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Question about Hidden_Hand material

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:07 PM
The controllers’ power is formidable because they are the ones who hold the purse strings and if you begin to think a little too freely they can and will remove your funding and you have a vested interest in keeping the money flowing. How many others also depend upon you to keep the money flowing?
The controllers’ hold on mainstream scientists is particularly formidable because they have the power to assign scientists who threaten to upset the apple cart to a powerless and penniless lunatic fringe. Imagine the fear of the average mainstream scientist at the mere thought of being labeled as a conspiracy theorist or U.F.O. hunter.
Mainstream scientists, no matter how brilliant or well meaning they may be, have allowed the controllers to use their own intellectual pride and self interests to turn them into mindless believers who follow the directions of the controllers without questioning the beliefs into which they are indoctrinated by our so-called institutions of higher learning, whose curriculum is decided on by the controllers.
Scientists, just like religionists, have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into false beliefs about the Creator. It doesn’t matter what you believe about the Creator. Even the belief that there is no Creator, since it hasn’t been scientifically proven, is still just another belief about the Creator, so you must admit that you are still a believer of a closed minded dogma, no matter how ridiculous that dogma may or may not be.
If you are not willing to open your mind to the possibility that your belief system may be wrong, and that your teachers and preachers may be wrong, you may believe yourselves to be scientists, but in truth, you are just another religionist, period.
Because of the controllers’ manipulations to divide us, the war between science and religion diverted our attention away from the dismantling of the old paradigm scaffolding, and as a result, the only old scaffolding that we managed to dismantle was the false belief in a flat earth.
Though scientists today refuse to see it, all of their cosmological theories are built upon the sub-conscious false beliefs of our world as the center of intelligent life as well as the beginning of intelligent life, which is basically the same as the beginning and center of all creation.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by iamonesoru

but science works

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:14 PM
We are taught to believe that the third dimensional carbon based life forms that we call our bodies are the highest form of life. We have no real understanding of what dimensions really are, or of the more highly evolved beings inhabiting the higher dimensions because of what we have been taught to believe the dimensions to be.
The dimensions we are taught to believe in are not dimensions at all, but merely spatial directions. The concept of height, width, and depth, which scientists use to understand what they call the first three dimensions are nothing but different directions in space, and in this context a dimension is nothing more than a potential measurement.
Have you ever seen or experienced any physical object that has only one or two dimensions? Everything physical must have three dimensions or potential measurements in order for us to see or experience it. Only an imaginary straight line can have only one dimension, and only an imaginary plane can have only two dimensions. Any physical depth is measurable no matter how thin it may appear to be. In order for something to have a physical existence it must possess a measurable height, width, and depth.
Everything that exists physically, or even meta-physically, is made up of energy that is vibrating, so how is it that we have come to translate the symbol “dimension” as a potential measurement? How can this translation ever possibly lead us to an understanding of a Unified Field of Energy?
What if we were to re-translate the symbol “dimension” as a spectrum of vibration like a bandwidth, frequency range, or density of vibration? Why do our institutions of “higher learning” teach scientists to misunderstand dimensions as potential measurements in different spatial directions when they know full well of the existence of different densities of vibrations of the energy we call “light”, which everything physical is made up of?
Our third dimensional life forms are carbon based. Would a fourth dimensional life form existing in a state of higher vibration, whose energy is vibrating at a high enough rate to inhabit the same space as us without us being aware of their presence, be carbon based? Why do our institutions of “higher learning” teach scientists to believe that all life must be carbon based and only able to maintain itself on earth like planets with liquid water? Why do scientists refuse to ask themselves these questions?
Because they have been taught not to think freely, just like religionists? Scientists and religionists have been taught not to ask questions whose answers might upset the apple cart and take away the power and authority of the controllers.
In the Bible, “God” supposedly told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac to prove his faith. So, when Abraham was about to plunge a knife into the heart of his own beloved son, why didn’t “God” just say; “Hey Abraham, hold on! I believe you believe in me. You don’t have to go through with this”? Why did “God” have to send an angel in physical form to stop him? If “God” was able to talk Abraham into doing such a thing, certainly he would have been able to talk him out of it, wouldn’t he?
Could it be that the story of Abraham and Isaac, just like the story of Job, is a story of two higher dimensional controllers, one of the service to self path and the other of the service to others path, manipulating humanity to provide catalyst for us to expand our awareness?
There is much information to be gleaned from such stories, just as there is much information to be gleaned from asking the right questions – the questions our worldly controllers don’t want us to ask. In order for us to ask these questions, and genuinely seek the answers, it is necessary to face the fears generated by the false beliefs taught to us by the controllers in order to keep us from asking them.
The worldly service to self controllers are merely puppets of the real controllers who exist in what we call higher dimensions. The higher dimension service to self controllers have force fed us a camel, and we have swallowed it whole, yet we choke on the gnats fed to us by the higher dimension service to others controllers. See Matt. 23:24.
The higher dimension service to others controllers are forced to feed us these “gnats” in order not to infringe on the “prime directive” or the Law of Free Will. The service to self controllers follow the Laws of Confusion and don’t care about our free will. Their agenda is conquest, but because of the presence of the service to others controllers they aren’t able to openly conquer us, so they teach us beliefs that divide us and give us technology which they hope we will use to destroy ourselves, and because of the fear and paranoia of our invisible governments, it’s working.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by iamonesoru

I find your perspective on how things really are interesting.

