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Another wierd Alec Baldwin commercial Red Socks VS Yankees or TPTB VS us

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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 05:04 PM
Hello ATS this is my 1st thread and I figured I start with a small one first.
I was a luker for a long time before I finally joined.

I saw this commercial the other day and it just creeped me out.

I did a few searches and came up with the HULU commercials hes in but not this one and was sort of suprised it wasn't posted already.

With all thats been going on recently the natural disasters and the arrival of comet elenin in October are these what seems to be play on words a message from the TPTB or just a creepy coincidence.

Its apparent that they control the media. So whose to say they don't have a sick sence of humor and exploit it sometimes to show us whose still in control.

I'm probably paranoid from the chiba, but its nice to see what ATS thinks about these creepy things.

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