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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:51 AM
The table ice cold beneath me. The lights blinding in there brightness. My naked form covered only by the thinnest of sheets. A soundless sterile environment...

This must be a dream of sorts...I try to lift my head to take in my surroundings. My head will not move. I try to lift my arms from under the sheet. They refuse the orders from my brain. Each body part I try to move I am met with the same results.

Why can I not move?? I cannot even move my eyes side to side. Panic quickly over takes me like the rise of flood waters.

Maybe if I scream someone will help. I scream with everything I have. I am greeted only by silence deafening in its wake.

What the hell is happening my mind screams?? Surely this is some sort of bad dream..maybe if I think of something happy I will wake up! My mind digs back into its memories...and finds nothing but blackness, a blackness that continues on to infinity...

Grasping now for any point of sanity, an island in the chaos of the storm. Who am i? Even that I cannot answer. My body a cold rigid prison of confinement, my mind an empty glass.

Minutes, hours, days seem to pass by while I lay motionless upon the table. Have I no respite from this nightmare of nothingness??

Footsteps, the patter of sound on the floor, they draw nearer to me. I hear a door open and the footsteps are by my side. A face comes into view above my own.

This person examines me, they open my mouth peer inside, closing it they examine the rest of my body.
"He will do just fine" I hear. The sheet that has covered my body is pulled over my head as I hear the table I am on being wheeled along.

The click of the door has it is pushed open. I hear the sounds of footsteps and the rattles of the gurney. I can see through the thin sheet as strobes of light pass above.

The click of the door again, as we pass through. The gurney stops, still the blinding light of this new room.
I hear more voices now. More faces come into view.
I hear the words but cannot make a sound.

I try to observe the room from my limited view. Its just a barren white sterile room just like the last one. I try again to get some gauge of time. How long was I in the last room? How long have I been in this one?? I can hear noises above the clatter of voices. Sounds like something being moved on a metal table.

A face comes into view again, except this face is cover by a clear shield. His hand comes into view sleeved in a plastic glove holding a knife or scalpel.

It becomes crystal clear what he plans on doing to me. I hear a soft sound like a scissor cutting through paper then I feel an incredible pain from my chest down to my groin.

I scream out in an agony only I can hear. The sounds bouncing off the inside of my skull. I hear the sounds of my flesh being ripped into. I feel cold hands reaching into me and pulling my insides out peace by peace.

A wet plopping sound as my stomach is removed. This goes on for some time. Each of my organs removed from my body. Curiously after the first cut I felt no more pain.

The face comes back into view as he leans close to my face with a pen in hand, what does this maniac plan for now??!! I can feel the pen press into my forehead as he marks his next point of attack...

The sound of the saw brings my attention back..Oh God no,no,no! I scream again as loudly as I can as the saw descends. Making contact with my forehead I feel the pain as the saw tears through my skin and muscle. I feel the jar as it hits my skull.

Again frantically I try to find some memory anything for me to escape too. I hear and feel a sickening pop as the top of my skull is removed.

The last thing I hear him say is "what a beautiful brain"

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 01:39 AM
You've just perfectly described one of my greatest fears. Was very nicely written, but why did I have to read that so late at night, right before bedtime?

Can you imagine going through the cremation process when you aren't really dead? OMG, why did I think of that? That's another one of my greatest fears.

I'll never get to sleep tonight now.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 01:57 AM
Thank you! I got the idea for this piece while finishing up my will and researching giving my body to science once I die. Originally It was going to be about a soul trapped in a dead body however, that made for a boring read as the soul would not feel any of this.


Hope your dreams are pleasant!

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by w810i

Hope my dreams are pleasant? lol There's no way I'm going to be able to sleep after reading that, and having those
thoughts in my mind.

I would donate all my body parts except for my eyes. I have the nagging feeling that I might need them even after my body is dead.

Hope you got your will all taken care of and thanks for the great read.

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