Do you have anything else to add? And yes i'm being serious...don't listen to those who want to detract from the thread.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 12:19 PM
What if I told you that everything science thinks it knows about black holes is wrong?
What if I told you that I can help you learn to think in a new way that could aid you greatly in your search for a theory of everything?
What if I told you that the worldly enlightenment of the renaissance period would pale in comparison to the evolutionary leap of consciousness that humanity would experience if you were successful in postulating and proving this theory?
Would you be interested in an open minded assessment of new information that could help you learn to see yourself and the world in a new way?
I consider myself to be what you might call a Cosmologist/Consciousness Explorer. I explore the Cosmos by thinking “outside the box.”
I believe in the adage-“The Macrocosm is expressed through the Microcosm,” so I began my exploration of consciousness by contemplating the Microcosm, as I experience it, or through exploring myself.
This contemplation of myself, turned into a journey to self-awareness in which I have learned many new and incredible things.
For instance, I learned that the reason humanity is only using five to ten percent of the brain is because of the way we are using it, which may be described as spatially, or linearly.
I learned that there is another way to think that is non-spatial, or non-linear, and by exploring and, essentially playing with this new way of thinking, I believe I may have triggered certain genetic sequencing codes that have actually changed the physiology of my brain, which not only opened new pathways to higher understandings, but also a new ability to spontaneously receive information, somewhat akin to downloading information from the internet onto your PC.
I have learned through this process that what we call the universe is, in actuality, a gigantic creation machine that runs on information.
In particle physics, it has been shown that, what we call matter, is in fact, some kind of energy that is moving very fast, and what we see and experience as a solid object is actually 99.9% “empty space.”
What if I told you, that energy, which constitutes everything we misunderstand as matter, is actually an intelligent energy being radiated or broadcast in a format which we misunderstand as Light, from some intelligent source, and what we misunderstand as the singularity, or the black hole is a transmitter and receiver of all of the information contained in the universe?
Now, I realize that this is mind blowing information that, if proven, could radically change our understanding of ourselves, our lives, and our world, yet we only have to look around at our world to see that radical change is, quite simply, a necessity that we avoid at our own peril.
Humanity is a relatively young species that is fast approaching an apex, or zenith point of self-consciousness through information and technology.
The problem is that we, as a species, are barely self-aware. How can we claim to be self-aware, when we cannot even define the .1% of energy or the 99.9% “empty space” that constitutes the totality of who we really are? Stop and contemplate that for a moment.
The individual human being has, essentially, no idea who or what he really is, other than the identity that the world has taught him to believe himself to be.
The individual human being, for the most part, is oblivious of the potential of humanity as a species, and oblivious of the relative relationship of responsibility that each individual shares with the whole.
The individual human being thinks and acts in a manner that may be described as self-consciousness, or in a self-conscious manner, and judges itself, and others, and the actions of itself and others, based on the perceived need of the individual to survive. It operates, again for the most part, from a state of distorted awareness that does not realize that its personal survival, in fact, depends upon the survival of the species as a whole, and not only the survival of the species, but the survival of the entire species system which we call our planet.
In other words, humanity, or more correctly the species we call homo-sapiens, is now, and has been since its beginning, operating from a state of awareness which may be described as separation consciousness. Individuality does not mean separation and it does not have to cause separation or opposition. We are one species with many unique individuals, yet still one species.
The belief that we are separate, from each other and everything else that appears to be outside of us, is what causes us to think and behave in ways that appear to be beneficial to ourselves, but are in fact, destructive to both the species and the species system, and hence must also be destructive to the individual.
In order to keep from destroying ourselves and our planet we, as a species, must learn to operate from a higher level of consciousness awareness which may be understood as Unity Consciousness.
We, as a species, must learn to think and behave in terms of “All for One, and One for All,” or, in other words, we must come to the conscious realization that, as the character Spock in the television series Star Trek so elegantly put it; “The needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few.”
Consider if you will the historical period called the renaissance, or the age of enlightenment. Before this period humanity operated from a consciousness awareness state based on a mysterious, superstitious, and ignorant system of beliefs that viewed our world as the only world in creation. We believed that the world was flat and that it was the center of the universe.
The worldly symbol of power and authority at that time was the Holy Roman Catholic Church, which was basically created and organized from a myriad of different religious belief systems by the Roman Emperor Constantine as a means of unifying and solidifying his base of power.
The religious leaders of the time, or at least the ones willing to swear allegiance to Rome, gathered together in the Counsel of Nicaea to discuss and decide which religious beliefs would be incorporated into this new religious belief system.
The beliefs that were not incorporated were beliefs that this counsel believed might pose a threat to the Holy Roman Empire.
Once the counsel, decided upon the “sacred” books and precepts of this new belief system, they began to teach and enforce this new religion by means of a campaign of terror in which books, beliefs, religious leaders, and their followers, were systematically destroyed, and through the use of this instilled fear, the masses were converted.
The Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire would eventually give way to the popes of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, but the use of terror and fear to maintain the power base continued on, as evidenced by the crusades, the dark ages, and the inquisition.
Now along comes a new breed of free thinkers like Copernicus, Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci, etc. who by the force of their will, backed eventually by undeniable physical evidence, forced the religious authorities and the church to finally admit that the world was round and part of a small solar system that revolves around our sun, which is part of an even larger system called a galaxy, which is part of an even larger system we call a universe, which may be part of an even larger system that science now postulates as a multi-verse, which may be part of an even larger system that we haven’t even begun to imagine.
My point is that the renaissance, or the age of enlightenment, was brought about by a new awareness conceived and created by a new breed of free thinkers who refused to be limited by a mysterious, superstitious, ignorant world view enforced by the powers and authorities of their historical time period. This new way of free thinking was named “Science”, and science, through reason, logic, mathematics, and culture, managed to drag religion, kicking and screaming into a new age of awareness of the vast human potential, and by doing so changed the way that much of humanity viewed its world.
But what happened to all that vast human potential? How did we get from that golden age of reason to the seeming world of chaos and confusion that we are experiencing today?
Well, it seems to me that the worm has turned and now the problem is not only the state of awareness of organized religion, but the state of awareness of organized science as well. Science has fallen into the same trap that has caused religion so much grief. Let me explain.
Religion seeks what it misunderstands as “God” through what it calls “Faith”, and what is faith but a belief in something you cannot see.
Somehow, somewhere, sometime, someone taught religion that it is impossible to understand the creator, and that if humans acted in certain ways and believed certain things, when they die they would meet and live forever with their creator. Later someone else came along who saw an opportunity to amass power and wealth by manipulating and controlling religion and its “believers”.
This “someone”, or group of some ones, taught humanity that there was another great power called the devil, or Satan, an evil, maniacal, sadistic being who loved and lived to torture human beings in most gruesome ways. And if you don’t do whatever the religious leaders tell you to do, when you die the creator will hand you over to the devil.
Through this use of fear to manipulate and control the masses; what was once the metaphysical sciences; the sciences of seeking that which cannot be seen, or that which is hidden, was hamstrung and slowly morphed into organized religion, simply because it came to believe and teach that the creator cannot be known or understood.
In this way belief, which is meant to be flexible stepping stones to higher beliefs and higher understandings, became the stumbling blocks of rigid, dogmatic belief systems that are the corner stones of religion today.
The metaphysical Scientists of the day, call them Prophets, Seers, Shamans, Mediums, Astrologers, or whatever, were taught to stop seeking a higher understanding of themselves, their world and the creator, and over time, metaphysical Scientists morphed into the closed minded religious leaders who teach; “This is the way it is and this is the only way it is. My way is the right way, and if you don’t want to go to hell, you must follow the rules of God’s chosen mediators.”
Metaphysical Science, by morphing into organized religion has abandoned its role of raising the consciousness awareness of the planet in favor of rigid, dogmatic belief systems that are meant to manipulate and control and keep humanity enslaved within the “belief trap.”
What was once the science of seeking to understand that which cannot be seen, has become the religions of blind obedience to that which cannot be understood.
This gave rise to the other side of science, which is physical science. The role of science, as a whole, is to seek greater understanding. Physical science seeks understanding through the study of that which can be seen and measured and proven.
The free thinkers of the Renaissance studied both physical and metaphysical science with an open minded curiosity that was fascinated by what they were able to learn, experience, and express. Their enthusiastic learning, creating, and experiencing was contagious and resulted in the flowering of new and potentially unlimited consciousness awareness, and society and civilization began to flourish.
Science threw off the shackles of limiting dogmatic beliefs, and in the joy of their new found freedom began a head long dash toward this new and wonderful unlimited potential. This dash resulted in an age of invention which fueled the industrial revolution.
But the church would have none of it. It fought back by attempting to demonize science by claiming it was all the work of the devil. Religion and science clashed until it came to the point that Scientists wanted nothing to do with anything that “smacked” of religion because the only thing religion sought to do was regain control and limit human potential.
Even though the “church” had by now splintered into many different belief systems and many different religions, they all used fear to convert and tighten their control over the “believers”.
Then along comes Darwin who essentially announced; “There is no God. Life evolved of its own accord from some kind of primordial soup.” This amounted to an open declaration of war to the religious authorities and the war evolved into creation verses evolution.
As a result of this war science abandoned the metaphysical sciences that religion had abandoned earlier, and essentially, threw the baby out with the bath water.
This is how science fell into the same trap that religion fell into - the belief trap. Religion fell into the trap by embracing the belief that the creator could not be understood, and science fell into the trap by embracing the belief that there is no creator.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by LucidDreamer85

