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Here’s The Deal–(For Those Calling Bin Laden Victorious)

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 09:52 PM
I suppose this is the best forum for this dose of reality, so here goes.

Gorilla and Asymmetrical Warfare from the new enemy without a country, has to have some place to base operate from. The whole celebrated success that some position the Bin Laden war on the west’s financial state is the very thing the enemy does not have to attack.

Easy to attack an infrastructure of great wealth to afflict great cost to. You can’t inflict great cost to those who hide in foreign countries, people with no country, or wealth, that’s a coward’s win, like cockroaches claiming a win on the people who built the house about to call an exterminator, and why should I or my military follow rules of the media to exterminate the cockroaches of the world? The leeches hide outside of their home they never built or defended, they are those who don’t offer anything of value to mankind, they are those expelled from their homeland, they are the unwanted and obstacles of peace and cooperation.

The countries harboring those factions should be attacked and sent to the stone age so the rest of the world gets it. You harbor the terrorists, or become a terrorist exclusionist harbor, due to your incompetence, beliefs, or compassion, or internal struggles with your religion or relations you afforded to the enemy’s cause you become the enemy, simple.

It has been well known Pakistan is the enemy of the west for various reasons due largely to their own corruption and deceit.

All of the conspiracy theorist’s claiming a big win for those with nothing to attack are urging for a total uncivilized world, and cheer it on and should be ashamed. Do we send our children to Afghanistan or Pakistan for higher education? Do we send our sick and rare diseased people to Pakistan and Afghanistan to hospitals there for aid? No, they are sent to America for any hope of a successful Siamese Twin separation, Since the East proved it is beyond their capabilities and resources.

No we don’t because they offer nothing to the world health and welfare except a snapshot of what should be avoided, and no foreign aid is going to change that mindset so the war should be launched to eliminate these factions of the disease of the earth and mankind if we as a unified group are ever going to progress to our potential instead of warring about aimlessly in some mystical belief that is proven and viewed as counterproductive.

Offer progression and you will be embraced, supported, and helped. Offer stupidity, extremism, corruption, suppression (of sex), exclusionism, and no negotiation or exchange of goods you should be eliminated, plain and simple.

The only reason warfare lasts so long is because the media and communications thwart the plans and alert the targets. So now you see how a real covert operation goes down now the Bin Laden hunt was completely covert with ground intelligence operatives in place for years, with less loose mouths to feed warnings to or manipulate public dissent.

Wars should be viewed as last resorts, viewed to be avoided, now we have politically correct public approved nice humane clean wars they lose their meaning that war should be avoided at all cost and start talking and open lines of communication because nobody really wants to die for someone else’s cause. Because of this humane view of war more innocent people die because they are media extended.

War should go back to no-holds-barred mentality to get this message across to all of the people that just still don’t get it! No more rules.

Giving money to crooks just affords them stuff they will wreck anyway, it never goes to the welfare of their people or country, and factions without a country will be tracked down and where they operate from, should become the theater of operations with no more stupid media rules of warfare. Execute the battle to end it ASAP, no more nicey-nice. Shoot to kill or be killed, get out of your cave and defend your children instead of hiding behind them for media compassion.

Then things will get done and we can move along to a greater good.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 09:59 PM
Just so you know, it's "guerilla" warfare.

"Gorilla" warfare is much more hairy!

ETA: This seems like it should be in the Rant forum.

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:03 PM
I can't really agree with your post. I think both sides are really screwed up and playing power games.



posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by Illustronic


Oh boy!
Such FLAGRANT contradictions in one rant!
Hopefully you'll be able to come to your senses once you're done masturbating on OBL's death!

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