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Oz Neo Nazi racism raises its ugly head

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posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 12:22 PM
Neo-Nazis planned to harm minister
July 31

POLICE fear convicted race-hate terrorist Jack Van Tongeren has destroyed evidence of a plot against the West Australian Attorney-General while on the run this week.

Jim McGinty cut short a national ministerial conference yesterday and flew back to Perth, after being told of a plot by Van Tongeren's Australian Nationalists Movement to harm him.
One of the three men and a juvenile charged over the February firebombings was found to have an ANMU pamphlet in his bedroom.

Three of the five men charged over this month's racist graffiti incidents are alleged to be ANM members.

Van Tongeren served a 12 year jail term for his pivotal role in the ANM's 1980s anti-Asian campaign.

This what i googled, Jack Van Tongeren/ANMU
and this a neo-nazi forum...

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