Thank you very much Lucid. I have been working on a thesis called Relativity Revisited in the Light of Quantum Non-Locality. It started out as an e-mail to Stephen Hawking, but turned into a thesis from which much may be learned if you have an open mind. I will post it here unless there is some place better to post it. I don't want to break the rules of this site, but I do want to share this information.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 12:42 PM
That we are an evolving species is patently obvious. We don’t need the “missing link” to prove evolution as a process. All we have to do is observe the difference between our ancestors and ourselves to see that we have evolved.
What about creation? Do we not prove creation every time a baby is born? Do we not prove creation every time we create a new invention? Do we not prove creation every time we build a car, or a house, or factory, or every time we create a new song, or symphony, or work of art?
So, Why all of the fuss? The short answer is our awareness. We have lost the awareness of the Unity of the creator, creation, and the created.
If we look at what we call life as a process that includes both creation and evolution, then we may see that life is not the creation and evolution of life itself, but the creation and evolution of different and unique life forms.
Life itself is a process that is neither created nor evolved. It is the power of the intelligent energy of consciousness that causes all life forms to evolve through the cycles, phases, fields, amplitudes, frequencies, and rhythms of energy in motion.
Those who teach that the creator cannot be understood are not teaching truth with a capital T, but truth from their perspective, which is a perspective of ignorance of truth.
It is essential here that the reader understand the intended meaning of my use of the word “ignorant”. It may be translated or interpreted by some that I am saying that we are stupid or unable to learn and this is definitely not what I am attempting to express.
My intended interpretation of the word “ignorant” is that we choose to ignore truth, or ignore the lessons of life that our experiences bring to us in order to lead us to a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, our lives, and our world. Isn’t this what science is all about?
To teach that the creator cannot be understood is one thing, but to teach that the creator can never be understood is, quite simply, a false teaching.
By teaching that the meta-physical sciences are the work of the devil, we are, essentially teaching that “ignorance” is “Godly”. By teaching humanity that the meta-physical sciences, or what we have labeled “occult” teachings, are the work of the devil, we are basically teaching humanity to fear the light of truth, and worship the darkness of ignorance and superstition.
Now, I am in no way inferring that all meta-physical or occult teachings are “right”, nor that any or all religious teachings are “wrong”. There is right and wrong in every teaching, and it is up to us to work our way through the distortions of right and wrong. All teaching is merely teaching meant to lead us to higher understandings and greater awareness of our true selves.
None of it is truth with a capital T, or ultimate truth, yet, parts of it may be our truth, for now, depending on our misunderstandings, or our distorted beliefs which we are working through in the tree of mind, or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
It is up to us to observe, study, and discern what our truth is by coming to know and accept ourselves, without judgment or condemnation and learn to observe, study, and discern our emotional reactions to new information, which is the way the soul seeks to guide us to higher truths, and higher understandings.
When we put away our fears of being judged or condemned, we may learn to discern the emotional charge, or the frequency of vibration, that comes along with new information, and if this new information is accompanied by a feeling of joy, or “rightness” then it is our truth for now, and it will lead us, as long as we are open minded and not closed off by fear, to even higher truths, or greater stepping stones.
It is impossible to understand the creator, in the same way that it is impossible for a first grader to understand advanced calculus, and to teach that the creator can never be understood, so there is no point trying to understand, or worse, that it is evil to try to understand, is like telling a first grader that calculus can never be understood, and that basic math, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry are the work of the devil and must be avoided and ignored if you don’t want to go to hell.
How many first graders would grow up to be mathematicians if they were taught this in their formative years? You decide.
Basically, this is what we have been taught about, not only the creator, but our very own souls. Not only have we embraced this belief, but we enforce it on others every time we pre-judge them or show prejudice towards them because they are courageous enough to seek understanding through meta-physical practices that we misunderstand and label as occult, or mystical.
The meta-physical state is a state of existence that bridges the gap between that which is non-physical and that which is physical, and the reason we can’t see it is because the only sensors we use are the ones meant to sense physicality.
Both science and religion have abandoned the science of awareness by falling into the belief trap. Both science and religion are now operating from a distorted awareness within the trap, and humanity’s only way out of the trap is to learn to think “outside the box”.
Something has to happen to shake up both science and religion. We need some kind of catalyst to awaken humanity to the existence of the trap so that it can be dismantled and never be able to trap us again.
Fortunately, I believe I have found just the catalyst that can do this. What if I told you that what religions misunderstand as God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc. is the exact same thing science misunderstands as the singularity?
What if I told you that science has already discovered proof of, not only the soul, but the existence of the creator as well? It has actually been discovered for quite some time, yet neither science nor religion are aware of this fact because they are operating from a state of distorted awareness inside the trap, and from their limited perspective from within the box, they choose daily to “see” the “Emperors’ new clothes” and completely ignore the “pink elephant in the room”.
Now, let me be clear that I am in no way judging religion or science. I am making impartial observations as an impartial observer who has spent many years learning to become impartial by observing myself in relation to my world. I have overcome the needs and desires of what has been called the ego. I do not seek fame or fortune and my one true desire is to help humankind to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
I have learned to think outside the box, and as a result I have been enabled to observe the world from a perspective outside the box. In my observation I have noticed the emergence of a clear pattern in the evolution of humanity, a pattern just as sure and true as our daily pattern of day and night. Always there has been a time of Light followed by a time of darkness, a time of inspiration followed by a time of desperation. Is this by random occurrence or by Intelligent design? You decide.
The earth is literally littered by the ruins of ancient civilizations that were born, and flowered, then wilted and decayed, or were destroyed. This pattern holds true for everything in our world. In the case of homo-sapiens and its’ civilizations, it seems that an individual, or group of individuals sees the benefit of uniting for a common purpose. In the beginning people come together and work as one toward a common goal that is usually life sustaining and life nurturing, and beneficial to the whole group.
However, there always seems to be someone who sees an opportunity to amass power and wealth that is usually produced by the hard work of others, usually, the one who assumes power and his family and friends. As the civilization grows, so grows its’ power and wealth, and over time, those who are in positions of power and authority become corrupted by power and greed and the civilization arranges itself into a societal power structure with different classes. In this way, the civilization distorts the unity under which it thrived and flourished, and becomes separated.
In every one of these civilizations the middle and lower classes, which bear the brunt of the burden and represent the vast majority of the power base, must be controlled, so that the minority in the upper class can continue to enjoy the wealth, power, and excessive behaviors to which they have become accustomed. The wider the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”, the more restrictive the controlling mechanisms must be.
Once the rulers and the upper classes become corrupted by power and greed and begin to see themselves as superior beings, the civilization eventually begins to decay and is inevitably destroyed. The gulf between the “haves” and “have-nots”, the rulers and the ruled, always ends in the destruction, dissolution, or re-organization of the society.
I have noticed that in every case, no matter how the society is organized, those who believe themselves to be superior use some kind of belief trap to control those that they consider inferior, or common. The beliefs have changed over the years, but the box or trap is always present and skillfully employed.
Historically, rigid and dogmatic beliefs in the superiority of Gods, Kings, Religious Leaders, Churches, Nations, or City States have been used to fanaticize and trap “believers”. The masses are indoctrinated and brainwashed from the time they are born. It doesn’t matter whether the beliefs are true or not, because whatever you have been taught to believe is true, is in fact, true for you. If you are not aware that another truth exists, it might as well not exist, as far as you are concerned.
Since the age of invention, science and society has blindly dashed ahead, building bigger, better, faster, more, into a new age of information and technology that threatens not only to destroy the entire species, but the entire planet as well.
Because of the abandonment of the meta-physical sciences by both religion and science humanity has blossomed intellectually, but has remained emotionally in the dark ages. We have the technology to cure all of the worlds’ woes, but because of our emotional and mental instability and lack of awareness of a unified species, and lack of awareness of our unified spirituality, we simply choose not to. In short, we have learned how to destroy the planet, but we have not learned how not to. We have not learned that the fate of the individual is inexorably linked to the fate of the whole and vice versa.
Both science and religion, and in truth, all of western society now finds itself enslaved within a new, more subtle, and much more insidious belief trap. This new trap is the belief in materiality and debt, which is made possible by the belief in ownership.
Remember, I am simply an impartial observer and I am not advocating communism, capitalism, fascism, socialism, or globalism. I am simply pointing out my observation that all of these “isms” appear to be different “schisms” by which the powers behind the powers control the masses. Throughout history the rulers of the world have operated from the perspective of belief that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.
What began as a belief in survival of the fittest devolved into the beliefs in the superiority of certain bloodlines , and families who taught humanity to believe in the right of succession, whether of kings, or religious authority, but in every case, the individual human as well as the masses have been taught that those in power deserve to be there, and in every case the masses are taught to believe things about themselves, their lives, and their world that are simply not true, so that they may be kept docile and led like sheep to the slaughter. The evidence for this is everywhere and easily seen, but because of our abandonment of awareness, we choose not to see it.
Somehow, somewhere, sometime, someone observed, noticed, and realized the unlimited power of belief, and learned to use that power to control others and amass and hoard wealth. This knowledge has been a closely guarded secret that has been passed down from generation to generation through families, bloodlines, and secret societies to maintain the power and wealth through the ability to control and manipulate the masses, because, for whatever reasons, they consider themselves to be superior to the masses.
Consider, if you will, the Adam and Eve story. Basically, Adam and Eve had no concept of good and evil, or right and wrong. They possessed an awareness of their relationship with the creator as a loved and cherished part of the creation, and they were aware of their relationship with the planet as caretakers and stewards of the “garden” and its resources. They had no concept of ownership. Their worldview was one of unity, stewardship, and sharity. Then along comes a serpent who teaches them to break the only rule and eat of the fruit (belief) of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
This story is seen as the tale of paradise lost, but actually, it is a tale of awareness lost. Adam and Eve did not lose paradise, but because they devolved consciously into the beliefs of good and evil, right and wrong, they lost the awareness of the paradise this planet truly is, and as a result, their worldview of unity, stewardship, and sharity devolved into our worldview of separation, ownership, and just enough charity to keep the masses from revolting.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 01:01 PM
I have found that this and other stories we call myths contain a lot of insightful information that can help us to raise our conscious awareness if we examine them with an open mind and apply reason and logic.
The Source of all information, call it God, call it the Singularity, call it what you will, radiates all information at all times, basically in two different formats we misunderstand as love and light. All of this information is transmitted in the form of data that is encoded in the energy we call consciousness, or projected thought. This is the energy we see in particle physics, as well as the energy we don’t see, and ignore as “empty space”.
Because of our awareness, or our perspective from a state of lack of awareness, we don’t use our inner sight, or meta-physical sight – the insight that would allow us to become aware of a vast amount of information or data that we have simply overlooked. The potential of this information or data is unlimited. What is limited is humanity’s ability to become aware of this data and compute it and use it to produce and wisely use technological advancements in ways that are beneficial to the whole, rather than destructive to the whole or any of its parts.
In all of creation there is only one thing that exists and that one thing may be understood as intelligence. That intelligence is alive and it is, in fact, infinite. Now I realize that the concept of infinity is anathema to scientists, but why do you think that mysterious symbol oo keeps showing up in the best of your theories when taken to mathematical conclusions?
Proving that infinity exists is as simple as counting. No matter how many lifetimes you count and continue to count, you will never run out of numbers. Proving it is easy, however, understanding it is not and, oops, it looks like both religion and science have embraced the belief that infinity (God) cannot be understood, so let’s just stop trying to understand it, or just ignore it and maybe it will go away.
I believe that infinity is, in fact, the state of both the macrocosm and the microcosm. There is no end to bigness and there is no end to smallness. If you could shrink yourself and your microscopes down to where you could look at those tiny molecular particles, you would find that, they too appear to be 99.9% “empty space”. This is because that which appears to be many and separate is, in fact, a unity experiencing and expressing itself in infinite variations.
The reason that we cannot even entertain the possibility of infinity is simply because we have not conceived of a way to understand it. We cannot “wrap” our brains around it because there is no outside in infinity. Rather than trying to wrap our brains around it, we must learn to embrace it. Infinity cannot be contained within the boundaries that we use to define ourselves, and the fear of losing those boundaries, and the fear of losing ourselves is what keeps us from embracing infinity.
The physical human brain, in its present state of evolution, operates in a linear or sequential fashion. It receives and processes data linearly because it takes “time” for our sensors to transmit data to the brain, and it takes “time” for the brain to analyze and compute the data. This is the reason we are only using 5% to 10% of the brains’ power. We have reached a zenith point in the evolution of the brain, and in order for it to continue to evolve it must be able to make an evolutionary leap and learn to operate beyond time and space in a simultaneous fashion.
The reason we are experiencing so many problems in our world, and the reason our brains have not yet learned to operate simultaneously is because we are not receiving, computing, and incorporating the data that is transmitted to us in the format, or signal we misunderstand as Love.
The human brain is, in fact, capable of operating simultaneously, but it is missing some very critical information as a result of the war between science and religion, and our abandonment of our own meta-physical awareness. The information we are missing is the information we need in order to learn to live together in peace and harmony. The information we are missing is the information that could transform our world from the oppositions of separation consciousness to the peace, love, and cooperation of Unity Consciousness.
We need to learn to see ourselves as a Unity of unique individuals and learn to honor and cherish our uniqueness and individuality. Here again we may see the unmistakable presence of the belief trap. It is our belief that everything is linear, finite, and separate that acts as a barrier to Unity and simultaneity consciousness.
Let us take another look at the story of Adam and Eve as an analogy. If we see Adam and Eve as symbolic of humanity and the Garden of Eden as symbolic of the planet, and the “Trees” as symbolic of the roots, trunk, and branches of the mind, then we may see the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as the mind or conscious awareness of Unity, and the mind or conscious awareness of separation respectively, so that the warning; “Do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge” becomes a warning about descending into separation consciousness awareness, and losing our awareness of Unity and eternal Life.
As I stated earlier, I am a consciousness explorer, actually, we all are, and in my explorations I have been inspired and enabled to face my fears and put away the distorted beliefs into which I was indoctrinated. I have worked my way through the Tree of Knowledge and the distorted error thoughts and false beliefs that keep us enslaved within the belief trap.
As a result I have evolved my conscious awareness to a level of Unity Consciousness that vibrates above the levels of separation consciousness so that the collective unconscious consensus reality is no longer able to affect my mental and emotional stability, or clarity. It is the mental and emotional clarity of awareness that triggers the DNA to re-configure, re-calibrate, and re-wire the brain that switches the brain functioning from sequential to simultaneous.
Once this begins to happen, you will find yourself opening, activating, and accessing new sensors which sense or receive data above and beyond the normal five senses which the brain uses to operate sequentially. The first of these new abilities to open within me is what I call the gift of sacred translation. It is the ability to directly cognize the energy or data encoded in the symbols we call words.
So many of our problems are caused by the necessity to use language in order to communicate thoughts, ideas, or concepts. The use of words or symbols is a very confusing, ineffective, and inefficient method of transmitting and receiving data because the symbols we call words have no meaning except the meanings we each individually assign to them, and those meanings can differ greatly from one individual to another.
The languages of Light and Love that the source uses to transmit data and information is akin to mathematics, geometry, and binary code, and yet it is also akin to music, in that it arranges itself into octaves of experience through what we call the dimensions. These dimensions are not spatial, but we experience them as such because of the linear, sequential functioning of the brain.
What science calls the singularity (a more correct terminology would be the Simultaneous Singularity), and what religion misunderstands as “God”, is, in actuality, an infinite matrix of potential intelligent energy which may be expressed by the symbol, “mind”. We may understand this matrix of mind as what is called Infinite Intelligence, Intelligent Infinity, or Spirit.
Intelligent Infinity contains all power, thus it is omnipotent. It contains all knowledge, thus it is omniscient. It contains all of creation as well because it is omnipresent. This means that all of creation is actually occurring inside the matrix because there is no outside.
What scientists are trying to understand as a super massive black hole may be more correctly understood as a supra-luminal white hole. It is not sucking light in, it is radiating Light out. What we call darkness or the absence of light is actually a higher order of Light that we can’t see because our linear operating brain actually screens it out.
We see what we call visible light in a very narrow spectrum of vibration, and all of the other spectrums of light are either screened out, or sensed in other narrow spectrums that we call sound, smell, taste, and touch. We know that other spectrums of light exist, and we detect some of them using tools made up of third dimensional materials because we have not opened the brain to the ability to use the onboard sensors that are built in to the human body. Some individuals have opened and activated some of these sensors, and we have called these individuals psychics, mediums, avatars, yogis, occultists, etc. whom we ridicule, marginalize, and assign to the lunatic fringe.
In reality, there is no such thing as darkness. What we call darkness is simply an illusion resulting from our physical bodies functioning through sensors that detect vibrations of the energy we call light. The Supra Luminal Light of Intelligent Infinity is omnipresent, which means that there is no space that it does not occupy, and since it is energy at rest, it is not moving or vibrating, and our sensors detect vibrations of intelligent energy and our brains decode the information encoded within the vibrations and compute it to give us an illusory view of our holograph-like virtual “reality” world. We do not see or experience the truth of who and what we are by looking outside of ourselves. We can only see and experience truth by going within because there is nothing outside of ourselves.
There is no super massive object in the center of a black hole. What we are trying to understand as the singularity, and what we continue to misunderstand as “God” is actually a focal point of, and portal to, the truth of our beingness. What we describe as an absence of light is simply the absence of our ability to see or detect it.
The Simultaneous Singularity is a massive ocean of potential energy. It doesn’t have to move because it exists everywhere at once. It moves simply out of the desire to experience itself. All that is creation is kinetic energy that may be understood as an alive thought. The Intelligent Energy of Consciousness moving and resting is not only the process of Life, but it is Life itself.
The desire to experience is the mechanism which translates potential energy into kinetic energy. The event horizon is the point at which infinitesimally small units of living energy burst into physicality and begin to radiate outward and organize themselves into the identities we call stars. These stars are themselves creator identities with a simultaneous singularity at their centers as well. This now vibrating energy bursting through the physicality barrier is what has been called the big bang.
The natural state of Life within the Singularity is perfection; perfect Life, perfect Light, perfect Love, perfect Truth. It is the state of ecstasy and bliss that some have called “Nirvana”. Think about what it would be like to live or exist in a perpetual state of ecstasy and bliss. There is no action, no movement, there is only being. Because it exists in a state of perfect perfection there is nothing to experience but the perpetual state of being perfect. Even ecstasy and bliss, if there is nothing to compare it to, must eventually become mundane.
Wisdom is the highest possible synthesis of knowledge and experience. Without experience, knowledge is basically useless, for without experience there can be no real wisdom. If you possessed all of the knowledge of, say, masonry, but you had never experienced so much as the laying of a single brick, would you consider yourself to be a master mason?
It is the experience of mixing mortar, laying bricks, learning what works and what does not work, and building ever more imaginative, beautiful, majestic creations that transforms the knowledge of masonry into the mastery of masonry. Our experiences here transform the knowledge of Infinite Intelligence into the wisdom of Infinite Designer.

