by awake_and_aware
reply to post by InertiaZero

Owned, respectfully and intelligently.


Great video!

Must watch.. Very useful.

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