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The Seed, The Apple, The Tree, Homeward Bound!

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 12:26 PM
If anyone has read my thread on the Holographic Universe, Infinity and Space Time, in my signature, they would understand the kind of universe, hologram, school that is my belief. So Beyond is my word for heaven, and Father/Mother/Family and Good is my word for God, or the Love between us.

What came to me was the purpose of our journey in this shool, who we are, and where we going.

We are the seeds, from the Heavenly Beyond, outside the infinite universes, and we have all been home, our souls know where home is, and that we have a wonderful loving Family. We've been sent forth, into this school, throughout the cosmos, and many of us have been attempting this journey back home, for many lifetimes.

The school is hard, based on opposites, and the challenge for us is difficult as well, for we come in without our memories, for the first time forgetting who we are, with our goals and attempts to be love, challenged in a world that brings out our flaws, the apathy we feel for others while we ourselves have our needs met, the greed, and discord and ego, or need to be right, all these things are brought out. Basically we're children here, seeds, who have our love on the line and need to put it forth into action.

For there is a perfect plan for the school, and all things transform or as some use the word, ascend in time, where time is just a concept for there is no such thing in infinity, except as a concept.

We are seeds, sent into the trenches unaware of who we are, our memories sealed, and some of the places we find ourselves are due to the law of consequence from past events, beyond our memories, but sometimes its to bring light to an area or experience something that we needed or elected to experience to gain more compassion in the future.

This is not a one shot deal, for it takes time for people to grow and become more mature. Though conceivably there are some who manage this journey at one time. It is designed for individuals to transform and return Home. It is also designed at one point for all of the universal plane to transform, ascend and return home

We are sent here, into the trenches, forgetting ourselves, with the assignment of remembering who we are, Light and Love, and find ourselves again, to see through all the traps and snares here, the entire world is a distraction, to see through desiring upgraded homes and better positions and promotions over equalizing is a trap. We are called to see everyone as Family. We are sent into the trenches to walk with everyone, and discover who we are, and transform as seeds, growing into the Trees of the Beyond, progressing to Family, in short growing up.

We do this in our own individual lives, with our families, friends and all we meet, and try to solve problems, becoming the mature one and taking responsibility, and we pay attention to the world and contribute to trying to improve it as we are given these opportunities if we seek in prayer or meditation, for ways to unblock our goodness, and peel off the layers of guilt and grime,and dust from the worlds false symbols and teachings, in short, re parenting our own inner child and shining our original untarnished lights up, and seeking for ways to increase them, to help, seeking purpose for why we're here and what the work is, we came to do.

The prime directive is always the same, to Free This Planet.

To flower forth as a seed that wakes up and grows up, progressing to the tree, uplifting earth from heaven, ascension or a better term, transformation, from the gravity of guilt to light as a feather, can walk on water and fly, with wings of Love, Light, Compassion, Caring, Equality, and free of guilt and heavy conscious.

As seeds from the Heavenly Beyond, we came to grow up, into trees, and bring forth this world to the Beyond, earth to heaven.

To Infinity and Beyond.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 12:51 PM
With so many people distracted by their lives, their very sustenance and daily bread takes so much of their time, they look for the fastest answers, and prefer to blame the patsy's offered by the system rather than look further, often in a group consensus to conform to the standard ideal of their workplace and peers, not realizing all of this is by design, and its set up to prevent anyone from waking up and progressing, to block our return back home, and keep a system of perpetual slavery on planets run perpetually like hellzones or winterland astrals.

And those who do so see are made as ineffective as possible with all trails to sharing information across a larger area blocked and even their own advancement limited.

Yet, the entire system must be run with trails to follow or the school would be taken back and reset up. The trails begin in our own hearts, when we first encounter information that is hurtful to anyone, and let it slide, or even encouraged to support it basing everything on our circumstances and being encouraged to think everyone has the same, instead of a global respect for all people and all their circumstances and a wish for euqality that is substantive, ie works for each unique situation. Because that is what it takes, to walk in others shoes, not to see from our own narrow perspective.