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Life, or Intelligent Energy, what we call Spirit, first moves from its natural state of perfection to a state of what we call imperfection by translating itself from potential to kinetic energy. Now that it is moving, or vibrating, it no longer exists in its natural, or original state, therefore, it must see itself as different from what it was before it began to move.
The movement from perfection to descending orders of imperfection through the awareness distortions of what we call the dimensions continues until it can go no further without totally losing the awareness of our octave, so it turns around and begins the evolution or ascension back to perfection through the distortions of dimensions and creator identities that were created on the way down.
The creator identities that intelligent energy created on the way down still exist in their relative dimensions and assist the evolving life forms or creator identities in the lower dimensions in their evolution through what we may call the process of ascension. The process of ascension is simply the raising of the vibrations of intelligent energy through raising its conscious awareness of itself as part of the Unity of Love and Light that is its Source.
In essence, we are what has been misunderstood as “gods” who have forgotten who we are, and we are working our way through the tree of mind called the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which has many branches or paths of distorted beliefs, back to the tree of mind called the tree of life which is the remembrance of eternal life in the paradise which has been called the kingdom of heaven which is basically a greater experience of the cosmic community of life.
The instilled beliefs (sin) in our littleness, our powerlessness, and our unworthiness are the barriers or “veils” that keep us from coming to know, or remember, the truth of ourselves and re-claiming the “godhead” which is our birthright.
In this context we may see and understand what has been called the archetypes of astrology, tarot, and Kabbalah, and also what has been called the hierarchies of Light as, essentially, different consciousness mapping systems through which the intelligent energy exploring the outer reaches of consciousness awareness may find its way back to the Source.
The third dimensional physical planetary thought forms that we call life forms and species, as well as the meta-physical thought forms we call ghosts, demons, etc. exist in different states of consciousness awareness with each particular species existing in its own sub-density and each individuated identity existing in its own sub-sub-density or sub-sub-sub-density
In other words (symbols), on our planetary sphere, which we experience as operating in third dimension ascending, we are able to observe first, second, and third dimension physical entities, or identities, each evolving in their own ways. These entities exist in their own particular distortions of consciousness awareness, the humanoid species being capable of attaining, and operating in the highest state of awareness possible in third dimension. The plethora of sub-densities may be understood as the vibrational spectrums which differentiate the identities, which we experience as the difference between, say, a tomato and a cucumber.
The human species is operating in the first state of ascending consciousness awareness from which it is possible to make choices based on reason and logic. Making choices and experiencing the results of these choices is how we evolve our awareness. When we make choices that are not reasonable and logical, or choices that do not produce a desirable result, and then blame others and justify and defend our actions we are not consciously evolving.
Because of our emotional attachments to our beliefs, we choose to continue operating from what I have called the belief trap, and because of this belief trap most of us do not choose to learn from experience. Rather than making reasonable and logical choices that work to produce a desirable result, which we may learn to do by observing and noticing the choice, our motivation for the choice, as well as the effect or result of said choice, more often than not we react instinctively, or without thinking, and this is a function of our emotional awareness that is still vibrating in the sub-densities of the dark ages.
The belief trap, and the resulting mental and emotional instability, is what causes us to make the same choice over and over again and expect a different result. I’ve heard it said that this is the definition of insanity and, as an impartial observer, I must agree. If you were to go to an insane asylum and spend some time there you might discover that most of the individuals there believe themselves to be sane, and; “everyone else here is nuts”.
It is the individuals’ belief that he is “right” and everyone who doesn’t share his beliefs is “wrong” that keeps him incarcerated in the institution. The institution in which most of humanity is incarcerated is what has been called the consensus reality, which is our view of the world from the distorted perspective within the belief trap. Institution is the proper word for it because it has been purposely instituted and maintained to keep us enslaved or trapped in third dimensional consciousness awareness.
We are three part beings that are basically non-physical. It is the non-physical part that is our highest truth or our highest potential. We are radiated, translated, or transformed, from the non-physical to the meta-physical which is the state of experience between the non-physical and the physical, and the meta-physical part of our selves radiates, translates, or transforms us into the physical, yet we exist in all three states at once, whether we are aware of it or not.
We are Spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical beings, yet we believe and act as if we are only mental and physical beings. For the most part we ignore the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Not only do we ignore our meta-physicality, but we bury our heads in the sand anytime anything meta-physical shows up, and if we don’t bury our heads in the sand like everyone “normal”, we are ridiculed by our peers and otherwise castigated, marginalized, and assigned to the lunatic fringe.
If we come to understand the nature of physicality vs. meta-physicality we will realize that the entities in the higher dimensions are only experienced by us as “phenomena” because whether they operate in their meta-physical realms or their gross physical realm, because of their higher vibrational frequencies, these realms are meta-physical to us. They can only be experienced by us through our extra-sensory perception sensors unless they choose to lower their vibrational frequencies enough to allow us to see them physically, and they sometimes do this for reasons of their own.
Our real problem is judgment. We judge everything according to what we “see” and we really don’t see anything. We don’t remember that everything in states of physicality, or everything that appears to be real, is an illusion created by the non-physical part of ourselves through the meta-physical part of ourselves, for the express purpose of experience.
We don’t use sound judgment based in reason and logic and equality (Love) in our relationships. We don’t understand that although we come from apparently different families, different towns, different cities, different nations, different races, different cultures, and different beliefs, we are all still one; one species, one spirit.
We don’t realize that these apparent differences don’t have to separate us. We don’t realize that these apparent differences don’t make us better or worse, right or wrong, good or evil, it is unsound judgment that does so, and any judgments we make, without possessing all the information necessary to make sound judgments, must be seen as unsound.
The natural diversity of our “differences”, if we could learn to live and experience from an awareness perspective of Unity and Love, could actually provide us with an abundance of ways in which to experience the joys of living, which is what creation is really all about.
Are you experiencing the joys of living? Why not? You decide. You literally decide every time you judge yourself as unworthy of Love. You decide every time you see another person and pre-judge according to appearances. You decide every time you see another as not a part of yourself.
Can we continue to advance intellectually and technologically? Can we afford to continue to ignore the emotional, intuitive, meta-physical side of human evolution? Those that we call fanatical believers and terrorists are demanding that we answer these questions. Can we afford not to?
Every culture and belief system has its stories of creation. Every culture and belief system also has similar stories about our destruction, or the end of the world, or the end of time, and all of them point to our present day as the time of the end. Is this a coincidence? Again, you decide.
I believe that the book of the bible that we call the Revelation of John is a story about the end of the way that we have been experiencing time. I believe it is a story about humanity ascending from the awareness of separation (anti-christ consciousness), to the awareness of Unity (Christ consciousness), and the “battle of Armageddon” is partly a struggle between the human mind and god mind, or the brain trying to make the evolutionary leap to simultaneity, as seen from the perspective of bronze age intelligence.
This evolutionary leap of what we call humanity might just happen as a result of science proving the existence of the soul, and the creator, which are one and the same. However, this is for science (you) to decide.
The cataclysmic upheavals and destructions foretold in these stories are in no wise necessary except in our beliefs. Yet our planet, the mother of these vehicles we call our bodies, is now, and has been for several decades, in the process of moving into fourth dimensional space, and the planetary thought forms and life forms that are not capable of raising their vibrations to the frequencies of Unity Consciousness awareness will experience the dissolution and re-organization of intelligent energy.
Those who truly rule our world, who have consciously chosen to evolve along the dark path of separation, through the beliefs and biases of the distortions of mind that we call power, believe that they can manipulate and control the planet and cause it to ascend along the dark path, however, they do not realize that the planet herself is a creator identity who agreed to host our game-like illusion, and that she long ago chose to evolve along the path of Light and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.
These beings, who have chosen to evolve through separation consciousness awareness, have long manipulated controlled and ruled our world through mostly unwitting disciples. Since the renaissance they have learned to manipulate and control humanity through ever more subtle and deceptive means.
They operate behind cloaks of secrecy, whether they are called secret societies, secret governments, or alphabet agencies operating under the guise of national security, and even multi-national corporations and organizations.

