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Oft cited gun trafficking report author writes another report

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 06:49 AM
Goodman's study of gun trafficking between the US and Mexico was cited by the Huffington Post and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence as fuel for a new wave of American gun laws.

In May 2010, for example, the Mexican government, which has received training from ATF to better identify firearms, said that of the 75,000 firearms it seized in the last three years about 80 percent, or 60,000 firearms, came from the United States.

Goodman has a new report out. In it he highlights flaws of the original and comments on the horrid statistics he had to sift through and inserts new information related to trafficking from Central America:

In some cases, ATF has received information on the same firearm up to five times as Mexican police, a crime lab, the military, and the Attorney General’s office all write down information on the same firearm, and the individual in the Attorney General’s office in Mexico City submits trace requests on all of them.

U.S. military officials also report that more than 50 percent of the military-type arms such as mortars, hand grenades, and grenade launchers discovered in OCGs [Organized Crime Groups] caches have crossed into Mexico most recently from Central America.

And refers to the Gunwalker scandal:

Perhaps the most worrying from the Mexican government’s point of view, however, is ATF’s Fast and Furious Operation based out of Phoenix, Arizona, which reportedly allowed hundreds of firearms to be sold to potentially known traffickers as a way to build more attractive cases for U.S. Attorneys and ATF did not notify Mexican authorities.

How long before the Huffington Post and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence come back to the author of the study they loved so much to comment on his recent findings? Assuming they acknowledge them at all.

Goodman's Studies


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