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posted on Apr, 20 2003 @ 02:35 PM
Yet 'our' soul mate can't be destiny. Soul mates can't be unconciously chosen by a reasonable mind. So if the mind can't determine a proper soul mate then only God can. Only if God controls the destiny of the soul mates will it ever be reasonable destiny. Otherwise the task of finding a soul mate is held within. I my opinion to imagine having only one soul mate is almost sinful. For is it not known that God wants unity and peace among men??? So is it not reasonable to say that our soul mates should be the people we live with and the people we live to know??? Is not the idea of a soul mate a universal idea??? How can it not be universal???

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[Edited on 20-4-2003 by Abraham Virtue]

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 02:58 AM
I fully believe in soulmates, i have also found mine. I can't put into words how i really know, or my feelings for her (she's actually a seldom posting member of this website, icyfenix
) but i can tell you that we read each others minds, we complement each other perfectly, we have missed probably all of a week and a half in the past 9 months 4 days and hope to spend the rest of our lives without missing each other for such a long amount of time again. I had a situation similar, but not as deep, as yours before i met her. I always had a deep aching loneliness that no relationship fullfilled, always had a feeling that there was someone more out there for me. That i was meant for someone. All of it dissapeared the day i met Icyfenix.

I hope that one day you can meet this man of yours, that you can feel the fullfillment that meeting icyfenix has given me.

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 04:38 AM

Originally posted by magestica
I feel kinda idiotic~
I honestly, merely skimmed over your response and missed what you were saying alltogether.I truly apologize for that.
But now "reading" what you wrote, I think that you have a very good opinion about soulmates and I also have never even thought that we have "reflectors" of our soulmate?? This would definately explain alot of things...
Perhaps it explains also why I have continued to date/marry men who oddly enough, somewhat resemble what he looks like? Yet knowing perfectly well that they were not him. I think they were simply men who would deter me from actually finding him? Like past life enimies or something? And I suppose if one were to continue to make these "mistakes" then one would never find their "soulmate"
The question is; do we know when we've found them? I wonder what the feelings/emotions would be if and when we do? Would it be like(in my case) nearly 30 years or more of complete relief, elation, awakening? Would it be like feeling alive for the first time?
I really don't expect you to know all these answers, by far, I don't expect anyone to. But opinions help


...nothing to feel idiotic or be sorry about there Magestica...sometimes the message just arrives at a later date

I'll tell ya a little something about soulmates that happened to me. And please forgive my reference to each persons true soul-mate/connection as 'the One'...I know it sounds very 'Matrix/Neo'...but hey...hehehe...

See...I, like you, have dreamt of the One...I know her face...more importantly I know her spirit...always have...she has been in my dreams for as long as I can remember.

A few years ago I met a lady I thought was the One...and I know it sounds rather pathetic, but I met her right here on ATS. Before I joined ATS, back in August 2000, I had been surfing the net for a number of months looking up Alien/UFO type information due to an interest in them I have (which is a story all in itself, and best left for another time) evening, while running a search on UFOs through google, I happened across a website...which (unbeknown to me at the time) was this lady's website...when I saw her pic on it, it was like BAM...she was so familiar to me...the way she looked jogged many memories of these dreams over the years...really put me on the back-foot, didn't know what to do, so I simply didn't visit that website again.

Then I joined ATS...and the first person I met was a ATS member who just seemed to know EXACTLY what I was saying in my posts/replies...she just totally seemed to understand me...she totally connected with my thoughts/views/feelings about nature, about spirituality and the paranormal...just like meeting a long-lost we hit it off well.

There was something about her...the 'feel' of her replies, her spirit seemed so familiar to me. After a while of emails and general friendship, she sent me a url of her website on Aliens/UFOs...I checked it out...and HELLO! It was this lady whose website I had checked out months before... are the chances of THAT happening? Very slim indeed I'd say. We discovered we also had many other similarities and 'knowledges' of eachother that were quite uncanny. Gradually we became more involved than just friends...and I grew to love her very she loved me deeply also. We also shared a 'dream *dare I say psychic* connection', where we could occasionally dream similar (personally I believe they were the same) types of dreams...and when talking with the other the next day be able to describe the dream in great detail. I could also tell when she was sad, or happy, or angry...or whatever...for I could feel the emotions running through me, and by focussing on them could tell it was her. A phone call later and sure enough it was. She could do the same with me. We could sense the other, in spirit, near us whenever we needed some support through any stressful times...almost like the other was right there in person...heck, during those times I could sense her I could also smell her was freaky, yet very beautiful at the same time...

So...for a while I kinda thought she was the One. But, truly, deep down, looking back on it now...I knew she wasn't.

I do believe we were destined to meet...but in hindsight I see what our roles were...mine was to remind her of a love-connection she once had, to love her unconditionally and let her experience that love once more before she passed away *she passed on due to Cancer recently*. Hers was to reflect back to me the remind me of the love I had been dreaming about and to teach me to ready myself, to keep faith in it and to love again *for I had given up on love prior to meeting her*

She was a reflector of/for the One...a reminder to me of the true Ones existance...