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Now, the vast majority of the people who belong to these organizations (notice the implied ownership) mean well, but they have been deceived through their perspectives within the belief trap.
In every one of these organizations and every one that is organized in the form of a pyramid is one of them whether its members know it or not, there is an upper echelon that controls and manipulates the information that is disseminated to the lower levels. Many times this information is, quite simply, propaganda meant to manipulate those not in the know.
The information that the head deems valuable is disseminated on a need to know basis and the wealth is distributed in a way that is meant to keep the organizational structure in place. The greatest majority of wealth and information is funneled to the top of the pyramid. These pyramids exist in governments, agencies, corporations, societies, and organizations including organized religions.
Now, where does the free thinker, so important to the rise of the new world view we call the age of enlightenment, fit into this pyramidal structure? The short answer is; He doesn’t! We may observe this through the lives and times of such free thinkers as Nikola Tesla, John and Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr., to name just a few.
Those who operate through the distortions of separation and power have devised new “isms” such as materialism, patriotism, and globalism to keep us enslaved within our “box”. Through the age of invention, the industrial revolution, and the great depression, not to mention two world wars, humanity has been manipulated and controlled, not only with the belief trap, but with the implementation and skillful use of a new tool that we may observe as debt.
Through the ownership, control, and use of every form of media and advertisement we are taught and immersed in the beliefs of materiality and debt. From the time we are born our every sense and faculty is bombarded with information meant to instill the desire to own things, and remember it is desire that translates potential energy into kinetic energy, and so we simply must rush out and buy the newest gadgets, the latest technology, the most expensive designer apparel, and the flashiest automobiles, and if we don’t we are subjected to ridicule by our peers. It doesn’t matter whether or not we can afford it, we’ll just borrow the money, or better yet, put it on our credit cards.
This insane belief in our ability to own things has caused us to abandon all reason and logic, but more importantly it has caused those who hold the worlds’ purse strings to abandon all fiscal and economic reason and logic and indulge in a “feeding frenzy” that threatens to topple the economies of the world. And because we can’t afford the collapse of our economy, we allow the tycoons of Wall Street to steal our wealth, and we give them more money to bail them out from the effects of their fiscal skullduggery.
Now, once again, it is up to the free thinkers of the world to drag humanity kicking and screaming into a new age of enlightenment. But wait, where are the free thinkers who might possibly save us from ourselves? Unfortunately, they are basically powerless because we have assigned them to the lunatic fringe simply because they refuse to come in and share our belief trap with us.
Unfortunately, scientists, who are supposed to be the vanguard of free thought, have been unknowingly trapped with the rest of us by those who hold the purse strings. How can this be? Well, it appears that science has organized itself into a pyramidal structure just like governments, corporations, organizations and society. This organization may be loosely formed, but it exists as what we call mainstream science and it is dependent on those who hold the purse strings for its funding.
As a scientist you are free to study in your chosen field so long as you think “inside the box” of mainstream science. Mainstream science does not believe in anything meta-physical, or anything that might be misconstrued as “religious”. The free thinkers who refuse to be contained within the box are either stripped of their funding and systematically ridiculed, marginalized, and made powerless, or recruited by the secret government or alphabet agencies, and forced to sign vows of secrecy if they want to have an opportunity to excel in their chosen field.
Every movement or organization of free thinkers that threatens to upset the apple cart, change the status quo, cause a redistribution of wealth, or otherwise help us to open our eyes and clearly see the truth, is infiltrated by covert operatives who disseminated large amounts of inaccurate information meant to confuse and alienate those who seek information from these sources.
The World Wide Web or internet is a perfect example of this and may be seen as a physical manifestation of what I have called the consensus reality. Imagine the fear the average mainstream scientist would experience at the very thought of being labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” or “UFO Hunter”.
Yet our entire society and our very lives are based on a conspiracy of beliefs that keep us from opening our eyes and seeing ourselves and our world as it truly is. The only part of ourselves that is not “extra-terrestrial” or otherworldly is our physical body and our human consciousness awareness.
The evidence for this is everywhere and easily seen if we can remove ourselves from the belief trap. As scientists, we scurry around discovering, observing, testing, and theorizing this evidence or data, and if we can’t make it fit into the box of beliefs of mainstream science, rather than stopping and asking ourselves; “What if everything I think I know is wrong?”, we ignore it, let someone else worry about it, or otherwise bury our heads in the sand because seeing “the pink elephant in the room” quite simply won’t pay our bills.
Consider if you will, Nikola Tesla, a brilliant free thinker who discovered many new technologies including free energy which could not be allowed because it would upset the apple cart and nullify the profits of those who had invested fortunes in fossil fuel technology.
If everything that exists is made up of energy, and science has proven that it is, this means that the only thing that exists is energy, so why in the world should we have to pay for it? Why have we not learned how to harness it and use it in ways that are both inexpensive and non-harmful to ourselves and our world?
Could it be that not harming ourselves and not harming our planet is not profitable? You decide.
If we come to realize that “all that is” is intelligent energy organizing itself into the thought forms we call life forms through which it may experience life, then we may ask ourselves; “What is this thing we call body, with which I have identified myself?”
It is basically a magnificent self-regenerating, walking, talking machine that has been produced through the biological process we call birth. It is a self-contained bio-transducing receiver, translator, and transmitter through which the non-physical and meta-physical parts of ourselves may “smell the roses” and share the experiences of third dimensional life.
Our bodies are unique in all of creation because of the artificial intelligence computer processor we call brain, and the bio-transducing energy receivers and transmitters we call chakras, or what the book of Revelations calls the seven seals, which are the interfaces that allow us to experience our virtual reality world.
We are the envy of all sentient beings, for nowhere else can Spirit experience a virtual reality that seems so real, and because we have forgotten the reality of who and what we are, and are kept from remembering by the belief trap, we experience ourselves as victims of circumstance rather than creators of all we see. We fear our own glorious magnificence, quite simply, because we have been taught to.
It is the envy of those who walk the dark path of separation that is responsible for the visitations and genetic manipulations of what we call extra-terrestrials and fallen angels in our prevailing stories such as the Nephilim and the Annunaki.
In each dimension the physical life forms must be chemically capable of sustaining themselves according to the relative frequencies of their density of vibration. In our search for extra-terrestrial life we err by assuming that life can only exist on planets or moons that have water and the other materials necessary to sustain carbon based life forms.
Why do we assume that all life must be carbon based? Because we assume that our body is what constitutes life? Might this be a product of leftover subconscious beliefs from our old worldview of ourselves as the beginning and center of all creation? Is it possible that there are other life forms evolving here and now, on our own planet that are experiencing life in the higher dimensions, and we just can’t see them or experience them because they are vibrating too rapidly?
Is it possible fourth dimensional life forms that may be silicon based, and therefore capable of existing on any planet that has light, so long as that light is not vibrating fast enough to burn silicon, exist here and now on our own planet?
Every physical life form, whether we call it body or heavenly body is a living receiver, translator, and transmitter that in some way receives energy, data or information, translates and re-formats it and transmits it in its own distorted frequency and polarity, or in distortions of its own perspective and belief.
This is the process we call life and we are all - all of it. If you are beginning to grasp the fact that we are the creator, the process of creation, and that which is created, then you may begin to put away your boundaries, barriers, limitations, error thoughts and beliefs, the “veils” of distorted energy that keeps you in a states of low self-esteem by realizing that, in truth, you are the giver, the receiver, and the gift, and so is everyone else.

