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Gun Battle Leads to Death. This Is Why Some Cops are Heros!

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 09:58 AM
This video I can't inbed, so perhaps someone can do it for me but here's the link
This video shows a 23 year old suspect involved in the shooting of 10 or more other people. A cop pulls him over and then all hell breaks loose. If it weren't for these men in blue, we could end up like one of these 10 victims, of this wacked out guy.
Per usual, I'll get flak from some for making such a broad statement. So let me get the cons (no pun intended) out of the way.
1. Why did it take so many shots (human involvement)
2. Did the cops think that their bullets would stop in mid-air after passing past the truck? (They were thinking that this guy already was involved in shooting ten others and that they were next. This shooting spree was going to end now, today, right here).
As much as we see about the current US problems with some of the LEO's, this is where the right thing is done.
3. It's FoxNews.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 06:10 PM
The video says it all.
Pretty horrific, and very sad.


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