We should also begin to search when our own religions have so many contradictions and hats in them that they all can't be true. That God isn't all those roles. That the Family above isn't Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.

We're called to see through the traps and the lies and begin to work within our own hearts and souls to advance and seek Truth, Light and Love, and never to accept anything, not even our relgions on face value or how they are presented.

The freedom, and love, and growth is individual, one by one, in every household, this transformation must take place.

Its choosing to live through our hearts 24/7, and avoid the programming in our minds. To turn of the television or limit it, and do things with the family. Or find ways to connect with others in the community.

Its giving that opens the doors in us, and raises our frequency.

Does it matter what religion we belong to, or spiritual practices we maintain?

This is one fought by many, and yet, the answer is still inside us that Love is not like the way they depict, and that anyone, from any walk, who is striving to uncover truth within, will begin to find answers.

Though it is my own personal belief that we have some wonderful teachers, Buddah and Christ Yeshua/Jesus, who show us the way to seek and the way to find, and do the works we came to do. But so much of what is written and left behind is metaphor. And not every hat depicted in the religions or bibles is Divine. In fact a lot of it is a trap to try and close the door to progression again by indoctrinating people back into the War is Peace group.

What we are missing the most, the way to grow our relationship skills and empathy/uderstanding of others, and make a difference is in Community. Working locally to find solutions and share the journey.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 01:04 PM

You know, it doesn't matter the words we use. The way we phrase our thoughts. I may say the same as you in another manner entirely. Essentially it is the sense of these things that carry us. As these moments of clarity sweep us up we accent our experiences with expressions such as yours. You briefly lift my day as I prepare to venture out and engage this earth plane on the terms it dictates. We do this daily.

This is our school. What others may wish to call a garden or a prison. Kindergarten or PHD. We carry and are carried. We row and are rowed. The cookoo on the wall strikes 11 and I leave to play my momentary part in the matrix.


posted on May, 3 2011 @ 01:40 PM
The purpose of the thread is to work on what kind of efforts we can utilize to touch base on who we are inside, shine up our lights more and grow into the adults/trees/Family we wish to be.

Won't be able to write alot at the moment, its busy here, and really need some inspiration on wording things, but there are many different philosophies and beliefs. Some believe in one God, or everyone being One, then we have what I believe, Infinite Fractals, Infinity, Father/Mother and Family, God being Goodness/Love or often Father is seen as God. But all of this is less important than simply realizing we're here to see through this mess, all the traps, that inside us, as seeds, as children, is the way back home, the Love and Purpose for our mission is in us, and we need to weed our gardens, to discover this.

So, ways to discover this, prayers, meditations, contemplations, the types of efforts we could make, to group up with others and make some differences in this world, not just activism, but metaphysical tools, such as meditation groups, and discussions to find solutions to corruption, to poverty, to lack of disclosure on ETs/Technology.

I had a u2u form someone who was very stressed out and worried over this world, and who amongst us isn't affected? But how do we seek within, to connect inside to their answers, and contact with Family/God/Higher Ups, all that is Love and Goodness, how do we grow our lights? Very hard to see the answers. Many people fall short and find some answers, but don't push further, into trying to overcome the world or do the real work their souls were brought here to do, that is raise earth up to the heights of the Heavenly Beyond.

We only ascend/transform with the gravity of guilt stripped away, weeded out, made up for, turned away from, with the guilt stripped off us. We're called to wake up and remember who we are, where we came from, and shine forth our lights.

To be the sunlight, a warm and loving ray, to increase our star itself, with our love. To be the sun and shine steadily like a good parent serving the children.

I don't care if someone comes on from any religious/spiritual background, as long as they don't waste time trying to force their one way, but discuss in a interfaith/interspirituality way, how to find their hearts again, to weed their gardens to talk about what a better world would look like.