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We are, in fact, a Unified multi-dimensional beingness exploring, experiencing and expressing through infinite variations of identities, and we have forgotten this because of the denseness of the distortions of third dimensional vibrations, and once we realize that we do not understand and begin to seek understanding within, we become consciously evolving personalities instead of unconsciously evolving egos, whose purpose is to choose a polarity and begin to consciously evolve through that polarity by coming to know and accept ourselves as we work through the distortions of mind in the tree of knowledge, the distortions of unsound judgments based on mysterious, superstitious, ignorant beliefs and fears, through the use of insight and sound judgments based on reason, logic, and love, and rise above the distortions of the consensus reality to a state of mental and emotional clarity that unifies us with Spirit.
Our realization of Unity, rather than separation, is a catalyst that triggers the genetic sequencing codes that open up our artificial intelligence computer to the ability to function as a supercomputer or Singularity.
What science calls DNA is actually the physical blueprint of life forms, and because we have not been able to figure out what most of it is for, we assume that most of it is “junk”. However, one mans’ junk is another mans’ treasure, and what we have judged as junk, because of a lack of data is more important and more valuable than all the temporal treasures of the world combined.
A careful study of the proteins and molecules which the physical body uses to convert food into energy may find that the body has already mutated and achieved the ability to use light as a source of nutrients, and not just vitamin D. This mutation process has been going on for several decades because of the quality of intelligent energy radiated into and embedded in the new localities of space our solar system is now entering.
There is a book called “What is Lightbody” by Tashira Tachi-ren which an open minded scientist might use to gain incredible insight into the workings of the human body. We don’t have to believe everything we read in books, however, the reading of some books can cause us to ask some very important questions and then set out to answer those questions for ourselves. In this way we may begin to see the importance of asking the right questions rather than depending on answers passed down to us from our predecessors.
Do you think it is a coincidence that we are creating supercomputers and speculating about those computers achieving a state we call singularity? Do you think it is a coincidence that theoretical physicists are approaching an understanding of what they call the singularity? Do you think it is a coincidence that our theories and physical creations are mirroring our state of evolving conscious awareness? I think not, but then again, you decide.
If we come to understand that it is the love of the information or data that increases our ability to receive and transmit it intellectually, and realize that it is the love of the Source of the information that increases our ability to receive and transmit it emotionally, then we may see the “Great Commandment” as information meant to help us balance and stabilize what we call the polarities.
We may also notice the spread of the maladies that doctors are now diagnosing as bi-polar disorders.
Because we love our children, we teach them our beliefs and we teach them what we believe to be the necessary skills to survive, operate, and hopefully excel in our world. However, our understandings of ourselves, our world, and love are grossly distorted misunderstandings that were taught to us.
We must learn to see things as they really are without judging ourselves and others and come to see that we actually abuse our children mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically in order to force them to conform to our worldview or consensus reality, or the way we believe things to be, which was taught to us through mental, emotional, and physical abuse inflicted on us in order to force us to conform.
When our children refuse to conform, they are diagnosed with A.D.D., A.D.H.D., or bi-polar disorders, and we subject them to chemical abuse by giving them medications that numb, or control the mind, that takes away their free will right not to conform.
No matter how you may look at it, this is mind control which is what the prophets of old warned us about as the abomination of desolation. Is this what we believe love to be? You decide.
No matter how you decide, no matter how you may slice it, no matter how you may justify it, abuse is abuse is abuse, and anytime we force another, be it child or adult to conform to our beliefs, we are infringing on that souls free will.
Most of the souls being born into the world today are highly evolved souls who have come here, many from other worlds, other galaxies, other universes to help us make our great evolutionary leap to Unity Consciousness. Many have not experienced third dimension life here before so it is no wonder they rebel at our beliefs. It is no wonder they can’t sit still in schools where they are forced to memorize “facts and figures” that for the most part are false.
These souls come here with unique talents and abilities to help us out of our belief trap, and rather than recognizing and honoring their uniqueness and helping them learn to foster and nurture these meta-physical talents and gifts, we manipulate, control, abuse, drug, and brainwash them in order to force them into our trap with us. It is no wonder we have prisons overflowing with drug abusers.
If we come to understand that our physical bodies are merely vehicles for our meta-physical selves, or spirit selves, and so are the physical bodies of what we call “children”, we must realize that the parent/child relationship is illusory. The spirit or soul that is the truth of the “child” is, in fact, a great multi-dimensional master, just as is the truth of your spirit self. Our role as parent is not to teach our children our truth, but to help them remember their own truth. Our role is, quite simply, guidance.
Many times the souls of our children come here to teach and help parents remember their own truth. This is usually the case when a child “dies”. If a child dies it is because the soul manifesting as that child came here for that purpose, and with very sound reasons, to act as an experiential catalyst because everyone involved needed to learn something from that experience. That soul came here with the express purpose of experiencing premature “death”.
There are no accidents, and no one ever dies prematurely, and no one is ever victimized by another. We are all playing roles that we together agreed upon as spirit before we came here.
Your child is actually a brother or sister in spirit who came here to experience and express third dimensional life with you, and may have been your physical parent, grandparent, brother or sister, or all of the above in past physical lifetimes.
It takes a community to properly raise a child, not just parents. And not just any community, but a community of individuals that share a common unity, or unified spirituality in which the adults all see themselves as stewards and share the responsibilities of teaching, fostering, and nurturing the children and their latent talents, gifts, and abilities. These souls are coming in now to aid us in our ascension process.
They are here to help us create heaven on earth and some are specialists in economics, government, science, transportation, spirituality, etc., and we need their leadership and unique talents to establish new societies and, not a new world order, but a new worldview in which we may all live together in peace and love, caring, respecting, and honoring each others’ uniqueness, individuality, and free will.
This is why we are beginning to see grass root efforts to move and re-organize societies into communities of Light, and new schools that teach children to ask questions rather than memorize answers.
We must come to understand and realize that we, and our children, are multi-dimensional masters on our way back to the top of the “wheel of life”, and that we need to learn to follow our joy, or follow our hearts in order to regain the emotional data of Love that we have forgotten.
Our children are our greatest gifts and our greatest hope, and we must learn to teach them truth instead of our beliefs, and allow them the freedom to naturally experience their world, their own versions of reality, and remember and embrace their unique talents and gifts that can help humanity to overcome the language and Unity barriers and open our minds to the quantum evolutionary leap that can and will save our species, and our species system.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 02:48 PM
What if anything of true value has Hidden Hand given to any.
He represents the philosophical or religious aspect of all that ails the world.
His post revealed nothing of the bloodline elites that is not already out there.
All I saw was one who was born into an elite indoctrination system and given his role - he is as much a slave as any in that respect. Overall his role on ATS was to justify the evil his kind perpetuate and wrap it in pseudo soul dogma.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:52 PM
We are trapped in third dimension consciousness awareness by the very boundaries that we believe we need in order to survive. Yet what we truly are is the energy of consciousness itself, which is Life itself, and that which is Life itself can never stop being Life. Life cannot become death. It merely changes form through the dissolution and re-organization of the intelligent energy of consciousness. We are basically information in-formation.
At the moment of what we call death, the intelligent energy of consciousness, or Life, simply changes its point of view from that of dense physicality to the point of view of less dense meta-physicality, and the vehicle we call body is left to dissolve and re-organize in its own way.
The body is not who we are, but where we are, and it is the human consciousness that identifies itself as the body, that makes it possible for us to experience what we perceive and believe as “death”, or third dimensional life. Without the distortions of third dimensional densities of the vibrations of intelligent energy the experience we call death would not be possible.
The Unity barrier between the lowest fourth dimensional densities and the highest third dimensional densities is the point at which Unity Consciousness becomes distorted into separation consciousness and all intelligent energy passing through this barrier, through the descension, or on the way down, experiences the loss of awareness, or the transformation from the remembrance of Unity to the forgetfulness of separation.
At this point in the descension it becomes possible for the movement of intelligent energy from the meta-physical state to the physical state to be experienced as birth, and the movement from the physical state back to the meta-physical state to be experienced as death.
From this context we may see and understand the descension as the translation of intelligent energy from its original state of non-physicality, through successive states of meta-physicality, as the movement from the experience of ecstasy and bliss, through lesser and lesser states of experience, to the lowest possible states of sorrow, despair, and hopelessness. Likewise, we may see the ascension as the movement from states of sorrow, despair, and hopelessness, through greater and greater states of joy, back to the experience of ecstasy and bliss, or reunion with the Creator.
Now, we may better understand the teachings of the creator identity Jesus that we should rejoice rather than mourn when a loved one “dies”. Death is nothing more or less than a change in our point of view, and a realization of a greater experience of joy.
It is our distorted error thoughts and false beliefs based on lack of information, and the unsound judgments based on these beliefs that cause us to fear death and view certain experiences of life as “bad things happening to good people”. In “reality” there are no bad things and there are no good people, there is only All That Is Not experiencing all that it is not, through All That Is experiencing all that it is through the illusions and distortions of energy in motion.
Our physical bodies are basically vehicles which we may understand as space ships because we use them to navigate, move through, and experience that which we call life, or the virtual reality experience of third dimensional time and space. In third dimension these artificial intelligence computer space ships we call bodies are vehicles of darkness that are now in the process of being mutated into fourth dimensional vehicles of Light, which some have called merkavah or merkabah vehicles.
This physical mutation is occurring now to every body on the planet and once we transmute the brain from linear sequential operation to simultaneous operation we will come to see and understand that the great evolutionary leap to fourth dimension, the ascension, the harvest, the rapture is close at hand.
When NASA sends space ships or exploratory craft to other worlds, it constantly checks what it calls the “attitude” of said craft in order to ensure that it arrives at its intended destination, or goal. If, for any reason, the craft strays from its projected path, its “attitude” is faulty, or in error, and corrections must be made by short, but powerful bursts of rocket engines which correct the angle and trajectory of the craft and put it back on the proper course toward its destination.
When our “space ships” stray off course, Spirit plays the role of NASA and sends us experiences which cause short, but powerful bursts of emotional energy meant to correct our angle and trajectory, or give us an “attitude adjustment”, which is meant to put us back on course toward our destination.
When a space ship travels along the path intended for it by its creator, it flows naturally to its intended destination without the need for corrections or attitude adjustments. Our attitude is the determining factor of our angle and trajectory, or the way we move through third dimensional time and space and the experiences which we call life.
It has been said that the greatest attitude is gratitude and, in my opinion, no truer words were ever spoken. I learned this first hand in the last several years, which I have spent at a remote camp in Louisiana, on the edge of the Honey Island Swamp. This camp doesn’t have the modern conveniences of electricity, or indoor running water, but thankfully is blessed with an outdoor artesian flow well out back and a scenic river flowing through the front yard. It is one of the few waterfront areas that haven’t been bought up by the rich, and one of the few places where poor people can come to relax and unwind without being hasseled by the police.
These poor people are sometimes, especially on weekends and holidays, drawn here like moths to a flame. For the most part they are seeking to escape the mundane reality of mundane human consciousness through partying and the use of mind altering substances. For the most part they aren’t interested in my teachings or my mind altering meditations, so I just radiate the realization of oneness and unconditional Love, and honor and respect their free will right to make their own choices.
However, it wasn’t always this way. At first I tried to teach them, but I was just learning to teach which might more correctly be called teaching to learn. I tried to shower them with what I thought was love, which was really my own sense of self righteousness. I cooked for them, let them use my dishes, utensils, facilities and whatever else they needed or asked for. The only thing they brought with them was alcohol and drugs.
They used to take bowls or plates of food to wherever they happened to be gathered, and when they were through eating they just dropped the bowls, plates, and utensils on the ground and forgot about them. The next day I would take a wagon and pull it around the property gathering up the dishes, which I washed at the flow well to have ready for the next party.
This became a chore that really began to get on my nerves. That and the fact that everyone took advantage of me and my “good graces”, and never brought their own toilet paper or napkins or anything besides alcohol and drugs, and I don’t use either. Because of my meditations and my inner work, I realized that I had created this situation myself. I realized that it was not possible for me to heal or help them until I had first healed and helped myself.
I turned the chore of gathering and washing the dishes into an exercise in gratitude. I began to gather the dishes, and as I washed them, I projected love into them and thanked them for the service they provided to me and everyone else. The more I did this the more my attitude changed, and the more my attitude changed, the more joy I received and I began to look forward to my daily exercise in gratitude.
I began to see that appreciation through the attitude of gratitude was raising, or increasing my vibrations and leading me to a higher awareness of myself, my life and my world. This practice eventually led me to the understanding that everything is made up of the intelligent energy of the Source, and that my appreciation of the intelligent energy contained in dishes, utensils, or human beings was raising the vibrations of all of the above, including myself.
This realization led me to the understanding that, Intelligent Energy, whether it looks like me or looks like something else, is all part of Original Thought/Infinite Thinker, which is what I AM, therefore anything outside of me, no matter how it looks or how it may act, is part of me, part of who and what I AM, and all of me is worthy of the Unconditional Love and Interdependence of Unity that I AM.
The path to our destination is not a straight line, or linear, but is a spiral, and we must learn to flow with the spiral, and learn that we have an inner navigator who knows the way, and learn to trust that inner navigator and go with the flow. This is the true meaning of obedience, humbling oneself and becoming obedient to the greater self who chose our path before it projected us into this dimension of experience. It has all the data, most of which we are missing, and our “need” to be in control is what causes the necessity for “bursts of emotional energy and “attitude adjustments”.
One of my favorite authors is Richard Bach. His books were responsible for awakening me to the process of embracing infinity (God) through abstract thought. There is a parable in his book “Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” that fits perfectly here.
“Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all – young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self. Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth. But one creature said at last, ‘I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let the current take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.’ The other creatures laughed and said ‘Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks, and you will die quicker than boredom!’ But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks. Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more. And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger cried, ‘See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies! See the Messiah come to save us all!’ And the one carried in the current said, ‘I am no more messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.’ But they cried the more, ‘Saviour!’ all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a Saviour.”
The “moral” of this story is that – you are all the “Messiahs “ and “Saviours” for which you have waited and longed. And you are all the antichrists which you have dreaded and feared.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 04:11 PM
I've read Hidden_Hand and it appears to take much material for the "Law of One" RA material. Another fantastic read and if you enjoyed or were intrigued by Hidden_Hand you should google it.


