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Bin Laden - Best Operational Outcome

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 03:38 PM
Say you're deciding the possible outcomes for the raid on Osamas compound. What's the best possible outcome?
Wouldn't you want to compromise, and contain the asset? Especially an asset with as much significance as Bin Laden.

Problem is... if you kidnap him, sympathizers will hold people hostage and demand for his release, and everything that you do to him will be monitored under a microscope.

If you kill him, they can't demand his release, but you loose your asset. So what do you do?

You kidnap him, get whatever you can out of him in a few days, then dispose of him as necessary, no-one the wiser. Meanwhile everybody get's fed a composite image of a dead Bin Laden.

ORRRRRR...... you could just show us the picture of his ugly dead face, and then I wouldn't make up silly little scenarios in my head like this...


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