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Al Qaida’s possible retaliation to OBL’s death. Nuke in Europe!

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by DAVID64
The threat is only marginal. IF they had any sort of nuclear weapon, they'd have used it by now. The threat was IF you capture OBL, THEN we will use it. This is a attempt to keep anyone from capturing him because fear of retaliation. Any terrorists with a nuclear device are not going to hold back from using it, saying "only if".

Exactly if they ever had any device they would've probably used it already somewhere!

Screw the religious fanatics and their small so called network - I'm not really worried about them or what they say, through their propaganda, what they can do - because that is mostly just pure BS. And the Western nations is of course using this threat as propaganda themselves to further their own purposes and for political control.

What makes me more worried though is other semi-rogue nation state controlled intelligence organisations and higher militaries in the Middle East, and what and whom they might be involved with to further their agenda - or in some cases, for their own survival.

Especially now when many of these fascist oppressor states in the ME are under great pressure - they are now cornered, fighting something similar to civil wars against their own citizens for their own survival!

Many very strange combinations, constellations and partnerships can arise over the borders when many of these men from those threatened dictatorships and their capabilities, resources comes together - driven by paranoia, under pressure - and nothing good will come out of this for us in the West since we are now their enemies on every level.

And the death of ObL and the recent attack against Gaddafi together with other recent events and developments has made these people very paranoid & nervous - and nervous very paranoid people with irrational behavior can create very dangerous people with irrational partnerships, irrational decision-making and actions.

That would be the only way some small fringe weird religious group could have a chance in hell to strike the West with a nuke - A.K.A some state sponsored operation for a common cause - and if such event against most odds would occur, we would naturally have bigger problems and a WW3 with the West vs The Rest of The World coming anyway.

And nobody wants that of course, that concept is outdated - they want many smaller conflicts which they can control like poker playing chess-players - being able to control the outcome of such conficts - country by country, and bloc by bloc.

An old fashioned World War with modern nukes is suicide, a lost cause and it's probably not going to happen between such powerful nations anytime soon (hopefully) - it would be the end of the modern civilisation and this world as we know it with soley a few losers left on each side.

But there must certainly be elements or operators from state organisations involved in one way or another, if or when any of these predicted events would go down - IMO it would be impossible for some mythical very small fringe group of indoctrinated and insane fanatic idiots to do anything really big on their own without some insider help from some Nation State apparatus and their rogue government/corporate agents.

Bah! soo tired of politicians & religious nutters and their lousy theatrics & propaganda!
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 09:35 PM
Even if they didn't have one, its not very difficult to buy one.
It's easy to buy a warhead

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