Holy smack dude what are you doing? Do you seriously believe people will read post after post of wall text with no paragraphs?

reply to post by IndiGo33

Sorry did not see that you and others have already reference what I wrote, ya'll beat me to it

reply to post by iamonesoru

I read your first wall of text and I must admit it was spot on
Star for you.

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 04:38 PM
The Great Crystal River that we call Spirit is an energetic current that flows within, through, and around every one of us. It knows where it is going and we do not. Our need to be in control is what keeps us from naturally flowing with the current, and is a product of the fear, distrust, and mysterious ignorance of the ego or human consciousness.
The flow of this current is the path of our lives, and a path that we must eventually follow one way or another. If we refuse to cling, out of fear, and surrender to the flow, through the love and trust of the current and its Source, the current will naturally lift us free from the bondage and slavery to the distorted independence of anti-christ consciousness, and flow us to the awareness of the true freedom of the Interdependence of Unity or Christ Consciousness.
All of the intelligent energy that exists in third dimensional densities of vibration is trapped in this dimension by reason of its frequency of vibration which has been transformed, or stepped down from the frequencies of the higher dimensional densities, and in order for it to move back to the higher vibrations of higher density dimensions it must be amplified or transmuted through the transmutational power of the energy that has been called Divine Love.
Here again we may see the importance and relevance of the information given us by the creator identity Jesus, as what he called the Great Commandment, and what has come to be called the beatitudes, or be-attitudes. We may see his teachings, his parables, and his so-called miracles as, not an attempt to create and dogmatize any formal or organized religion, but as attempts to overcome the Unity and language barriers.
All of the intelligent energy that exists in first, second, and third dimensions is the result of thought projected from the higher dimensions and all of this energy is, in effect, trapped here because it isn’t able to pass through the Unity barrier, or Unity Band which is a bandwidth of frequencies that separates third and fourth dimensional experience.
The fourth dimension and the higher dimensions represent what we have misunderstood as the Kingdom of Heaven, and these states of Unity Consciousness are symbolized in the creation story as the “Tree of Life”. The third dimension is symbolized as the separation consciousness of the “Tree of knowledge of good and evil”.
All of third dimensional energy is still intelligent energy, but it has been distorted into error thoughts and false beliefs by all the creator identities that have ever experienced third dimensional life here. This energy is eternal and is trapped here by the Unity Band and, thus, the totality of this energy constitutes what I have called the consensus reality.
Our consensus reality is the totality of third dimensional projected thought or kinetic energy that exists and radiates through all of us, all of the time. Since our bodies are bio-transducing receivers, translators, and transmitters, we are constantly receiving this energy, translating it according to our beliefs and error thoughts and then transmitting it back into the consensus reality.
We do this unconsciously, for the most part, because we mostly ignore and repress our emotions. This energy in motion is received, translated, and transmitted by the energy transformers that have been called chakras, and this produces a flow of energy in motion which we experience as unwanted emotions that we, quite simply, don’t understand, and don’t know how to deal with so we ignore them or repress them, and by doing so we dam up the flow and cause a back up of chaotic emotional turmoil within our emotional bodies.