In response to your questions:

* With reference to men who resembled your true match - yes, I can see how that happens...for it happened to me *as described above*...but maybe a way of seeing it is not so much a distraction from, but more as a reminder of, the true One. I also believe that we learn and move in a way, and at a pace, best suited to your meeting those guys may well not have been stalling your search, or mistakes...just merely steps you needed to make along the path to finding the One.

* How do we know when we have found the One? May sound cliche...but maybe we just DO know...beyond any doubt. And I guess thats all individual as well...for instance, it might be like anything in our do we know if anything is right for us. How I know is when my mind has no doubts...nothing...a silence of the mind. Perhaps thats it. When the mind is silent...when there are no doubts. No questions. Nothing but the experience. Perhaps thats how we know??

...good luck in your search...


posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 05:33 AM
alien you must have had a really really really strong connection. I have never heard of empathy that strong before. Did you talk telepathicly to each other? Wow i am still amazed on the strongess of your connection to her.

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 05:35 AM
arc can you explain the joint meditation. It would be cool to be able to see glimpses of past lives.

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 11:22 PM

Originally posted by ilovepizza
alien you must have had a really really really strong connection. I have never heard of empathy that strong before. Did you talk telepathicly to each other? Wow i am still amazed on the strongess of your connection to her.

I wouldn't call it 'talking' as such...more just a connection on an emotive level...experiencing the others feelings. There were times when we could hear eachothers voice, more just questions we were planning on asking the other the next time we talked...hard to was more just a 'knowing' of how the other person was doing.

Really, I don't think this type of connection is anything that rare...for I believe most of us experience, at one time or another, a similar sort of connection with someone...or have someone who seems to have that type of connection with us...for instance, often it is that persons mother/parent who can just 'sense' how their child is doing and if they are in trouble/crisis etc.


[Edited on 22-4-2003 by alien]

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 11:30 AM
Found this on the net, by accident and it almost completely describes my belief about soulmates..anyone here follow the Kabbalah? I've never really heard too much about it, but now I'm quite interested.

Here's a paragraph:
In the beginning, Adam was both male and female, just as each of us is also created male and female. That is how we are made, both physically and spiritually, balancing the two aspects. But when the female aspect was separated from Adam and began to exist Eve, an independent entity, Adam then became the creative force, the dimension of Zeir Anpin, the kind of super sephira which includes Hesed, Gevura, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, - The levels of the tree of life that we have access to- and is the motivator for Malchut. The energy that needed to be manifested now came from him, not from the Creator.

That's really wild


posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 11:46 AM

I believe that it pretty well dates back to Adam and Eve, that when God created them they were but one soul and when they took the bite they became two.. Now remember this is just a theory here OK. So I believe that we all have a half of a soul and that someone, somewhere holds the other half.

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung tells us of the female and male archetypes, the anima and the animus. From a psychoanalytic perspective, our "soulmate" tends to be someone who reminds us of early beneficial caretakers (or the caretaker that some have never had).

I think that seeing it as, "there can be only one" is an absolutistic way of looking at the relationship issue. I mean, there are billions of people in the world. I think it would be pretty crappy odds if I only had 1 chance out of a billion to meet my soulmate. I think its more like probabilities. I mean, we get involved with others because there is something about them that intrigues us. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

One of the hardest things for humans to accept is the notion of impermanence. Any buddhists care to share their views on relationships?

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 12:07 PM
I keep hearing people say and have seen a few replies stating that it's too crappy to think there is just 'one' actual soulmate for each of us. But do you think life is really all that easy anyway? Considering everything else out there that seems so unfair and unbelievable? Why couldn't this become an attainable goal instead of a "no way, I refuse to believe it because it's too depressing"?
Anything and everything is plausable and possible, so why couldn't you find your one and only 'other half'?

Imagine if it were true *which I believe it is* imagine how you would feel finding this person, imagine the unbelievable and incredible connection of pure and true love you both would feel, it would be magical for sure! And then imagine not believing that you have one true soulmate, so therefore you walk past him or her un-noticed because you have not the 'search' and longing for them..imagine letting them slip by you..I honestly think that the connection is strong enough to find them, if you both are eager and believing, you can, and you will cross's just up to one or both of you to recognize one another..

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 01:03 PM
Here is my spin on the subject......

We are all a part of Creator. We all come from the same single source.

For the rest of my story I will refer to the Creator as the Ocean. Creator/Ocean.

We are all drops in the Ocean. Most of us have collected in different groups or buckets of water. We are especially connected to the ones in our own bucket of water. This is known as our Soul Group. What one being experiences in this bucket/soul group, all experience.

WE are all individual drops/souls of water in the bucket/soul group from the Ocean/Creator.

In this physical human life we are still unknowingly connected to the bucket/soul group.

That is why we often feel like a part of us is missing because of the veil in place. In this existance we cannot 'remember' we are part of the soul group.