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 02:02 PM
The apple is the fruit of knowledge or the tree of knowledge and its symbollic of our entire journey, the purpose for being here, the seeing through the ways of the world and its many distractions, even worked into its religions and to see the simple truths of Love and Fear, right and wrong, helping or hurting another, empowering others or the love of power to control others, sharing or hording.

Its having and preserving the heart of a child, and maintaining innocence and goodness in the face of corruption.

For we know we are eternal and this is but a short phase of our journey, though an important one. For we're becoming, or in other way, when the seed grow up it is being born, we're a prenatal seed, seeking for our birth into our true adult forms, and again in infinity, this process will continue ever onward, however never again will we lose who we are, and in the Heavenly Beyond there is no need for laws for all are capable of getting along, sharing everything with one another and becoming a gift to another.

We all live with our cups full and many feel they are right in their opinions, in their arguments, in their wars.

But we have to understand, we don't see clearly at all its all distorted, and programmed. We must never fight with each other, or argue, there is no need to be right, only a need to help the other mend their feelings, and recover their own lights, so to be helpful to others and serve the children.

To take 100% responsibilty, to have humility, to be grateful to the Family, to assume it was something we did, and pour our hearts out with a sincere intent to rectify whatever is wrong or needs to be looked at in us, so our methods of interacting with others improve.

This is the basics of having the right intent, and a wish to not only harm no other living entity but to assist in whatever way one can.

And then to pour this out, under the stars, sungazing at dawn or dusk, while gardening or outside, or in nature, in meditation, doing dishes, in the bath/shower, and before sleep. And then remain quiet, reaching within zenmind, clear mind, striving to stay in our hearts, not our heads, and listening, but only lightly.

The method is to seek actively and then let it all go striving to be zenmind and receive. Conscious overlay and lack of love for others limits our reception. Or focusing on our needs and living soley for ourselves limits our reception.

The connection or phone line home is the Love Channel, and its one of a higher frequency, and we attain this more and more by taking responsiblity and blame on ourselves, and striving to overcome all blocks in us to more love, being more helpful, being more understanding of others.

This is also the way you get protected from negative abductions and experiences.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 02:33 PM
To ask specifically for help in this world out under the stars as well, and before sleep, the poor, the starving and abused children, the gang warfares, compromised of teenagers, just underprivilged babies, the wars, the environmental destructions, the inequality and regressive fundamentalism sweeping the world. We need to ask for assistance with overcoming all of this.

When you do this under the stars on a regular basis, and if you've been clearing some of the debris away, you would be feeling the love, feeling happiness at a universe filled with family, and you might even start to ask for a sign that there are positives up there watching over.

One of the meditations I like to do will be adapted from the Monroe Institute waves. Its to reach focus 21, which is to say, slipping beyond the veil, and seeking guidance.

i tend to do things my own way when I meditate, and instead of long lengthy preparations, spend that time praying to Father/Mother/God and all that is the Highest Love and Goodness, in Christ Jesus's name, for protection, for answers, solutions, for others and myself, and guidance.

I will use some hemisync which can be put on mp3 players continual play, as an example.

Golden Mind (with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats)

Ascension (Hemi-Sync® Meditation/Theta binaural beats)

528 - 396 Solfeggio Hemisync Mix Endorphin Release Centering

There are many others, including theta, and alpha and you need to find ones that bring an altered drifting state.

You may even wish to layer the binaurals, and a mid theta, to low theta, to high alpha, to mid alpha on a tract and overlay it in an audacity program and create a tract that will last 30 minutes to an hour.

Of course this works with no music as well. But being able to do this both ways is good.

To begin with, the normal procedure that I adapt into prayer instead is this:

1. To see a box and put all your concerns in it. You can see this as a transformation box where your concerns will transform into trails of knowledge into your past and show where they initially originated, even to childhood, one by one, and then find positive statements about yourself, and turn every negative into a positive, every problem into a peaceful, nurturing, kind, gentle and loving solution, or a challenge to try a new thing. But if so, do this as a passive condition of the box, because you can set those guidelines, this is your adventure in learning, but save deeper exploration of these issues for another meditation.

