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Introduction with something (hopefully) eye-opening..

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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:13 PM
Hello ATS Community, let me introduce myself.

I shall go by the name of Warrior Of Light whilst on the board. For a backround on why I chose this name, it comes from a volume of the same name by an author I admire named Paulo Coelho which contains various philosophical teachings and writings that I always find inspirational. I have found the search for truth on this website stimulates a similar feeling within me so I thought i'd be an appropriate choice.

So, as the saying seems to go, i have been a long time lurker on these boards._javascript:icon('
') It must have been a good two years that I have visited this site daily and today I felt the urge, unlike any other time to put my name down and join in. I've definitely come close in the past but something today just galvanized me in to action... maybe the news on Osama? Who knows?

Either way, i'd love to just get started so if I may i'd like to re-introduce some information to everyone.

Remember Benazir Bhutto? Well, she came to mind as soon as i heard and disbelieved the news on Osama today.

I dont know if im able to link stuff on my first post so i'll just direct you guys over to Wikipedia. If you run a search on her name and scroll down to "Preparation for 2008 elections" the paragraph that follows explains how back in November 2007 she stated that Osama Bin Laden was murdered by someone by the name of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Her interviewer apparently ignored her statement and consequently never asked any follow up questions. It goes on to mention how when the interview was added to the BBC website, the portion containing the statement about Bin Laden had been edited out!

Only when people took to YouTube to start a campaign to uncover the truth by showing evidence of her remarks did BBC then replace its edited online version with the original version from Al-Jazeera.

Long story short; this situation has been a little suspicious for a while and no doubt this sudden turn of events today will have similar repercussions as the truth has a nasty habit of prevailing and this whole 'killed and buried at sea within 24 hours' will not hold water with people concerned with the truth for very long. Mark my words.

Anyway, i look forward to many posts, many discussions and to continue to be amazed by what I read on here. I really hope to be a long-term member and guys please help me reach my 20 replies so I can get posting too _javascript:icon('

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by WarriorOfLight

Hi WarriorOfLight, and welcome to the Introductions Forum, a place to say hello to the ATS community. For now you can reply to any thread in any member forum you wish, as well as send & receive (PM's)Private Messages to Staff only for now. Once you have achieved 20 posts, you will then be able to start your own threads and additionally send & receive messages to and from fellow ATS members.

Some handy links, links and more links.

Index of Important ATS Related Threads

Start Here - ATS Freshmans Forum

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Terms & Conditions Of Use (Please read)

Rules for Avatars and Mini-Profile Background images

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Take your time and enjoy. If you have any questions just ask.


posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:20 PM
Welcome my friend....ATS is kinda like the BBC ...You'll see things here one min. then they'll be gone the, mostly they let things stay as long as you kinda go along with their rules for posting.....You'll meet some good peeps here and you'll also meet some that are still in a coma....Good luck and again, welcome....

P/S..If you like Paulo you should also enjoy Burt Harding and Mooji.....
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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by WarriorOfLight

Welcome, brother. I like the name.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by Sauron

Where are the private messages? I would not even know if I had one.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by Caji316

Hey, thanks for the reply! I hope ATS turns out to be absolutely nothing like the BBC to be honest ('

I'll definitely keep an eye out for who you recommended.. any thoughts on the Osama issue?
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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by SaveTheWolves

you could try clicking the link Sauron provided or it is tools/messages
or you could click show ribbon down on the bottom right and then messages

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by colbyforce

Hey colbyforce, thanks for the welcome brother! I definitely am starting to feel at home already with a couple of replies and flags! '
' '

Look forward to seeing you on the boards then.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by WarriorOfLight

Ya, I think she is dead now. She was assassinated I believe, don’t remember what the reason given was. I think maybe something to do with her being a woman running for pres. (really) Ill help with a link to the interview u r referring to.

Interview link

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