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The fallacy of being sad.

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 07:45 AM

Look at this picture. Does the person look happy? Does the boy look happy? Can you imagine him saying "attaboy" as he teaches him new things, how to ride a bike, how to tie a shoelace etc ?

Why is it so hard for people to just smile, and to enjoy life? Clearly the person in the picture, lets call him Mesotron, is not that well off. Yet he smiles, and looks happy. He has his son with him, and that is all that matters. Happiness and love goes hand in hand.

This comes down to the old human emotion of love. And yes, love is cliched to death, but, love is still a wonderful and a strong emotion, full of power, full of hate and indeed full of happiness. Even if the trailer in the background were to burn down, Mesotron will still do everything he can to protect the little boy, he would put his own life on the line to save the live of another.

And that is true love, to give up everything of yourself for another. But we are so under the influence of outside factors, or greed and pride, hate and jealousy, that we forget what love is all about.

The feeling for a lost one never goes away, even if this lost one was disinterred, you will still love them.

I know that as a counterpoint, some will say that love is dead, and it does not truely exist. I beg to differ though, it is in all of us, around us, it is everywhere. We have however forgotten, or in some cases chosen to not see it, to not practise it and to not share it, and this is sad.

The day that love runs out in this world, is the day that we shall all surely die.


posted on May, 3 2011 @ 08:13 AM
So true... moving

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