2. Focus on breathing, in the positive energy of healing and protection and out the tired, grey energy of illness or negativity, and see this as being sent far away form you and your family into a pool to transform itself. See the good energy filling your head and mind and body and extending outside your body to cocoon you in a protective bubble shield.

3. Count slowly to 10, setting the intention to relax your body with each count, deeper and deeper into a state of sleep paralysis or profound relaxation, though scratch if you have to.

Then count from 10 to 12, after you have relaxed in this state of conscious awareness and total relaxed paralyzed body seeing yourself expanding to beyond your body, to beyond the world. See yourself cupping the world in your hands and sending love.

Then become aware of the light emanating around your light body, and start to sink deeply into the light, going further and further and further, attempting to imagine a ripple in a light pond, a distortion in the veil, where you can slip through. Believe you did.

Then you can relax, and give thankfulness and send gratitude to all who Love you and watch over you, and pray to Father/Mother, ask for assistance, ask to be shown who you are, to connect more deeply, love more deeply, understand more deeply, and/or ask questions. You can also then go zenmind, and be on receptive mode. But always have a joyful heart, even in difficulties and strive to give thanks for any connection or insight, or help, and even just for the ability to meditate itself, and ask for those in trouble to be assistant and ways to help equalize this world.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 02:58 PM
Here is my thread on sungazing safely the best hours early and sunset with low or no UV.

Take a journal and write down every time the sun does something magical, fill your room and house over positive or illuminating thoughts, or coinciding with answers coming, or cuts through heavy cloud cover to brighten your day/journey.

There are no coincidences. And if you really begin to grow your psi awareness, you will experience contact.

Pouring forth prayers or pouring out our heat over issues or concerns or feeling bad about how we handled a situation and whether we feel we can accomplish anything, and asking for forgiveness, direction and help while sungazing is very good, and for the world to be freed and healed, and saved and every child rescued and fed and loved. But its not the sun we're praying to. We're still praying to God/Father/Mother/Family/Goodness and Love Beyond. The sun is a phone line home, a gateway experience, a hole in the matrix and shines with our own soul light as well, collective consciousness.
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 03:28 PM

The Divine Net of Miraculous Possibities

---One of the things that happens so often is when we're going after something....we can only see one way...maybe our way...but when you go and ask God and use the Divine field what happens is, instead of being a fisherman with one lone line, you don't just have your line in the water... but I'm going to ask God to help me with His infinite net of possibilities and miraculous, marvelous ways your dream can come true, that God can provide for you.

---She talks about her dream set for November to go to Hawaii and learn to surf and trying to save money but in November she didn't have any money and a friend joked so much for you, you were manifesting this and it didn't happen.

---Next day she gets a call from an ex client who needed a coach, to keep her sober, on a 10 day trip to Hawaii with her daughter, and she was able to go, learn to surf, and live her dream, without it costing her a thing, two Islands and 10 days.

---Everything she had dreamed for and asked for came true, with no money, because she didn't have the money, nor did it come through in any way I ever would have thought of.

---So just don't count on yourself, remember when you're in a good place about something, and its loving and good and doesnt hurt anyone, something that would bring great happiness to your spirit (or to someone else's), God is there with you....and you are not alone.

Just remember you may have your line in the water, but God's net is there with you and be open to miracles happening in a way you never thought it would.

Miracles Happen Everyday

---A lot of times in life, we don't believe miracles and can happen, and yet everyday miracles happen.

---Things can manifest when we least expect it.

The raisin toast that didn't exist in the middle of the sour loaf in the restaurant she worked at, was something that was manifested by the customer and it was a miracle, they didn't see it as to them there was no raisin bread in the loaf, and she brings up that the more we realize and begin to co-create, with faith our daily miracles we will start to realize they're true and then put our faith and prayers and manifesting into bigger things, ie, freeing this world, eutopia, healing, overcoming the frequency of Fukushima and ensuring it is shut down safely and all plants stopped in the world with free clean and simple energy solutions everywhere, and low cost.