It is very possible to find and connect with another member of our soul group. And in fact, as part of our experience, we have agreed to meet up or not to meet up with fellow members.

When we do meet up with another member of our soul group, we do feel a real connection.


PS. Are you part of my soul group?

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:44 PM
Each person - every being who has ever lived or who ever will live - holds within them an individual, a unique, soul. A few have whole souls, and these are the ones content to be alone throughout their days. Yet there are others, those who are incomplete, those who, in essence, have only half of a soul.

These beings are no less than whole-souled people. They love, live and dream with equal passion. yet inside of them is a yearning, a longing, and a feeling of never being quite complete.

They search the universe for their other half. Some may seem to fit, as many souls have similar resonances. However, these half-matches always end in tears, or worse still, a loveless existence.

When tow soulmates meet, there is an instant connection. They may not immediately realise that they have met their other half, but the undercurrent will always be there and it can never be escaped. And when the soulmates realise what they are to each other, joy is theirs. The two halves are united as one in a perfect match, both spiritual and physical. There can never be anyone else.

If soulmates become close enough, their minds become linked. They unconsciously echo each other' thoughts, or intuitively know what the other is thinking.

And finally, when one of them dies, one of the two things may happen. The essence of the one gone may remain within the one who still lives, and they both know they will be reunited in the future. On some occasions, the shock of physical loss is too great for the living partner, who will die soon after.

But when one dies and the full potential of the relationship has not been ever fulfilled, grief will haunt the half-soul for the rest of his or her days. They can never overcome the darkness, not until they have succumbed to darkness themselves.

Soulmates must seize the chance, for the time of love is often fleeting and the past can never be regained. And that would be the greatest tragedy of all.


[Edited on 15-6-2003 by blackwidow666]

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 08:26 PM
I once corresponded with a young woman from Georgia who had an interesting life and made polite conversation.

One day she announced to me that I was her soulmate. Suddenly disinclined, but not wanting to upset her, I (deviously?) (and virtually) introduced her to a very old friend in a neighbouring country who had recently gone through the pain of a separation and was interested to discover this whole internet thing.

Within three weeks, he was her soulmate.

Some people have a soulmate addiction and are serial soulmate stalkers. Will they ever find their soulmate?

posted on Jun, 16 2003 @ 11:34 AM
I kind of skimmed over the previous responses so forgive me if I'm repeating what someone else already said. I'm anxious to give my opinion.

I don't believe soulmates are always a good thing if you're taking into account someone you've encountered in a past life in a negative manner. For example, if I met a man who I got along with really well like a 'soulmate' in this lifetime & later recalled a miserable experience with him in a past life, I don't think I could get past what happened in the past-life no matter how good it is in the present.

posted on Jun, 20 2003 @ 12:17 PM
You are so right about the soulmate addiction. I have thought of myself somewhat as that. Only because my longing was so strong to find him. Every person I meet I always consider that we may have known eachother in a past life, sometimes it turns out I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong-or think I am.
As far as thinking everyone was, I think it was more of a 'hoping'..but I knew both my ex-husbands were not him and yet I still married them. They were both aware as well that they were not him, I made that apparant from the get-go..But I believe there were things I needed to learn and see before finding the 'one' and maybe my purpose was to teach one of them about relationships. Sometimes our purpose is not just for the benefit of our own.
The difference with me is that I've seen and spoken to my soulmate in dreams and visions, so I had a rough draft of what he looked like in 'this' lifetime..maybe not so much his physical appearance but his spirit...his soul.

*If I had only recalled or come back to this thread sooner*

go go~But never leave


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posted on Jun, 20 2003 @ 12:43 PM
Want some info????

did some checking and i seemingly have some distant relations in Romania...near the Carpathian mountains!

I phoned my parents up last night and they said that they got a call from Maria and Gorik (my 2nd cousins) and they asked them how me and Jake was doing in Iraq?????


My grandparents have met them...i ain't!!!!

How did they know the details of my life...without some mystical help??????

posted on Jun, 20 2003 @ 12:58 PM
I am not sure what you mean by that. I guess I didn't understand your point. Could you possibly explain it a little better for me???

I have heard many things about Romanian mystics so this interests me somewhat. I would like to know what you are getting at. Maybe you can help me to understand what you mean.


posted on Jun, 20 2003 @ 01:15 PM
Well i believe in sould mates but disagree with what some of yall say about past live i dont personally believe that. But i think we all have people out there who are the people we are destined to spend teh rest of our life with. I also belive some people never find there person or jump the gun too fast and think they found their soulmate but it really isnt. Im 17 now and i think i might have found my soulmate but everyone i talk to says it never work out with young love. But its a kinda thing every time I around her i cant help but smile. ive know her for like 6 years and its always like that. I strongly belive we are ment to be and cant imagine someone commin along better than her. But im soo scared i would loose her i have never let her know now shes in college but i still see her often. WEll my question is do you belive in young love and love at first site???

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