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Huge Meteor Lights Up Australian Sky

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posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 01:42 PM

A huge meteor has been seen in the skies over central Victoria.

There have been reports of a big red and blue light streaking over the Castlemaine area just after 1:00am AEST today.

Policewoman Senior Constable Sharon McEachern says she was on patrol duty with a colleague in Maldon when she saw the light in the sky.

She says it was a spectacular sight that lasted about 15 seconds.

"A bright blue light going across the sky...not coming straight down and it just had a large blue tail and a bright red ball and then as it went across it just exploded into pieces, so I'm not sure whether it was a comet, or a meteor, or what it was," she said.

Has anyone heard anything else about this?

(No, I'm not going to mention Aussie Bloke

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 01:48 PM

(No, I'm not going to mention Aussie Bloke )

....U just did!!!!!!!!


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