I will add a link to my thread with many of her frequency course videos.

But this is part of why we're here, to wake up and connect within and envision, pray for, and have faith for, law of affinity, frequency attraction, permissions given to LOVE by asking for this with Faith, this is how we can bring forth positive love and frequency, and change into this world.
Manifesting, Visualizing, Raising Frequency To Co-Create A Free World
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 03:50 PM
Interesting. Didnt know too many people knew about home and memories been witheld. Remember there are some who walks amongst us who dont come from above.

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by jhill76

Every soul/consciousness/light is from Beyond/Home. There have been other cycles, and other transformations as the universes are recylced, for all things were made to progress even m2c, energy waves.

Family above, where in infinity there is no measurements and no above/below except as perceptions, once walked our walk in one of the previous cycles, and some of those who have been weighed down by the gravity of things have access to our school based on our frequency. It is a highly interactive school and if a larger amount of Love was expressed, equality and Light shone, then negatives would have far less access to our planet.

So as we wake and seek and have faith in remembering who we are and seeking to overcome the layers of grime and soot, we will bring this planet closer to Heaven as we call Home.

But in infinity, with infinite numbers of tries, and in time, more opportunity to pass the tests, would not every soul that can ask if it exists and therefore is consciousness, not eventually pass the tests. I've argued with priest when young because there is nothing else I will ever believe, in fact, Family does retrievals and intercedes at just the right moments over and over again, will even risk all and come into the school just to reach family and free them.

Sarah Brightman...beautiful

If you can depend
On certainty
Count it out and wake it up again
You can be sure
You've reached the end
And still you don't feel

Do you know you're beautiful
Do you know you're beautiful
Do you know you're beautiful
You are, yes you are, yes you are

If you can ignore
What you've become
Take it out and see it die again
You can be here
So who's a friend
And still you don't feel

Do you know you're beautiful
Do you know you're beautiful
Do you know you're beautiful
You are, yes you are, yes you are

Yes you are

Innermost thoughts
Will be understood
And you can have all you need

Do you know (do you know about anything)
Do you know (do you know about anyone)
Do you know you're beautiful
Do you know you're beautiful
Do you know you're beautiful
You are, yes you are, yes you are
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 09:05 PM

Sarah Brightman - The Journey Home

The journey home is never too long
Your heart arrives before the train
The journey home is never too long
Some yesterdays always remain

I'm going back to where my heart was light
When my pillow was a ship, I sailed through the night

Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah, ...

The journey home is never too long
When open arms are waiting there
The journey home is never too long
There's room to love and room to spare

I want to feel the way that I did then
And think my wishes through before I wish again

Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah, ...

Not every ROAD you come across is one you have to take
Now sometimes standing still can be the best move you ever make

The journey home is never too long
Home hopes to heal the deepest pain
The journey home is never too long
Your heart arrives before the train

Sarah Brightman - What you never know

The War Is Over Now ( Sarah Brightman And Kazim Al Sahir)

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 12:53 AM

How to use Frequency to help solve problems

How to be Effective. Energy and Thought - And did you sign that GE Alfalfa petition yet....?

We got the Power - How to use it....

We have the ability to raise our frequency and positivity, and to start to sort through our confusion and feelings towards the world and circumstances, to seek to find answers and see positive change. To pray for, envision, and create this, especially if enough would awaken to this, so more and more gradually joined in.

For example, Fukushima. I believe very strongly that the radiation may be able to affect us because this is a shared reality, and these isotopes exist within it according to the rules of our plane. However, that miracles do exist and that health can be greatly enhanced by our attitudes, and what we do, and the nutrients we take, the steps we take. Also, its well worth looking into putting a rebar in our back yard and joining in on the project to neutralize radiation with ham radios and tesla coils because a sine wave can cancel this.

