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Thoughts about life

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posted on May, 2 2011 @ 12:10 AM
Hello to all, I would like to start out by saying these are just my own opinions, and you may base your opinions, but no one will truly ever be 100% correct. So lets get going!

I have been thinking about much as I read the recent posts and head lines as do all of us here. This is just little trinkets, nuggets of information based on many different things I have read and encountered. Like little seeds these ideas have grown into amazing and vast perceptions to the point where I now realize that we really don't know anything, but we do know a bit.

I don't know where to begin so I guess I will start with way back when this life as we know it was unfathomable to those that were living at the time. Their lives, although strikingly similar, were lifetimes upon lifetimes away from ours. They knew things we do not, and lived in ways we could only imagine.

They used things such as diamonds and gold to create efficient machinery that would never break down. This is where the term precious metals and gems came from. As the peoples of said time died off and left their children and grand children, alot of the ancient knowledge was lost, and the term "precious" had a different meaning. Not knowing how it worked. Over time forgetting completely the uses; we have began parading around wearing these precious items instead.

Over time people have spontaneously came up with ideas for machinery to make life easier, but often used cheap and shoddy materials that need to be replaced. We know that gold would be an excellent conductor, but it's too shiny and makes much prettier jewelery. So we use cheap metals instead. Lasers, as futuristic as they sound utilize a diamond and light energy concentrating the energy into a single magnified beam of pure energy, resulting in heat at the surface that is contacted. But diamonds are much to shiny to use for anything else?!

This leads into my next idea about something posted shortly after the EQ in Japan, and the radiation in Fukishima. It is to do with the concept that prayer can act upon water. What is prayer? Prayer is a concentration of thought focused on a single idea that will begin to branch out, but all have to do with feelings or emotions towards something, or someone. Meditation is very similar, but different as you do not communicate verbally when meditating. Either way you are projecting your thoughts into the realm of physical material. Just like anything, there is strength in numbers. Therefore the more prayers received the stronger the influence. This then gets into the whole laws of attraction. There is plenty that can be said about that but I will assume that you understand the laws of attraction.

Anyway, there is talk of the sun giving off a mysterious energy that mutates organic matter. The ancient peoples used to "Pray" to the sun... do you see where I am going with this?! What if they had this knowledge that praying to the world around you effected the world in a positive way. Now days there are so many skeptics and non believers that the universe is going wonky. Many will die until there are only a small number of people left, and perhaps they will pray to everything around them and notice things getting better. But by then it will be like the beginning again and they will have to start all over learning things from doing. Creating a new life, and society as the world has many times before.

This brings me to my next idea still having influence from the last and that is the concept of thought. Thought is perception "THOUGHT" is a series of strung together sounds internally in the brain, but brought fourth by a series of chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are then absorbed and analyzed in fractions of a second and become fully developed concepts.

This all takes place on both a conscience and subliminal level, only if you understand what it is you are surrounded with will you begin to form ideas about the situation. Otherwise you think about other situations until your brain has deciphered everything there is to know. This however is an impossible task, in fact it is one of only a few impossible tasks there are. We are told we only use 10% of our brains. Why? Is it because we are too preoccupied with everyday nonsense that we are only stimulating 10%?

This brings me to my next idea on the concept that thought is actually the answer to antimatter. Thought is non existent as is antimatter. Thought may be the bridge between the physical realm of matter, and the non physical realm of the opposite, antimatter.

What if all your thoughts and ideas and theories were actually antimatter, whereas you are matter. This is where two universes coexist without actually intertwining or effecting the other. However if one were to take the idea, which only exists as antimatter and make it a physical object or drawing, they change the value of said idea into matter. This could very well explain the phenomenon of two people who are on opposite sides of the Earth coming up with the same idea at the same time. The person who originally was the matter(physical) that consisted of the antimatter(idea) dies.

Because the physical body died and became matter no more, the antimatter contained therein was released into the universal sea of antimatter that exists along side the physical realm to slowly become matter. In essence both die, but when antimatter dies it becomes physical matter whereas when physical matter "dies" it no longer exists, therefore becoming antimatter. It doesn't matter if it were a tree or animal, building, object or person. When the physical matter no longer exists as physical matter it only leaves behind a memory, which can also be considered a thought. This thought, or memory which is non existent physically, now exists as antimatter.

This release of anti matter is then present to all other anti matter; therefore we all could possibly have this same idea at the same time, however not all of us will be able to decipher the idea into tangible thoughts, which is why there are very few who come up with the next greatest idea. It's not that we were the first to think of it, but that we were the first to make the anti matter actual matter.

If I have lost you then this next part may become very exciting! Picture the world as you know it.
Now if you understand colour theory, picture everything that is, is now the exact inverse. Whats black is white and so on. This is a visual aid to the universe and the anti universe.As previously mentioned both coexist along side each other, In the realm where matter is in existence is right here and now. The realm where antimatter exists is also here and now, but cannot be seen. This does not mean it does not exist, but only that it is in existence in another state.

If you were to take your ideas and make them a reality they would be removed from the realm of antimatter and become physical matter; However upon the event that that item became destroyed it would exist in both the realm of matter, and the the realm of anti matter. This can occur because the object is still physically existent, however the original idea or antimatter that the matter consists of has been replaced with a different form or antimatter.

So there is a collective conscience constantly interacting on a sub conscience level and over time the world reverts back to it's beginning to start all over from a different point. This is why we have such time periods as the Atlantiens, Greeks, Sumerians, Egyptians, Incans, Romans, Spanish, English, and most recent American, and United states of multiple countries such as EU, and AU.

I don't even know where to go from here. There is plenty more but my brain is wandering after all that typing. Please I would like to hear your opinion if you took the time to read mine.

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 12:17 AM
This got buried faster than the boxes of information in WTC tower 7. I guess no one is really interested in philosophy, too bad cause I was looking to have an intelligent conversation.


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