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Folklore of the Future... Something's happening; can you feel it?

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 10:36 AM
i feel unsure. anxious, just commenting on this topic washes me with anticipation.
i dont know why existance was made like this. or if im just living in some constant elaborate delusion.
but we ARE, going down that yellow brick road...
so hell yea, im with ya.

posted on May, 8 2011 @ 06:56 PM
The Grey have been asking for the truth. We agree that they should have the truth, it would only be civilized from all points of view. That many of our number have fallen to the tempation of Disinformation this is true, but the majority of our number agree that any sentient life should atleast have access to the Truth. It is expected that you will listen. Whether or not you except my interpretation of the truth is up to you. You are free to do as you please (within certain minimual constraints).

In my personal tradition, I offer you a challenge. Seth's Challenge.

I have found that those of the Grey tradition, even the beleif system, are a strange people in that they continually ask for the Truth and yet when it is presented to them, they either turn and run from the Strength of it, or Rebel against it through any means necessary (including ridicule with no form or substance to it, loud insulting talk, or the insinuation that they are of equivalent rank which is not so).

Under divine law, we are equals. But this does not mean we are of equivalent ranks. If you disagree with my words, then fine, do so, but do not act as an animal and yell, or ridicule (just to appear cool to your other nothing friends), or in other ways try to illustrate through silly means that you are my equal in this way. I welcome intellectual, courteous agreement or disagreement and find this stimulating, however, I issue you this challenge.

Seth's Challenge
You have asked for the truth, and I come with it. I will answer you honestly, or not (same rules as you). If the Strength of it is too much, then yell, carry on like the barberous race that you eminate from, insult me, I care not. And I will leave. And then accept that you are not worthy of the Truth and your collective position invalid.

My challenge: show me that you are atleast as civilized as a human, able to have an actual conversation about the truth. Show me that the Truther position is atleast possible. That you will become angry, afraid, tempted to bring all manner of trickery and false accusation against me, I expect this (it is the nature of your race) but prove to me and yourself that you are above this, that you have what it takes to understand the Truth that you have asked for.

But I know you Grey (having met with you many times in struggle) you are unworthy of the Truth of the Nephilim, those men of renoun. That you love playing this game of "I can handle the truth" and continually run from it, or resist it I expect.

If you are unable to accept the tone of this then you will not be able to bear the strength of my message, and therefore, I am wasting my time in speaking with you. As said by Jesus "Cast not your pearls before swine, for they will turn around and rend u." I come with pearls, and fear you are swine, and I fear that you will try to rend me as you have several other messengers before me. We want the truth you continually say. I come in the name of the elites, I will tell u my opinion regarding the truth, All I ask is that you be civilized.

But I know you. You become scared. Several of you number will come and think I am easy pickings. "He has not been a member long, he has no right to say these things. I have paid my dues here at and who is this person who dares talk to us with this tone. I will defend, and send this imposter upon his way." And the Grey in you will reject this opportunity to hear the Truth.

But I will perserver, for I am not afraid of your kind, and offer to you again the truth. And you will quickly find that you are not my intellectual or experiencial match, and you will be angered by this and resort to insults, yelling, and the usual grey infantile behavior that distinguishes you across the cosmos. This is the Grey way after all, lol.

And you will get your brethren and say "Let us gang up on this messenger and silence him." Notice in this moment what you are doing. I have said that I come with the Truth and all you want to do is silence me. Perhaps you are not worthy of it. Perhaps it scares you. Perhaps it brings out the barbarism in you nature. Perhaps you are just a filthy pack of messenger killers in your heart of hearts? A human would say "He is a fool....let us depart. He is boring, and lying and of no use. Let him speak but I will go to another place to hear the truth I want to hear." but I know the Grey, you won't do that but attack with your brethren until you have silenced me. And then pat yourselves on the back saying "Ha! We have silenced him." and all you will have done is illustrate the hypocracy of your position, that you want the truth, and yet are unable (for whatever reason) to bear it.

And again I will percerver and will resist you by ignoring your insults, your yelling, your discusting made-up rules of "proper conduct" and "policy" all the while you spit on conduct and policy in your very actions. Notice this when you do it, so that you might change for the better some day. And also know of the heathen race that you eminate from, the hypocracy, the gaul, the mediocraty that is entrenched in the so-called "Galactic Federations". Perhaps then you will try to put your house in order before commenting on that of the Nephilim.

