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Sochi, Russia... This guy talks about UFOs in his hood.

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 05:48 PM
Hey my fellow ATSers!
(I searched for this, I couldn't find it.. I wouldn't know what to search under since the title for YouTube video says "UFO Passage" in Russian). I guess you can say PORTAL.

So, here it is. Please comment away, critique, and if this has been posted, you can close the thread. I think it's a hoax...

UFO at 1:31 looks fake.
At 3:32 looks like a fly.
5:15 Good capture. See, trees moving in the wind, but you see no UFO, then he slows it down (5:19), the tree isn't moving, but you can see that something zoomed by.
Then, at 5:46 trees barely move, hmm.....
6:12 OMG, looks so fake!
6:46 looks so fake........
8:15 looks fake, yet ... I don't know
9:41 looks fake...
12:10 looks ok
12:11 too. looks like it's moving.
12:38 ?? Huh, what is it ? The guy kept saying they turn on some light when they get closer to earth.

Why do his UFOs look like they're cut out and glowing? Don't some of them look like the one filmed in Netherlands, it was posted here a day or 2 ago?

--- What the dude keeps saying is that they hang out near the mountain and the sea. They either flying fast from the mountain into the sea, or out of the sea, to the mountain. Those two being their hang out areas, and their PASSAGE or PORTAL, near a Western part of the mountain.
He goes on to say, that the speed of these objects is so fast, that it's difficult to capture them in real time.
The distance between the camera and the object, is about 500-600 meters, the speed of these objects varies. Sometimes they cross the distance of 400 meters in 1/3 of a second, by calculating, we get 1 km/second. In other instances, the speed is 1/5 or 1/6 of a second, or even faster.... then he talks some more.
He notes that the living expectancy of the people living in this area is much higher, and maybe this is why UFOs like it.

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 05:59 PM
I didnt see anything that couldn't be explained away by "insect in front of the camera" frankly...


pity none of the insects...erm, I mean ufo's didn't stop for better identification
(I skipped the last couple minutes as I started to get really bored of looking at bugs...lemme know if I missed something groundbreakingly different)
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