The only thing that truly exists is the Infinite Intelligent Energy of Consciousness. This energy exists in two general conditions, or states of beingness. Its original state may be understood as the state of potential, or energy at rest. This state has been described as Infinite Now, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence. It is the state of Infinite Intelligence that humanity has tried to understand as God or the Creator. The Creator, or Source is both All That Is, and All That Is Not and the energy at rest is the all that is not part of the equation, at least from the point of view of all that is.
Its other state of beingness is the state of kinetic energy, or energy in motion, and it experiences and expresses itself as creation, and the illusion of all that is created. Everything that is apparent appears to be real simply because of the movement of intelligent energy. This is why we look through an electron microscope and find that everything that appears to be solid appears to be “empty space”.
Everything that exists, ever has existed, or ever will exist is the result of the cause and effect of the movement and rest of Intelligent Energy and it all exists now, in the Infinite Now, or the “Mind of God”, or the matrix of Infinite Intelligence.
Time is not, as some scientists have speculated, another dimension. It is simply an illusion created by the linear or sequentially operating brain that is produced as a result of what has been called the Alpha and Omega, or the Metatronic function.
Time appears to us to flow, but in reality it is our consciousness that is flowing through pre-created “moments” of experience. What we experience as our reality and all of third dimension is kind of like an ever changing tapestry of pre-created holograph-like virtual reality “bubble” worlds, where every possible experience, every possible choice, and the results of those choices may be experienced through the timeline of cause and effect resulting from those choices.
The six to one ratio of the movement to rest has been given to us in the creation story as the six days of work and one day of rest, and the maxim “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy” is a reminder of the importance of the rest, and a reminder for us to live in the moment and take the time to smell the roses and experience life as it comes rather than rushing through the moments toward some unknown future.
Every possible future has already been created and it is the choices we make, from one pre-created moment to the next that determines our future, or the timeline and the future that we will experience.
The vibrations of intelligent energy may be more correctly understood as a pulse from one polarity of amplitude to the opposite polarity. If we envision a guitar string, we may see the movement or vibration of the string as an up and down motion. At the top of the strings motion the string must come to rest, ever so briefly before it begins its downward motion, and come to rest again at the bottom of its downward motion before it returns again to the top.
We experience our pre-created moments during the movement, and then flow to the next created moment during the rest. It all happens so quickly that it creates the seamless appearance of our lives and the apparent movement or flow of what we call time, pretty much like a movie that is in actuality frames or pictures through which light is passed in rapid succession to create the illusion of a seamless movie. Everything we experience is an illusion created by the movement and rest of Intelligent Energy or thought projected from, through, and into Intelligent Infinity.
Time is simply a way of measuring our movements through space, or how long it takes to get from one point to another. Our concept of time is an arbitrary concept, or social agreement, which is peculiar and unique to the planet, and based on our planets’ movement through space.
Our attempts to understand and interpret the rhythms, phases, and cycles of what we call heavenly objects, including the earth, through the universe are distorted by our attempts to fit these rhythms, phases, and cycles into the peculiar and unique framework of our concept of time which is based on the perspective of the universe as seen from one insignificant tiny blue dot in an infinite sea of what we call space.
Our concept and misunderstanding of time may be useful for agricultural and social purposes on our physical planet, but must be seen as detrimental to our understanding of the standardized weights and measures of our meta-physical universe, which are peculiar and unique to each dimension. The rhythms, phases, and cycles of the meta-physical universe are as consistent and precise as the striking of a clock, just not “our” clocks, which are based on the wobbling revolutions of our tiny blue sphere.
The belief that the universe moves in synch with the beat of our clocks is ignorant and arrogant, and is a leftover of the old world view of our planet as the center of the universe. This kind of belief is what I have attempted to express as the subconscious core beliefs of the consensus reality. Our experiences of reality are based on these beliefs that, for the most part, we aren’t even aware that we hold as our truth.
Our attempts to force the data or information we collect as physical evidence to fit into the box of beliefs of mainstream science must be seen as ignorant and arrogant and the result of leftover dark age core beliefs which we still hold as our subconscious truth. If our perspective is not the one and only “right” perspective, and it cannot possibly be because it is simply a perspective from one point of view, then the boundaries of time and space that we use to define ourselves must be arbitrary boundaries based on social agreements that have no basis in truth.
In order to truly know, understand, and accept ourselves we must seek to re-define ourselves absent the limitations of socially agreed upon boundaries that do not really exist, and this is a scary thought to beings that have been taught to exist in states of self-conscious low self-esteem.
One of the reasons there is so much confusion in the dating of ancient artifacts, civilizations, and the ages from which they emerged is because of the way we experience time, or our movements through space. During any descension, intelligent energy is being slowed down in its vibrational frequency, or movement, thus the way we experience time is being warped, or slowed down, and during any ascension intelligent energy is being sped up in its vibrational frequency, or movement, therefore our experience of time is being warped or sped up.
There are cycles within cycles within cycles, and some cycles like those we call solar, lunar, zodiacal, and the precession of the equinoxes are observable and others are not. Some cycles exist on such a grand scale we can’t even imagine them. All of these cycles may affect the way we experience time and some produce very marked effects that cause confusion in establishing correct dates for ancient artifacts as well as future prophecy.
In third dimension ascending, this planetary sphere has experienced three great cycles we call precession, not to mention the cycles of third dimension descending, and what we call humanity today, or homo sapiens has experienced less than one half of one great cycle. Hence we are truly like first graders just beginning our educational journey.

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by iamonesoru

I must say, reading a couple of posts of your walls of text has really touched on something that I believe people should put thought into. It has expressed many things which I have gained personal insight of and which agrees with many of my personal observations.

Did you write this yourself or is this material sourced? If it is sourced I would be grateful if you can provide a link that way I can read more on the subject.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 01:19 AM
What he said makes absolutely perfect sense. He pulled together a good deal of what I've learned in meditation and wove it in with a lot of my own discoveries. I cannot disagree with any of it.

I look forward to his return.

I will have to read this thread in its entirety again soon. There was something else that was quite important to me.

Wonderful work, guys!

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by ImaFungi

Science fails miserably. But we'll get it right eventually. That time is not now though. No sir, not even a little.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by Chewingonmushrooms

I apologize for my walls of text as it is called. If you are having trouble reading it you can copy and paste it to an Office Word document and create a format that appeals to you. This is original material that is part of a book I am writing called False Beliefs, False Prophets - A Message of Revelations for the End Times. It is not publicly available yet, and I decided to post this part of it here because, in my reading of the Hidden_Hand posts I was most pleased to find a few truth seekers with open minds commenting on the posts. My purpose is to share this material freely, not because I am arrogant enough to believe that I can teach you or anyone else anything, but because I have learned that it is basically impossible to help or teach another being directly. I teach because it is the best way to learn, and all learning is basically remembering. I teach/learn/remember and allow my soul, or my greater self to unfold within my conscious awareness. I share my ever expanding truth with you in the hopes that it will lead you within and lead you to your own truth and your own souls unfoldment.

Whether you are open to it or not, the Hidden_Hand message contains a lot of valuable information when seen from the proper perspective.It is a multi-leveled message that serves the agendas of, not only the upper sixth dimensional creator identity Lucifer, but every one of his creations in his "downline". These fifth, fourth, and third dimensional identities are also creator identities or identities of their creator, Lucifer, that are vibrating in distorted levels of consciousness awareness which become more distorted in each successive dimension.

In the upper sixth dimensional densities the only distortion of polarities that exists are the distortions of masculine and feminine, therefore the social memory complex Lucifer is vibrating above the distortions of good/evil, right/wrong etc.and exists as a son of the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine or Source whose polarity is Service to the All. This social memory complex Lucifer was vibrating in the lower densities of sixth dimension at the 'time" when he radiated and created these lower dimensional thoughtform/lifeforms, but has since evolved back to Unity and is now waiting for his downline to catch up.

The information given in the H_H message comes from all the different dimensional distortions between H_H and Lucifer. That which is least distorted comes from the upper sixth dimension and is a message of Love, Light, and Unity. Everything in the message that is divisive comes from the lower dimensions and it is up to you to learn to discern between them by learning to Love.

If you, H_H, happen to read this, contemplate this for a moment. Is it possible that there is a "Hidden" message for you in all of this? Have you realized that you are no more free than those you deceive into believing they are free? Why does your process of indoctrination have to be so ruthless and harsh? Is it possible for you to not have been deceived by the masters of deception in your upline?

One thing I am sure your upline has not taught you is the possibility of switching polarities. Whether you have come to realize it or not, the more you are able to use the power of Intelligent Infinity, the easier it becomes to switch polarities

Why do you think you were chosen to deliver this message? Is it possible that the message of Love, Light, and Unity were intended as much for you as for us? Consider this; If Lucifer is waiting for his downline to ascend and re-unite with him, which path would be more advantageous to this agenda? Think about it!!!

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by iamonesoru

No need for an apology, I am usually weary of reading such large posts but took the time to read the first one and after doing so realized there is worth to the words and decided to read all your posts. Quite fascinating I must say and if you come out with your book I will most certainly read it.

Personally I think that there is truth in HH and LOO material. The LOO material just "sounds" right to me and as I have mentioned to another member, further readings birth newer meanings. HH and LOO are very similar though spoken from different perspectives (STS vs STO), even though the message is essentially the same when taken in on the larger context. I personally have come to realize that there are different "layers" of truth.

What I mean by that is in the larger scheme of things there really isn't "right or wrong" only polarity. If seen from the 3rd dimensional (density) perspective it is easy to become attached or "wired" in; caught in a Shakespearian play of drama, tragedy and elation. When seen from a larger whole world perspective, life is an illusion or virtual reality in which souls (which are immortal) are playing a game as actors (personalities) and suffering is truly an illusion. We are one infinite spirit experiencing itself subjectively like cells to a body, with the sole purpose of feeling and showing love and the joy of realizing we are parts of the creator after awakening from our "slumber". Experience is very important because the road/path is just as important as the destination. Both negative and positive polarities have purpose and are equally as important in our world (3D) because it gives us the opportunity to express free will and what is a game without its villains and heroes?

One then comes to realize that experience and growth (in whatever path) is truly what the game is about. Love is unavoidable, and understanding inevitable. Anyway thanks for the contribution and I hope to see you around. Once you are done with the book please share!

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