If you come at me as a man, I will talk to you as a man. If you come to me as a ravening beast, I will treat you as a dog. Is this not proper?

And then when you have had your vile fun, a dark thought will creep into your mind, and notice then that there is only murder in a Grey's heart. You will say things like "Perhaps we can hack into the AboveTopSecret and get this heretic's IP address and track him down?" or "We will find you and silence you?" or the more pathetic of you number will go running to the moderators whimpering "He is speaking lies, he is speaking lies, ban him, ban him" And the moderator will tell you of your code that as long as I keep within the rules and policies that I am free to post here. But you will in pathetic Grey fashion whine, intreat, threaten you moderators with social ostracism to silence me. And you will find one scared enough of you that you will succeed and have me banned.

Then (lauging mockingly) you will try to find me. I won't be here. You will accuse each other of being me, and in the process act like thugs to the weaker members, and those that sound even remotely like me, and there will be a big hubb-ub, where is that evil Templar Seth? He is here, I know he is. And you will abuse your number, your friends, and like a bunch of chickens peck to death those of you that have a few specs of my blood on them. I invite you to prove me wrong in these alligations. But I know the end from the beginning.

Lol, I am noble and fearless. I care not if you listen to the truth for the Grey and the pleadians are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. In fact I come here just to mock you, to offer you the Truth and see you rebell against it and reject me. I will be long gone and only percerver long enough to show you the depth of your rebellion against truth. That I will tell you, I would just tell you. It is no secret. But I want you to see who and what you are, and thus the challenge.

But let us say that you have the strength, the humility, the courage of an average human being. Then I will planely tell you what you want to know. If it not be to your liking, I cannot force you to accept what is. After all (laughing) it is only my opinion, and just the rantings of a madman, right. But let us see your devotion to civility, to intellect, to the ability to accept the truth if it is again presented to you|?

Prove me wrong. Prove that my strong words are bigotry. Be more noble with me than I have been with you here. Show me that you are greater than a Neph, and swallow my strong words and sit and listen. This is your entry fee to have the truth presented to you. If it is acceptable stay, and if not leave quietly. And don't submit to mediocraty. I have told you the truth here IMO, and we will see if you have what it takes to run with the Big Dogs. And unable, please notice and change for the better.

I will not implore you. I will not bow to you. I will not present it in a way that is fashionable,m or pleasing to your senses, or conform to your ideas of what is proper and good. I WILL JUST SAY IT. Plainly. No disinformation. No kissing your asses. No double-talk. Just as one man to another. Are you special-needs kids who need to be told in a special, head-patting way so that you might understand, or are you men and women who can handle the plain, unadulterated truth? We shall see won't we?

But I already know the end from the beginning. I know you all to well. You are incapable of the elite nature. That we have enriched you, educated you, allowed you to communicate with each other over vast distances, tried to bring you up to our levels of civility, honour, courage and power this is true. Now repay us in kind by illustrating that you are not animals but men and women, educated, intelligent, and in control of yourselves as are the elite.

If I do not return, know that one of your number, or a few managed to get me banned. I walk where and when I choose. I will not sneek back in with another username to try to beg you to hear the truth. I don't beg! I will just let you fall. This is about you, not about me. I have the Truth, you do not. If there is any begging to be done, it should be done on your end.

Or perhaps the closest you'll ever get to the truth is "I saw a strange thing in the sky" or "Please tell me I beg what that shadow was on my wall last night". Perhaps these are the limits of Grey ability to accept Truth, and all you are worthy of? Prove me wrong.

I will return...

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:30 AM
reply to post by TemplarSeth

Well that was an interesting read. Allow me to answer a few of your points.

Firstly, as this is my thread, I suggest that in future you read my previous threads and comments before you start haranguing me as some kind of barbarous, feeble-minded and ignorant fool. Because I assure you, I am not any of those things.

Secondly, if you are offering a general challenge to the membership, I would suggest that you compose your own thread, and you will note that you receive many more replies (in comparison to what you will receive here). I suspect that your general ranting (which has little - if anything - to do with the premise of my thread) will not lead you to receive a satisfactory response to your challenge.

Thirdly, you said a number of times that you came to present the truth. You dropped a couple of very simple elements of the arcana into your otherwise repetitive and low-content rambling, and expected this to lend credence to your claim that Truth resides in your words. I will therefore firmly stand in the face of your challenge, and respond in kind - my first instinct is that I believe you to be a fraud.