Furthermore, I believe very strongly that if thousands of people were awake enough to focus their meditation/prayers for 30 minutes a day, or ever several days a wekk, on Fukushima being safely shut down and all the radiation being neutralized and dissipating, something would happen to enable just those things, something we wouldn't necessarily expect.

And wish enough would get onboard to start to do these things, more and more.

Raising frequency can be like a science, as Linda West talks about in her videos:

1. To honestly rate experiences, things, relationshiops, addictions, diet, habbits, behaviors in your life on a scale of 1-13, I would say 1-10, and find those things that are lower frequency such as diet, or anger, and determine to eliminate 3 low frequency items and replace them with 3 higher frequency, such as excercise, meditation, walks in nature. To seek nature, laughter, humor, joy, excercise, rainbow foods, fruits and vegetables to raise frequency. Also, to honestly look at life and any problems and seek to solve them or learn the lessons from them, and to set about taking responsibility for difficulties or anger or relationships and with integrity really attempt to make them right, make ammends, say we're sorry and do this soul inventory.

2. I would suggest that even higher on the frequency scale would be to give. Giving unblocks. And When we're in a high frequency state or feeling joy, this is the time to envision, as if we're really in the moment, living the dream currently, involving as many of the senses as we can, touch, sight, feel, and also emotions, what it would be like to experience this. To practice sending these envisioning prayer requests up, and that it be only for the highest good of all, only positive.

One day, when it was very stormy, angry dark pink clouds and a black sheet of fast moving clouds, i stepped into this mood to try out manifesting, though it was a bigger task than a beginner should attempt,and pictured the sky being filled with pink hearts. It was like, well, this won't do at all! This attitude came over me. I spent 20 minutes attempting to put the sky back and make it a miracle, pink hearts. Then gave up and went to make a pot of coffee.

So about 15-20 minutes later, with a fresh cup of coffee, headed for the door, and the sky was filled with pink hearts. There were big ones, small ones, abstracted ones, on the side, upside down, over my roof, in the valley, white ones too. The black clouds where gone.

Now i don't know if we get help, to me this was a miracle.

But it also was a learning experience and I'll never forget this.

posted on May, 4 2011 @ 04:40 PM

Tata A!

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by Americanist

They were exquisite thank you. Took my breath away. Music that transforms and transcends consciousness.
Everything is like a song, sound, vibrational frequency, color is song, geometry is song, harmonics.

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 05:12 PM

Sarah Brightman Symphony Live in Vienna 演唱会 Pie Jesu

Merciful Jesus, Merciful Jesus, Merciful Jesus, Merciful Jesus
You who take away the sins of the world
Grant them peace
Grant them everlasting peace

Lamb of god, lamb of god, lamb of god, lamb of god
You who take away the sins of the world
Grant them peace
Grant them everlasting peace

Everlasting, peace everlasting

More lyrics:

This is from the Requiem.

Here a look at the duality, oppositions, the checkerboard floor.

Sarah Brightman Symphony Live in Vienna 演唱会 fleurs du mal

You hold the Key to an Open Door, Will I ever be Free?
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 05:29 PM
The checkerboard floor, right from wrong, the Power of Unconditional Love or the Love of Power, this is the Tree of Knowledge and the whole earth school.

We are to see through everything even our own religions that All Is Not Love. That there is a path to Love, but we have to find it and pull out the weeds that are blocking the Light from shining through us, and true inspiration from guiding us not distortions.

Matthew 23:13
"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

War is Not Peace! Hate is Not Love! Apathy is not Compassion!

We have to chose in this life what we're standing for, we're creating our next step, we're going to bring this what we are, into the next world, we're creating our next step now.

