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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 02:01 AM
The chill of the early spring, celestrial bodies brightly shining in the heaven above.

Old memories holding tightly, bound to us in a never ending dance of happiness and sadness. An inexplicable waltz drunkenly dancing through the hollows of our heart.

For once winters chill is bound again, the drunken waltz shall be no more, for with the sunlight comes the ending of our song

Then shall the shudders be thrown open wide again. The warmth radiating throughout our hallows. We shall gather at the windows once again rejoicing,

We stand at the open windows thrusting in our soul that our new dance partner will surely be on their way.

When we meet up we shall dance the days and nights away. The reemergence of life, of the hope and dreams of a fortnight past.


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