Unless you can lay down some more carefully coded elements of arcana, or demonstrate a supernatural (or technological) advantage over myself, then your challenge has no place in my thread. Be aware that I don't subscribe to the silly games of wannabees, and won't be drawn further into conversation with you unless you can respond to my challenge, which in itself is sufficient in substance to enable you to adequately demonstrate the reason you should be heeded.

In addition - I am not of the sort that would ever seek to gang up on a member, or to have them banned, or to systematically (either independently or 'in cahoots with cronies') abuse any member in-thread, overtly or covertly. I am a man who walks the Earth more or less alone, who seeks the Truth.

I have certain gifts that allow me to know and discern the Reality being presented by those entities and people I come into contact with. Angels walk at my side, and I'm thankful for the grace that has been bestowed upon me. That grace, as well as my ability to acquire knowledge, and all of my gifts - all come from the Source (the Absolute, or God).

At this time, I can see only one aspect of your post that gives me the slightest inkling that you may indeed have access to information that puts you in any sort of position to discuss my relationship with the Truth. I suspect that the aspect I refer to was in fact a 'grammatical typo'... However, I am prepared to be proven wrong - if that is indeed the case.

I'll give you a clue (though by rights I shouldn't have to, if you are who you claim to be): It was a particular use of the word 'Grey' that I found intriguing. Explain to me why I should have found that to be so, and I will know that there is something to your words.

Because otherwise, it seems like a poorly written hoax.

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posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:35 AM
There are masses of people that know what is going on, but they all speak in riddles.

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by Omniview

Thanks, I'm glad that even in the face of your uncertainty, you feel confident enough to stand up and be counted.

For clarification, this isn't any sort of recruitment drive (against T's and Cs, and against my principles, and against ordinary issues of practicality). I just wanted to let people know that I share a concern, I see the signs, and that by presenting my concern and enabling you to voice your own, you will know that there are people out there who can be trusted when the SHTF. In the aftermath, I would confirm my username should our paths cross, so people who knew me here can know me there (unsure yet how I could prove it was me, but I'm thinking that one through now that it's come to mind).

Admittedly the odds against ATS'ers ever randomly bumping into each other in the world outside are immensely long, but you never know - stranger things have happened at sea, or so the saying goes...

For the record (and this isn't aimed at you, Omniview), I dislike those survivalists who think that their only obligation is to survive, no matter the actions they must take to do so, and with no thought to what they intend to do with their life once they have managed to save it...

NB - I will come back soon to add more thoughts. Particularly a prophetic dream (believe in prophecy or not, matters little to me, as I cannot influence your beliefs) which relates directly to this latest ATS controversy of the negative blood type warning.. In the dream I received info on this matter from EITHER a 'supernatural' OR technologically advanced source (origin unknown at this time - as is often the way with such things, the lines between techno-magic and true magic get a little fuzzy...)

The main point from the dream is that the 'blue bloods' will be targeted (see the latest thread, EXTRATERRESTRIAL THREAT to those with negative blood types for the exposition of this controversy and apparent warning.

I dreamt that around a year ago, and had little idea what it meant at the time. It is posted up on ATS somewhere, so I'll try to locate the specific post, to link you to it and prove that it marries tidily with the apparent warning from a former NORAD insider...

All the best, and I will find time for more individual replies soon..


posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by SystemResistor

They have to I suppose, for fear that speaking plainly will lead to ridicule (or worse..)

Thanks for the post - though short, it's certainly sweet and to the point...

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by ICEKOHLD

Thanks - I will check out your thread and contribute shortly...

Hope you're still enjoying reading along. What did you think of Templar Seth's contribution?

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by JayXBraun

I'm intrigued - what is meant by 'broken telephone'..? I have a suspicion, but will leave it to your good self to explain in case I make a fool of myself..!!

Thanks again to everyone for standing up and joining in.. It's sure to get a little bumpy real soon, going off how blatant the PTB are being with their BS techno-manipulation fakery and astrological shenanigans..

posted on May, 9 2011 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by sepermeru

Excellent post, thank you. Will definitely be checking the archives, though we should also make careful reference to the current events, in particular the sleight-of-hand Osama BL stuff, and the Middle-East uprisings etc...

Will be back later with some more exposition regarding my thoughts on these interesting times....

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