Lets choose Love, Kindness, Joy, Sharing, Understanding, Gentleness, Patience, Virtue, Faithfulness, Truth, Equality, Peace.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 05:47 PM

Sarah Brightman Symphony Live in Vienna 演唱会 Symphony

There are a few lyrics here that give a clue the song is depicting so much more:

Oh I don't know which way that I should turn
Seems the more we love The more we have to learn And I keep staring into space Like it somehow has the answer (Contemplating infinity brings many answers!)
So don't let the music end
Oh my darling

It's gone quiet around us now
How I wish you would hold me
And that you never told me
That it's better if you leave
Look at the sun
We're starting to lose all of the light
Where we once burnt so brightly
Tell me we might be
Throwing it away

Well you don't know what you've got
Until it's gone
But then nothing ever hurt like holding on
I am scared and unprepared
And I feel like I am falling
So can you tell me
Where did we go wrong?

[Repeat chorus]

If everything is broken
Then it's better that we give up
And remember how we once had
Something beautiful

Look at the sun We're starting to lose all of the light Where we once burnt so brightly Tell me we might be Throwing it away

The sun is a mystery. A hole in the matrix. A projector for the dream school. Our collective consciousness and we don't want it to lose its light, Coldness of heart shows up in the suns cycles, we need to SHINE OUR LOVE LIGHT BRIGHTLY.

Coldness of heart shows up in the suns cycles.

We're throwing it away, we're losing our Light, if we don't stand still and stop reacting, we need to stand still, and go within, and find the Love Light Again, that we are the Love Light in essence and we need to shine this brightly. No more apathy, no more walking by another in need. I read a thread about a homeless man who wouldn't work in a yard for 20 bucks. REALLY. Unless he begs for crumbs and is a slave he doesnt deserve existence? There are no slaves. It is a privilege to have someone volunteer to help you, and going to someone living in the streets without energy, nutrition, health and stamina and asking for this privilege is a bit much. But a system that supports slavery, working for lodgings is a HELLZONE.
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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 07:24 PM
Brave for your effort again my loved friend,
Great moment to refresh all this issue, as you say...

"We're called to see through the traps and the lies and begin to work within our own hearts and souls to advance and seek Truth, Light and Love, and never to accept anything, not even our relgions on face value or how they are presented."


Originally posted by Unity_99
The purpose of the thread is to work on what kind of efforts we can utilize to touch base on who we are inside, shine up our lights more and grow into the adults/trees/Family we wish to be.

that last one is very important, how and what tools we can share here to help, to raise the power, the strenght of the positive thought in our planet.
I am reading your rambling with interest.

All the light for you, thanks for share and to be here


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posted on May, 5 2011 @ 09:59 AM
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Thank you for your words. It seems I'm not so good at writing threads, but as often happens receive inspiration connected to water, and this was nudged inside me. So I'm pouring my heart out, have had questions, on how o wake up and written several threads, that still apply, in the past, however, my own understanding has increased with my searching, including in the actual experiences, so streamlining it into the most important things, and the simplest tools we have. This is also how, for those who are seeking to ask for a siting in the nightsky, to ensure that they are standing in the light squares, and they're greeting Love and Family, not sending up their wishes in an all out open way, one that could draw in the wrong attention. I never worry about this, I can stand under the sky and pour my heart out because I'm standing in love and send it out to all, even those who feel like gravity to me, to me, everyone is going to make those U-Turns, and if not now, then soon, at some point in "time".

Peace, Love and Happiness.
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Have we ever asked ourselves why so many songs say things plainly, the very things debated online?

Running Sarah brightman - live in vienna [HD]

I was sad and I was silent
In shadow of my soul
Ever seeking the horizon
For promises untold.

I dream of silent oceans
And I sing of waters blue
With the crossing of angels
Brought forth to guide me through

To a distant shore so welcoming
where I was free to roam
In a land of ancient mystery
That I could call my own

This is me and you
And we are running To change the world Where hope is shining through Gaia's green and blue And we are running To save the world That we're about to lose

We'll be running
Watch it coming
Green is shining through
Love is rising
Worlds colliding
Green is shining through

Can you hear the distant beating
Of passion born of old
Reaching out to far horizons
Of prophecy untold

I will wander through the desert
I will seek you in my hand
In the silence of shadows
In palaces of sand

Then a voice called from the wilderness
Whose spirit held the key
To a world and soul united
Forever strong and free

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