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Bush wins election, then resigns

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posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 06:58 PM
I think Pres. Bush will win the next election by a narrow margin, but will resign less than halfway through his second term due to a scandal.

Cheney will (of course) become the next president. He'll finish out the term without too much difficulty. At some point while in office he will have difficulty with one of his hips or legs that will limit his mobility briefly.

There will be a half-hearted attempt on his life while he is in office, but nothing much will come of it. It is not a serious or credible attempt.

The next president after that will be from an area immediately south of Lake Michigan. He likes to wear some very flambouyant ties and cowboy boots. He has lots of small kids around him (grandkids). He is much taller and youmger than Cheney.

He'll have to deal with a serious issue in the US mainland involving terrorists while he is in office. The military will want to over-react in response, but he will handle it much more appropriately.

All in all, I kind of like the guy.

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 01:00 AM
And where did you come up with/get this from? Is this something you saw in a vision or were told by someone? Please go on, I am very interested.

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 01:31 AM
Is this just off the cuff or what? Any more information on your president-elect in 2008?

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 01:46 AM
People tend to follow MM. So I would have to disagree with you and go with a Kerry Majority. That or a Minority government for Bush-Cheney.

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 01:59 AM

Originally posted by websurfer
People tend to follow MM.

I'm not sure I understand this. Are you referring to Michael Moore?


posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 07:55 AM
That is just what I see. For what it is worth.

[edit on 30-7-2004 by Ken]

posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 08:48 AM
Naaaaaaaaah. Bush will be reelected. Half way through
the second term Cheney will step down for either medical
or family reasons and Guiliani will step in and be in place
for the 2008 run against Hillary. This is the best hope
for the Republicans.

Kerry can't get in. Hillary won't let him. The dirt she has
on him will start to come out now. She want the Oval
Office in 2008 and if Kerry gets in, she can't.

I'll definately be Bush. AND Hillary will help him out
behind the scenes.

(No vision or prophecy here. Just common sense)

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