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JFK murdered by secret society?

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by Zero Point

Also, to his credit, McAdams frequently offers the reader links to quality conspiracy web sites (which, ironically enough, refute many of the claims he presents!). McAdams also offers a good selection of assassination-related photos. McAdams does a good job of presenting the lone-gunman case, such as it is, on just about every issue involved in the JFK assassination."

Why is it that you cut and pasted the above yet omitted the very next line below it, which was:However, as I think I have shown, McAdams presents many erroneous arguments and some badly outdated information.

The section was entitled: Proudyism #4 - Assassins Shooting Blanks:

Can you show where Col Prouty ever made the claim about one shooter having a blank. B4 you say 'it was in Oliver Stones JFK', remember that a: it was a movie and movies use artistic license and b: the character Man X is an amalgamation of several people. C: A shooter using a blank is a firing squad technique, not something one would use in a military style cross-fire ambush. So show the quote where Col Prouty said one man was packing a blank.
I mean think about it....No one would send snipers out with a blank.
It is too important, you may only have one shot.
Snipers killed JFK not Lee Oswald.

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All right. Read page 307-08 of his book,

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 08:03 PM
Eh? You working for Amazon now? Just cut n paste the passage that backs your assertion. But hey this could go on forever....and nobody would be any the wiser. It seems stupid debating whose gospel is the true and literal gospel....not like it's gonna solve the jig-saw puzzle.

posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 12:26 PM
". . . Although the gunmen [in Dealey Plaza] may have used "automatic" weapons, it is more likely that what the reporters heard that day was the well-coordinated fire from at least three gunmen in different locations, and that they fired at least three times each.
This is an old firing-squad and professional hit-man ploy. It serves to remove the certain responsibility from each gunner as a psychological cleanser. If three men are to fire, they all know that two guns are loaded and one gun is firing blanks. The gunmen do not know who had the bullets, or who had the blanks. Each man can swear an oath that he was not the killer. "

posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 12:48 AM
Yeah 3rd eye I have to give you that one, he did indeed include that '3 line' passage in the first edition of that book, which was not included in later editions. I managed to get hold of that edition, and I can't see how those three lines make everything else Prouty wrote 'lies'. It seems a matter of interpretation whether you think he's stating for a fact that the firing of blanks happened, or whether he is recalling certain techniques of the hitman that have been used...that could of been used. It is somewhat funny that Prouty has to be 100% correct 110% of the time, yet his detractors have the implausable 'magik bullet' theory, Prouty has to be godlike with his perfection in his writings, yet his detractors have 26 volumes of inconsistencies from the Warren Commission report. Prouty is not going to achieve that perfection, due to the simple fact that he did not write, direct nor star in the assassination of JFK, yet in my opinion he is going to be in a better position than most to get a clearer view, due to his background and knowledge of the inner workings of the intelligence community. Where was John McAdams at the same point in history? But like I said b4, this could grind on and on without either of us finding out anything that hasn't already been argued to death over the last 40 years. My favorite part of the jig-saw puzzle is the piece of JFK's occipital bone.

[edit on 5-8-2004 by Zero Point]

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