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Prediction or logical thought?

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posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 07:18 PM
This has probably been said many times before. And I'm not even sure it can be classed as a prediction, is it more just logical thought?

Anyway here's my prediction/thought of what will happen befor the next USA election. (No dates)

Bin-Laden will be caught, a week or so later a small nuke will go off in either new york or washington. Al-Queda will claim they did it to avenge Bin-Laden capture.

US governemnt will 'PROVE' beyond dought that Iran (target 3) supplied the material for said nuke. US/UK bomb the hell out of Irans nuke facilities. Under the wing of "The war on terror"

In that same week a chem/bio weapon will be used in central london. Syria will get the blame for supplying the terrorist with the weapon. This will make them target number 4.

[targets = Afganistan-1, Irag-2, Iran-3, Syria-4, North Korea-5)


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