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Tom Clancy's New Book: The Hunt For Red Osama

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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 06:03 PM
Figured I'd post an excerpt from it:

Duke back flipped through the third story window of the mansion and landed in broken glass. He held his MP5K out, sweeping the laser scope back and forth, waiting for the smoke to clear. He chewed on his cigar and replayed the mission in his mind. It wasn't supposed to play out like this, it was a quick job: in and out. But then again, there were always suprises, it was SNAFU.

He heard distinct metallic click in front of him; the sound of a gun fired with an empty clip. Duke pulled the trigger and aimed in the direction of the sound, but heard a metallic click of his own. "%#%!" he exclaimed.

The smoke cleared revealing the face of evil, the joker of the deck. He had gotten a nose job, shaved his beard, grew four inches shorter, changed changed his eye color, and had on lipstick. But it was surely him: Bin Laden. He spoke to Duke: "SILENCE! I keel you."

He had seen this face so many times in his nightmares, even though he looked completely different. It was the man who could make buildings collapse telekenetically. Like building 7.

Duke dashed forward and threw a round house kick. Bin Laden countered with a muay thai block and threw a well timed left jab catching Duke in jaw. Duke recoiled backwards, but quickly regained composure throwing a combination of his own leading with a straight jab, and following through with a right hook.

Osama stumbled backwards with the shot. Duke spit his cigar out, and charged OBL. OBL lunged forward to meet him and they tied up and began to pummel for control.

"You know, infidel, I'm going to keel you!" Osama grunted. "You can't stop freedom mother...!" Duke yelled.

Duke rolled to the side interlocking his leg around OBL's and locked in a knee bar, and cranked it, snapping the bottom half of Osama's leg clean off.

"Oh I got you alright you son of a..." Duke said. He grabbed the leg and stood above Osama. Osama layed there gasping for breath. "Please don't keel me!" he pleaded.

Duke raised the leg and brought it down, smashing Osama's face in with his own leg. He grabbed his cigar raised it back to his mouth.

He sat down next to the body and caught his breath. Duke could hear the voices in his head again. They were whispering to him. "Obama 2012. Obama 2012...."

Link to the new book.
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